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HXH: G.O.C.S Chapter 235: Small Bear

Somewhere in the south, in a country well known for the many tourists it has, a small number of people came here through smuggling or other illegal means.

“Is that a Koala”

“So cute, that Koala is so cute!!”

In a part, a Koala was standing on its feet, and dressed like a gentleman, wearing a suit with a tie and a hat.

Many tourists gather around as they took pictures of the Koala with their phones.

The Koala who was being watched by the tourists didn’t seem disgusted by the humans.

Suddenly, the Koala’s stomach made a sound and he said: “I’m hungry.”

The onlookers suddenly let a “huh” as they looked at the Koala in surprise.

“Wow, it actually spoke.”

“I heard it as well, he said he was hungry.”

“It’s so interesting, it can even speak our language, is this really a Koala Isn’t he a human dressing like one”

The tourists were surprised by the talking Koala.

“To be precise, I’m not a Koala, because I have human genes as well.” The Koala explained.

All tourists who heard this were amazed.

“Could it be that Some Lab experimented on the Koala Did they combine the human gene with the Koala which resulted in this” One of the tourists said.

“That’s an interesting speculation, but I wasn’t made by a scientist, but I’m a creature who lives in this world like you, just a different race,” Koala replied.

“Where did you come from” A Male tourist asked curiously.

The Koala stayed silent as he gave his answer a thought.

But he didn’t reply in the end, he is a Chimera Ant, from the NGL.

Since the nest was destroyed, it left the NGL.

Then after some time, he came to this place.

“Do you have a name” A female tourist asked.

“A Name…” The Koala thought for a while then replied: “Everyone calls me Small Bear.”

“Small bear, a simple and straightforward name.” The tourists quickly accepted the name.

A Female tourist asked: “Small bear, are you hungry”

“Yes, I’m hungry.” Small Bear nodded, since leaving the NGL, he didn’t eat anything.

The main diet of the Chimera Ants were the humans, and since they ate too many humans in the NGL, The Hunter Association found about it and their base was destroyed in the end.

After escaping from the NGL, Small Bear didn’t target the humans.

Small Bear wasn’t like the other Ants, his IQ was as high as a human, so it knew that there must be other food for it.

So, he tried to integrate into this place and abandoned his identity as a Chimera Ant.

“Small bear, here is some bread, you can eat it.”

“Thank you, beautiful lady.”

Took the bread from the female and ate it with relish.

When the tourists saw this, they found it interesting and started giving Small Bear more food.

For example, they gave him milk, fruits, sweets, and even sausages.

Small Bear harvesting a lot of food, although it was the first time he ate them, and they weren’t suitable for his taste, he didn’t refuse the Tourists kindness.

At the start, the food wasn’t to his liking, but after some time, he adapted.

“Snacks are really delicious, for example, the bread with mild is very good.

There are also the chocolates, which are sweet and delicious.” Small Bear sighed.

“Small Bear, I finally found you.”

After leaving the park, Small Bear encountered someone unexpected, it was Pouf.

“Master Pouf, what can I do for you” Small Bear was surprised, but he still asked calmly.

“Small Bear, the Ant King is born, now the King needs manpower, so you come back with me to assist the king,” Pouf said directly.

He didn’t want to waste his king’s time after all.


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