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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 229: Six Arm Form

Youpi was the only King’s Guard that wasn’t related to humans.

He is a mixture between a Chimera Ant and a magical beast.

It’s quite apparent since he possesses the most obvious characteristic of a Magical Beast, which is a strong body.

Youpi’s appearance changed as four arms emerged from his shoulders.

Moreover, each arm was 1.5 meters long and had sharp claws.

This is the six-armed form of Youpi.

Seeing this, Kite, Morel, and everyone else was shocked.

“What a monster!”

“He grew arms!!”

They could feel that the Aura from Youpi’s body become more violent which meant that this monster got stronger.

On the other hand, Allan who was facing Youpi seemed quite calm.

He wasn’t surprised by the additional arms because he already knew about this.

He knew that Youpi can change his body due to the property he got from the Magical beast.

Judging from his aura, it has already increased a lot.

The most important thing is that with six arms, he got four additional fists to use.

“I’m the king’s shield, it’s my duty to protect the king.

I will never allow anyone to threaten the king’s safety and any threat will be eliminated.”

“Come then.” Allan hooked his finger at Youpi.

Youpi regarded Allan as a thorn in the King’s way, so he wanted to eliminate him no matter the cost.

With six arms, Youpi started punching Allan with extreme speed.

Allan wasn’t afraid of the attack at all.

Instead, he started dodging right and left without much effort.

While dodging, Allan covered his fists in Haki and fought back.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As if he was beating war drums, Allan’s fist made a loud noise when it collided with Youpi.

“How is this possible This guy can still dodge and fight back even when I’m in my six-arms form.”

Youpi was in dilemma, as he couldn’t fathom how Allan managed to dodge his attacks.

“Could it be that he can see through all my attacks” suddenly this idea popped inside his head.

“Even if he really can see through my attacks, it wouldn’t matter if he wasn’t strong enough, but he seems relaxed while fighting me in my six-arms form.

Where is the limit of this guy”

For Allan, a human being, to be so strong, was quite a shocker to Youpi.

“This isn’t as simple as seeing through my attacks, he is seeing the future.” Perhaps seeing through Youpi’s doubt, Allan said: “The Future”

Youpi didn’t understand what’s happening at all.

What Allan said almost proved that he can see the future.

Allan could see anything he would do in the next second beforehand.

Therefore, no matter how fiercely Youpi attacked, he wouldn’t be able to hit Allan, because the latter saw through him a second earlier.

If Youpi was a monster amongst Chimera Ants, then Allan is a monster amongst humans.



Seeing Allan dodging and fighting back against the fierce six-armed monster, Kite and the others were in awe.

Using the top-level Observation Haki, Allan could predict Youpi’s attacks and also counterattack at the same time.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of punches rained upon Youpi as he couldn’t resist at all.

Allan used Wolf Fang Fist while punching Youpi, which is a fast and fierce punching style used by Yamcha from Dragon Ball.

It was like a pack of wolves were fiercely beating Youpi who couldn’t resist at all.

Those blows caused Youpi to fly in the air, which made all the witnesses stunned.

“That’s… Too strong, he knocked that monster in the air.”

“That monster isn’t Allan’s opponent at all.”

“This is great.”

Allan’s power was beyond their imagination.

After sending Youpi in the air, Allan didn’t take advantage of the situation but stood in place instead.

Using Physical strength to fight against a monster like Youpi consumes a lot of power.

After all, Allan is a human being, while Youpi is a Magical Beast.

“It seems that I will have to use other abilities to kill this guy.” Allan thought.

Even though he sent Youpi flying, he knew that he couldn’t kill him with just this.

Because that monster is a hybrid, whether it was stamina, endurance, or resilience, he was far superior to a human.

Therefore, he needed other means to kill him.

Besides, if he drags this fight for too long, it will be hard for him to fight against the King along with the other two, he won’t survive that fight.

Therefore, he needed to kill Youpi before the king is born.

Allan directly took Shusui out.

Allan didn’t use his Ice Ice Fruit, because it can only restrict Youpi’s movement, but not kill him.

Therefore, Allan will use Shusui.


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