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 Chapter 223: Convergence

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Allan took out the slow fruit and said: “This is for you.”

“What’s this A Fruit” Gel looked curiously.

Allan smiled slightly: “This is not an ordinary fruit; it’s called a devil fruit.

As the name suggests, there is a devil inside it.

As long as you eat it, you can have the same power as that devil.”

“It has the power of a devil” Gel was surprised and hesitated.

She believed in Allan, but she didn’t hear about something so magical in the world.”

“Is this a product of Nen”


“Where did you get it”

“I can’t answer that.”

Hearing this, Gel wasn’t interested in asking more, but she said: “Devil fruits should be rare, right Why are you giving me such a precious thing”

“Because you’re already my girlfriend, this is to show my feelings.” Allan smiled.

“Okay, thank you.”

Gel took the fruit before eating it.

“It’s so bad.”

Gel looked disgusted.

After swallowing all of the fruit, Gel said with disgust: “It’s so unpalatable.”

Allan smiled and said: “Actually, you only had to take a bite, and throw the rest.”

“What” Get felt like she was teased by Allan and couldn’t help hammering his chest with her small fists.

“Well, do you feel any change” Allan asked.

Gel waited for a bit and said: “No.”

“Try it,” Allan said.

“How do I try it” Gel asked curiously.

Allan smiled slightly: “You only need to place your fingers like this and the slow light will emerge from your finger.

When a target is hit, he will move slowly within the next 30 seconds.”

Hearing this and seeing the hand gesture, Gel raised her index finger and said: “Like this”

As soon as she made the gesture, a purple light hit Allan.

Allan felt strange energy restricting his body.

“Stupid… You… Didn’t… Have… To… Try… It… On…Me.”

Allan was speechless.

He was hit with the slow light and he couldn’t even speak normally.

“Ah, sorry.”

Gel apologized.

After thirty seconds, Allan turned to normal, since it could only take effect for thirty seconds.

“What do you think Is this ability good” Allan asked.

“Well, as long as you are hit by the light, you will slow down, it’s indeed a powerful ability.” Gel looked happy.

“Thank you, this is such a good gift.”

“As long as you like it,” Allan said.

“By the way, Allan, have you eaten a devil fruit too” Gel asked.

“Well, I ate one, but the one I ate belongs to another system, it’s called the Ice Ice fruit, which gave me the ability to use Ice at will.”

Allan stretched his hand and made some Ice on his palm.

“It turns out that you have the power to make Ice after eating a Devil Fruit.

I thought it’s a Nen ability.” Gel said.

Two hours later, Kite arrived at Allan’s side.

Beside Kite, there is another person.

Seeing him, Allan was a little surprised: “Mr.

Satotz, you’re the hunter that came with Kite”

“Long time no see, Allan.”

Satotz looked at Allan for a while then said: “I haven’t seen you for a while, and you became much stronger, I can’t see through you at all.”

“Haha.” Allan smiled and asked: “Mr.

Satotz, how come you’re here”

Satotz shrugged and said helplessly: “I didn’t want to come here, but because the Chairman invited me, I had to come and help.”

“I see.” Allan nodded.

“How are the others” Allan asked.

“They should be here soon because there is a lot of movement from your side just now, the vibration can be felt in a radius of ten Kilometers, So, what did you do” Kite said seriously.

“It’s nothing, I just destroyed the main Nest of the Ants,” Allan said with a relaxed expression.

“You mean, you destroyed their base” Kite couldn’t believe it.

“That’s right, the vibration you felt is the collapse of the nest,” Allan said.

Hearing this, Kite and Satotz couldn’t help revaluate Allan’s strength.

“By the way, does that Ant king still have other guards” Kite asked.

“It’s a pity, there are not here.” Allan shook his head.

“Not here” Kite asked.

“They should have another hiding place.

The place I destroyed is just the main nest on the surface.” Allan guessed.

Soon after, other members of the Extermination team arrived one after the other toward Allan’s side.

Allan was surprised as he found Menchi and Buhara.

After everyone had a brief conversation, Morel stood up and said: “Now that the Chimera Ants in the NGL have been wiped out, the king and his two guards, as well as the Queen, are all that remained.

Our next target is the guards, after dealing with him, it will be the Ant king’s turn.”

“Then, we can look for them quickly.

With our ability, we should be able to find them soon.” Allan said.

Ever since the group of ten started their search.


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