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Chapter 253: Game



The Heaven’s Arena has 251 floors, and was 991 meters high, making it the fourth tallest building in the world.

The weak had no chance of survival in this place.

The rules stated that if someone registered for the first time, he or she needs to start from the first level.

Outside the first floor’s arena, Allan patted Kalluto on the shoulders and said: “Listen well, Kalluto, since you want to follow me to train, then you have to meet my standards, okay”

“I see, please tell me, Teacher.” Kalluto was curious about the standards Allan talked about.

“Remember, from now on, I want you to reach the 200th floor without using Nen, only physical strength.

Can you do that”

“I will abide by this rule and reach the 200th floor without using Nen.”

Hearing Kalluto’s assurance, Allan nodded: “Then, I will go to the 200th floor and wait for you there first, I hope you don’t let me down.”

After saying this, Allan took the elevator toward the 200th floor.

Kalluto entered the arena where 16 fighting rings were present for contestants.

According to the rules; all contestants will first test themselves on the first floor then the referee will decide which floor they should ascend.

Kalluto’s first match was against Hercules.

He won several national championships in a row and was known as the Seven Champion.

Like Kalluto, this is Hercules’ first time here.

Around the arena, the Seven Champion’s fans were cheering while looking at Kalluto in sympathy.

After all, a little kid is going to fight Hercules, even if the kid was strong, he can’t win.

Because Kalluto was restricted and can’t use Nen under the 200th floor, he could only fight with physical strength and skills.

Although he had received professional Assassination Training as a child from the Zoldyck family, Kalluto was only ten currently.

When Allan restricted the usage of Nen, it was impossible for her to kill Hercules in one shot.

“Interesting, I didn’t expect to encounter such a strong foe in the first game.

The Heaven’s arena is really something.”

Kalluto and Hercules started fighting.

After a fierce fight, Kalluto finally wounded his opponent using an assassination technique and won the fight.

“You’re good; you can advance directly to the 50th floor.”

The referee held the promotion ticket which allowed Kalluto’s entry to the 50th floor.

After that, Kalluto participated in the second game and successfully advanced again.

According to the rules, each advancement before the 200th floor was an increment of 10.

So each time, Kalluto would jump 10 or more floors after one fight.

With Kalluto’s power, reaching the 200th floor without using Nen won’t be too hard, it will just take time.

It may take a week or a month, but in the end, Kalluto can reach the 200th floor.

All in all, this is a kind of training for Kalluto anyways.

At this time, Allan quickly found Gon and Killua.

After the two went through their training, they improved greatly.

With their current power, they had the qualification to attack and win against floor masters.

They already fought 7 matches without losing a single one.

According to the rules, they needed another three games to win and they can challenge a floor master.

During this time, Allan took his time and fought a few matches.

Since he was already a floor master and was famous, the matches he participated in were all high leveled.

It’s a pity for his opponents since if they weren’t fighting him, they had a chance to actually become floor masters themselves.

On the other hand, Kalluto managed to reach the 200th floor after a month.

When Kalluto reached the 200th floor, Allan directly appeared in front of him.

“Teacher, long time no see,” Kalluto said full of joy.

Allan nodded.

“Teacher, I obeyed your rule and fought without using Nen till I reach the 200th floor.”

“Mm, I know.” Allan nodded without doubting Kalluto even a little.

“Teacher, what should I do now” Kalluto asked.

“After reaching the 200th floor, you should be stronger now.

Release your Nen and let me see how strong you’ve become.”

“Yes, teacher.”

Kalluto directly released her Nen which exploded out of her body.

Allan nodded: “Yes, you have passed the first phase of training.

Now, I will teach you the advanced Nen Applications, first is Gyo.”


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