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Chapter 245: Guest

[Ding! You successfully opened all the testing gates, and received The Nail punch.]

Allan learned how to use the Nail punch without anyone teaching him.

Allan turned to Gon and said: “Come on, Gon, let’s go find Killua.”

“Goodbye, uncle guard.”

After Allan and Gon walked through the testing gate, the guard returned to his small cottage and picked up a communication device to report Allan’s arrival.

The butlers of the Zoldyck frowned after learning about Gon and Allan’s arrival.

Generally speaking, the Zoldyck family was never happy welcoming outsiders into the mansion.

For uninvited guests, the Zoldyck family would treat them as invaders even.

There is only one end to the invader, which is elimination.

However, this time, the situation was different.

Because the people that came now were Allan and Gon.

This wasn’t the first time they are here and they had a special identity.

The Butlers knew that they were friends with Allan, so it was impossible to treat them as invaders.

The head butler, Gotoh, had to report this to the patriarch of the Zoldyck family, Silva, who is Killua’s father.

Silva gave special treatment and ordered Gotoh and the butlers to treat them as guests.

On the other side, Allan and Gon were moving toward the mansion.

Suddenly, a huge black shadow rushed out of the woods and blocked their path.

The huge shadow was none other than Mike, the guard dog of the Zoldyck family.

As a guard dog of the Zoldyck family, Mike was trained to eat all intruders they don’t know, but surprisingly, it didn’t attack Gon or Allan, because it recognized them.

Allan smiled and raised his hand: “It’s been a long-time Mike.

can I trouble you to let us through We’re going to meet your master.”

As if understanding Allan’s words, Mike stepped aside to clear the path for them.

“Let’s go.”

Allan naturally didn’t do anything, since Mike let them through willingly.

After half an hour, Allan and Gon stopped as they were surprised.

In front of the mansion, a group of butlers and maids were lined up in two rows and they welcomed them.


Allan, Mr.

Gon, it’s been a long time,” Gotoh said.

Allan smiled as he saw this: “Hehe, are you blocking our way, or welcoming us”

“The Patriarch said you two are friends with Master Killua, so you are welcome here.” Gotoh pushed his glasses and said.

Allan nodded: “Thanks for the welcome then.”

If Gotoh and the rest dared to stop them, Allan would’ve fought.

After all, with his current power, there is nothing here to be afraid of.

“Please come with me, both of you,” Gotoh said.

Moving through the courtyard, Gon and Allan reached the villa with Gotoh’s help.

“Master Killua is still training in seclusion, you two can rest here,” Gotoh said before making his subordinate bring snacks to Allan and Gon.

“Ok.” Allan stretched and sat down on the sofa comfortably.

Gon was more cautious, although it was the second time he came here, he still felt a little uncomfortable.

“Gon relax,” Allan said.

“Do you think Killua will come to see us” Gon asked.

Allan thought for a bit then answered: “He will, after all, we ran from Whale Island to his house, so he will come to see us.”

“But uncle Gotoh said that Killua is still in seclusion, I think he wouldn’t come out quickly.”

Allan smiled: “Then, we will wait until he comes out.”

Gon was surprised: “How long will it take”

Allan shrugged and said: “I don’t know, maybe two or three days, or maybe ten or half a month since no one can tell.”

While the two were chatting, Allan suddenly felt someone looking at him.

He turned his head and saw a young man in a black suit, with black hair and black eyes coming in.

it was Killua’s eldest brother, Illumi.


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