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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 230: Slash

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With Shusui in his hand, Allan’s aura became as sharp as a sword.

“This guy…”

Youpi raised his face gloomily as he could feel the pressure from Allan.

Kite, Morel, and the others were surprised as well.

“What’s wrong with that guy Does he know swordsmanship”

“It seems like he is a master from the pressure he is releasing.”

The Extermination team became numb to the shocks that Allan brought and could only sigh.

They had no way to know that guy’s limit.

But one thing is for sure, he is stronger than any of them thought he could be.

“Youpi, I will kill you quickly with this sword, be prepared.”

Allan raised Shusui in his hand as he gave Youpi a warning with a cold expression.

Youpi gave a cold snort to Allan’s warning.

As a King’s guard, Youpi will never let himself be defeated by a human.

“You’re a mere Human, don’t get arrogant.”

Suddenly, Youpi rushed at Allan.

Allan snorted and waved Shusui.

A huge deep blue flying slash rushed straight toward Youpi.

Allan used 80% of his power in this slash.

Youpi’s eyes widened as he felt the terrifying force behind the slash.

If he doesn’t avoid it, even with his superior physic, he wouldn’t survive.

It was too late to avoid though, as the flying slash swallowed Youpi.

He could only place his six arms in front of him to resist this Slash.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Incredibly powerful slash pushed Youpi back without stopping.

Youpi roared as he tried to send the flying slash into the sky and he succeeded.

The huge slash bounced straight toward the sky splitting the clouds on its way.

The sky became clear without any clouds all of a sudden.

“So… Strong!”

Morel looked at the clear sky in awe.

Such strength isn’t something any of them could reach.

Just as Youpi redirected the slash, and before he could take a breath, he saw someone rushing at him.

Allan didn’t let this opportunity go, as he lifted Shusui in his hand and once again, slashed.


Youpi sensed imminent death at this moment, but it was too late to getaway.

He once again placed his arms in front of him to block Allan’s sword.

But this time, the light passed through his hands, cutting them directly.

Purple blood dripped down on the ground as Youpi lost his arms.

After the successful attack, Allan moved away from his opponent without taking advantage of him.

Although he failed to kill Youpi, he took his hands and caused a serious injury.

Youpi scrunched his face due to the pain as he looked at the sky and roared in anger.

“Damn you human, how dare you cut my arms off…”

Glancing at Allan, Youpi is going berserk right now.

His aura erupted like a volcano as he turned into an irrational beast.


Allan was afraid and shook his shoulder lightly while holding Shusui.

Youpi’s wound stopped bleeding quickly due to his Magical Beast’s blood.

Immediately after his bleeding stopped, his body once again changed.

Anyone looking at this would get cold feet.

Large eyeballs appeared all over his body, granting him 360 degrees vision without a blind spot.

This is Youpi’s second change


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