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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 228: Monster

On the top of the mountain, the battle continued as Youpi and Allan exchanged punches.

Their battlefield was already in ruins as the ground and the trees were destroyed.

Youpi was getting more and more afraid the more he fought.

He didn’t expect a human could have so much power that he can compete with him.

On the other side, Kite and the others finally arrived.

From the distance, they saw Allan fighting against a crimson humanoid monster.

“Is that the King’s Guard He looks weird.” Morel sighed when he saw Youpi.

“This is… Amazing!” Knuckled and Shoot were shocked by the display of power.

Menchi stared at the fight with wide eyes before she said: “Such a strong monster and its aura is so great as well, but can I really use it to make a delicacy”

Morel and the others were speechless after hearing this, Menchi was really too bold.

“Kite, are you sure that the monster Allan is currently fighting is a king’s guard” Satotz asked.

“Well, it should be.

The aura and presence are similar to the one I encountered previously, only this one’s aura is more ferocious.” Kite compared Pitou’s aura with Youpi’s.

Pitou’s aura was vicious, but not violent.

Allan’s aura felt as sharp as a sword.

“What do you think Should we go there and help” Satotz asked.

Kite’s face was serious as he said: “Wait, it’s not time yet.”

Hearing this, everyone continued to watch silently.

The battle between Allan and Youpi reached a level that ordinary hunters can’t participate.

The fists collided again and this time, Youpi jumped to a distance and asked: “Human, did you kill Neferpitou”

After fighting for a while, Youpi realized that Allan was strong, and recalling that Pitou died against a human, he should be the one who killed her.

“Well, it’s me indeed,” Allan admitted without hesitation.

Youpi gritted his teeth, since this guy could kill Pitou then he is able to kill him as well.

In other words, Allan’s existence is a threat to the Ant king.

“If I don’t get rid of him here, then the king will be in danger.” Youpi thought about the safety of his king at this time.

“Damn it, I must kill you,” Youpi said angrily.

Allan sneered: “As if you could do anything.”

“Small human, don’t be arrogant.

Witness how powerful I’m.”

In the next second, Youpi released more Nen and his aura skyrocketed.

The others witnessed this and felt a strong sense of crisis.

“Allan, do you want help” Kite asked.

Allan shook his head and rejected Kite’s kindness: “You don’t need to take action, I will deal with him myself.”

Hearing Allan’s words, Morel said: “Although you’re very strong, that monster obviously hasn’t used its full power.

You can’t deal with it alone.

Let us help, if we join hands, we can defeat him.”

Allan snorted: “Oh, I already said no, so watch from a distance.”

“Why are you so stubborn.” Morel was angry.

“Morel, don’t think about it and let Alan deal with it,” Kite said.

“I believe that he can defeat that monster.”

“I do as well.” Gel said.

Morel sighed and said: “Well, since even you said that, then forget it.

I want to see how can Allan deal with that monster alone.

If he can’t do anything, then we can only ask for Chairman Netero’s help.”

While they were talking, Youpi’s body started changing.


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