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Chapter 244: Opening all Doors of the testing gate

A day later, Allan and Gon came to the Dentora region of the Republic of Padokea, where Kukuroo Mountain is.

Allan and Gon took the sightseeing wagon toward Kukuroo mountain, which is a great tourist spot.

After getting off the bus, Allana and Gon came to the Door of Trial of the Zoldyck Family.

The testing gate is divided into seven layers.

The first gate is around four tons, the second is eight, the third is sixteen, the fourth is thirty-two, the fifth is sixty-four, the sixth is one hundred and twenty-eight, and the last one, the seventh gate, is two hundred and fifty-six tons.

Only through opening the gate of trial can you enter the Zoldyck Family.

The scary thing about the gate is the guard dog, Mike.

It’s a dog that was more than ten meters in height.

“You two there, what are you doing, leave quickly.” A bald man walked out of the security house, beside the testing gate and yelled at Gon and Allan.

“Uncle guard, Long time no see.” Gon grinned.

“What! Oh, it turned out to be you two.”

The guard recognized Gon and Allan and was surprised.

“Good to see you well, sir.” Allan smiled faintly.

Allan could tell that the guard looked stronger than last time.

“Presumably, you are here to find Master Killua again!” The guard asked.

Allan nodded: “Well, we are indeed here to find Killua.”

“Uncle, Killua is home, right” Gon asked.

“Well, yes, the last time Killua came back, he entered through the testing gate.” The guard replied.

After confirming that Killua was home, Allan said: “Allan, let’s go in.”

“Um.” Allan nodded.

“Are you going to push the testing gate” the guard asked.

“Of course.” Allan smiled

“I remember you opened the fourth gate last time.

how many you’re planning to challenge this time” The guard asked curiously.

[Ding! Make A Choice]

[1: Push open the third testing gate.

Reward: Double Rashomon.]

[2: Open the seventh Testing Gate.

Reward: Nail Punch!] (T/N: Anime: Toriko.)

[3: Destroy the testing Gate.

Reward: Quintuple Rashōmon.]

Allan picked the second option and open all seven Gates.

“Uncle, have you ever seen someone who could push through all testing gates” Allan asked.

“I have seen Master Silva and Master Zeno do that before.” The guard said.

Allan nodded and smiled: “Then, I will open all of them this time.”

“What! Open all the testing gates Are you serious” The guard was surprised.

“Well, I will give it a try,” Allan said.

“Allan let me push it first, I want to see the result of my training.” Gon said suddenly.

“Well, you can go first.” Allan agreed as he was a little curious about Gon’s power as well.

Gon put his hands on the Testing gate ready to push and said: “Last time I opened the third gate using all of my power, this time, I want to open five.”

Gon released his Nen and strengthened his body to its peak before pushing the gates.

The first gate opened, then the second, the third, the fourth, and finally, the fifth gate opened.

After reaching his goal, Gon finally stopped and sat on the ground, breathing heavily.

Gon managed to open the fifth testing gate, but he consumed too much of his Nen by doing so.

“You have improved a lot since last time,” Allan said.

The guard looked at Gon in surprise as he couldn’t imagine someone so young to be able to do this, except for Master Killua himself.

“As expected of Master Killua’s friend, he isn’t an ordinary person.” The guard whispered.

“I will go next then.”

Allan walked to the testing gate which was closing slowly after Gon opened the fifth gate.

Allan pushed the first, second, and third gates easily.

At the fourth gate, Allan got serious.

When he reached the fifth gate, he started using Nen and opened it before taking advantage of the momentum to push the sixth gate open.

Only the seventh gate was left, which was two hundred and fifty-sex tons.

Allan was using his full power and the last gate started rumbling and was finally pushed open.

Both Gon and the guard looked in shock with wide-open eyes.

“You… Actually managed to open all the testing gates.” The guard looked at Allan as if he was a monster with eyes full of shock.

Even Gon felt a little disbelief at Allan’s power.

He suddenly realized something and thought: ‘Is surpassing Allan something that can be done’


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