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Seeing the captain being thrown down, Gon suddenly shouted anxiously: “Allan, let me go.

Im going to rescue Captain-san!”

Gon took the fishing rod in his hand, which was his exclusive weapon, with the simple idea of catching the captain with it and pull him back into the Ship.

This was his only way to save the captain.

At this moment, Gon said seriously: “Gon, leave it to me.”

As he said this, Allan directly jumped down at a great speed.

And as if defying gravity, he started stepping on the air.

Moon Walk!

This was the first time Allan got to use Moon Walk, so he was slightly scared currently.

After all, if he failed and fell, he would die, so this was no joke.

But Moon Walk proved to be easy to use.

As long as he maintains balance and uses the air as his support, he didnt have to worry about falling down the Sea.

“Wow, Allan, youre flying!!” Gon on the Ship was extremely surprised.

Uvogin was the same.

He didnt expect Allan to have the ability to fly.

The power to defy gravity and fly in the air was an eye-opener.

“Damn it! Where did that kid come from” Uvogin clenched his fists as he stared at Allan.

He felt provoked by Allan for rescuing the old man.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Allan rushed toward the old man as fast as he could while kicking the air.

Every step will leave slight friction behind that made a slight puff sound.

The sound he produced while stepping on the air was like a popping of a balloon.

When the old man was about to reach the water, Allan grabbed him by the collar.

“Huh, Okay, I caught you.”

Allan breathed a sigh of relief and kept stepping on the air to prevent his fall.

Because Allan couldnt achieve true flight, he couldnt stop moving in the air, or else he would fall.

“Okay, time to go back.”

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Allan successfully returned toward the Ship with the Old Man in his hand.

The Old man fell on the deck without registering what just happened.

“Allan, youre amazing!” Gon walked up and looked at Allan with admiration.

Allan gave Gon a wry smile.

He didnt realize how incredible it was to walk on air until he stepped back on the Ship.

The old man stood up and said: “Allan, I owe you my life.

If there is anything I can help you with in the future, just tell me, and I will definitively help you even if I die.”

Allan was about to respond, but an angry shout interrupted him: “Boy, you should stick your nose where it doesnt belong.”

Allan looked up and saw Uvogin staring at him angrily.

Not far behind him, Chrollo and Pakunoda stared at him as well.

They stared at him with a wait and see attitude.

“What did you say” Uvogin furiously looked at Allan.

He was even more angered if that was possible.

“I said, youre just a bully who picks on an old man, arent you ashamed”

“Good!” Uvogin squeezed his fist as his face was full of killing intent: “I will kill you.”

Allan was already prepared to fight, so once Uvogin finished talking, he used Moon Walk to rush forward.

Moon Walk wasnt limited to flying.

It can be deployed on land as well to move faster.

Uvogin was startled.

He didnt expect Allan to take the initiative to attack, but his reaction was slow at all.

He immediately raised his fist and punched Allan.

Allan ducked sideways, avoiding the punch, but a hole appeared on the deck as a result.


Taking advantage of Uvogins open guard, Allan directly sent a kick to his neck.

The force behind the kick sent Uvogin away at a great speed.

“Damn it!” Uvogin put his hands on the deck to stop his slide and cracked his neck.

He only felt slightly sore due to the kick, but he was extremely startled by it nonetheless: “Such a strong kick, this kid isnt easy! He can use Nen.”

Although Uvogin was confident in his physical defenses, that kick still made him feel threatened.

“Boy, you successfully angered me!”

With Gyo activated, Allan could see Uvogins red Nen explode out of his body.

“So strong!” Allan complimented.

In the show, Uvogin was an enhancer type, first-class Nen user.

Not only could he stop bullets with his teeth, but he can also even redirect a rocket and even blow armored vehicles with his bare hands.

Even after when the Nostrades bodyguard used his sword along with Nen to pierce Uvogins body, it could only go two inches before it stopped and broke at the end.

Allan deliberately targeted Uvogins neck because it was one of the few parts that should be relatively fragile, but he underestimated Uvogins defense.

Although he seemed to have kicked Uvogin away, it didnt cause him any harm at all.

And with that, Allan realized that he wouldnt be able to compete with Uvogin with just physical power.

In other words, a head-on fight isnt possible.

Ordinary attacks wont work on him, and even if he used his strongest physical attack, it would slightly damage Uvogin at best.

And if Uvogin landed a punch on him, he would be left with bone fractures or even become a cripple.

There is still a big gap between their abilities, but Allans attacks werent limited to physical ones.

Although he was at a disadvantage up close, he still had a few aces up his sleeve.


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