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Chapter 242: Lightning


In the forest, Allan moved as fast as Lightning as he avoided the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva’s attacks.

It wasn’t an exaggeration as he really reached the speed of lightning.

Netero couldn’t help the shock as he watched Allan evade all of his attacks.

In Netero’s eyes, Allan seemed to turn into a ball of lightning, glowing with dazzling blue light.

No matter how fierce Netero attacked, Allan could evade his attacks with the combination of speed and Observation Haki.

“My turn.”

Allan waved his hand and a bolt of lightning struck Netero!


Netero directly used the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva to block the lightning.

The blue lightning and the golden palms exploded.

“Twenty million volts, Thunder Dragon!”

Following Allan’s right hand, a dragon Shaped Lightning rushed toward Netero.

Facing the Thunder Dragon, Netero didn’t dare stay still.

He immediately folded his arms together, making the 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva behind him do the same.

In the next second, the thunder dragon seemed to crush into a golden barrier.

“Interesting!” Allan’s mouth raised in a slight smile as he lifted his hand, generating a lightning pillar toward Netero.


The dazzling lighting and the golden light collided and exploded.

This continued for a while, and half an hour later, Netero took the initiative to stop the fight as his 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva disappeared.

“Haha, this old man lost.”

Allan didn’t expect Netero to concede defeat and was a little surprised.

Even though he transformed into Lightning, his speed could match Netero’s 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva, and even surpass it, but he couldn’t beat Netero, because his 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva was almost flawless.

Even with his speed, he couldn’t break through Netero’s defense in a short time.

What’s more, Netero still has his strongest move, the Zero hand which he hadn’t used.

This shows that Netero still had some reservations in this battle and didn’t give his all in this fight.

Netero didn’t seem to want to use the Zero Hand attack from the start.

After all, it was just a spar, it wasn’t necessary to go all-in as if it was a life and death battle.

But, he won since Netero admitted defeat.

It was naturally the best result for Allan.

[Ding! You have defeated Netero.

You obtained the supreme sword Yoru!]

Allan smiled with joy, his power rose to the next level with this sword.

At this moment, Netero came over and curiously asked: “Allan, are you a transmuter”

Allan nodded: “Yes, I’m indeed a transmuter.”

Netero asked immediately: “So, the lightning-like speed and power you just used, you developed it yourself.”

Allan shook his head: “That’s not a Nen Ability, no, to be precise, it’s Nen at all.”

“It’s not the power Nen” Netero was puzzled: “So, what kind of power is that”

“It’s the power of the devil,” Allan said.

“Devil’s power” Netero frowned.

“I can’t say much about the specifics, you can think of it as a supernatural power of a sort.” Allan shrugged.

He didn’t want to tell the story of the Devil fruit.

“In other words, even if you don’t use Nen, you can still use the power of Lightning” Netero asked.

“That’s right.” Allan nodded.

“That’s really amazing,” Netero said with admiration.

“I know that in addition to that power, you also have the ability of Ice.

But in the battle just now, you used only Lightning, it seems that you are still hiding your strength.”

Hearing this, Allan smiled: “After all, this is just a spar, you will have a chance to see my full power, Chairman.”

“Do you mean the Ant King” Netero asked.

Allan replied: “Chairman, do you agree with my suggestion”

“Of course.” Netero smiled.

After their spar, Netero was convinced by Allan’s power and recognized him from the bottom of his heart.

“Then Chairman, when you’re going to challenge the Ant King, remember to take me with you,” Allan said.

“Well, don’t worry, you’re so powerful, what can I do without you.” Netero laughed.

“Chairman, the Ant King is so powerful that even I can’t guarantee that I can kill him.

Therefore, I was fighting with all of my power at that time.”

Netero nodded: “When the time comes, I will go first, if I can’t beat him, then you will take the stage.

If even you can’t defeat him, then I won’t have any choice but to use the Poor man’s rose to kill him.”

Hearing this, Allan smiled and said: “Don’t worry, Chairman, you’re won’t die with the Ant King.

Because the Hunter Association still needs you to manage it.

If you die, the Association will be in trouble.”

Netero smiled: “Hahaha, Thanks for your concern.

However, this old Man already decided that if I can’t beat the Ant King, and I don’t die, then I will resign from my position as the Chairman.”

Allan was surprised: “Are you serious”

Netero nodded slightly: “Well, I’ve been the Chairman of the Hunter Association for decades, I want to hand over the association for the younger generation.”

“Well, no matter what decision you make, I won’t object.”

As a member of the Hunter Association, Allan naturally didn’t want Netero to resign as its chairman, but since Netero want to continue in that position, he couldn’t object.

“Allan, I look forward to your performance, you’re qualified to compete for the Chairman post.”

Hearing Netero’s words, Allan scratched his head and said: “Chairman, how am I qualified In terms of qualification, I’m just a newcomer.”

Netero smiled: “Hehehe, although you don’t have enough in terms of qualification, you are strong enough.

You’re now a two-star hunter, and you already qualified to compete with the other senior hunter for the Chairman position.”

“That being said, I have little interest in that position.” Allan shrugged.

“Hehe, You’re like Ging, you don’t care about the position of Chairman,” Netero said.

“Ging You mean Ging Freecss” Allan asked.

Netero nodded: “That’s him, do you know him”

“I don’t know him, but I know that he is Gon’s father,” Allan said.

“Gon, the little child with the hedgehog head” Netero asked.

“Um.” Allan nodded.

“Ging mentioned his son to me, saying that Gon will catch up with him one day, or even surpass him,” Netero said.

“I believe that as well.” Allan smiled slightly.


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