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Chapter 265: Demon

“Then, you settle the first battle.

If you can’t handle it, I will interfere.” Allan said.

He was also curious about Menchi’s way of dealing with several Chimera Ants.

“Well, look closely, I will get rid of all those ants,” Menchi said confidently.

In fact, as a one-star hunter, Menchi wasn’t weak.

She once went into some dangerous places in the world seeking delicacies and encountered countless life and death situations.

In other words, she already had enough power to deal with strong foes.

In addition, she had a good head above her shoulders.

Allan received his reward from the system and took it out.

The Thousand Demon Daggers is a sword that can separate its razor-sharp shards and control them telekinetically.

Menchi noticed the sword in Allan’s hand but didn’t think much.

She had to focus on her enemies.

There is about 300 Chimera Ant, and they were 100 meters away from Allan and Menchi.

“It’s time, at such a close distance, they won’t be able to escape.”

Immediately, Menchi activated her Nen Ability.

The Nen in her body was like red flames as she shouted: “Come out!”

In the next second, a huge dark red iron gate appeared on the street.

The gate was filled with drawings of demons.

The Red Gate slowly opened and Allan narrowed his eyes: “Is something coming out”

Then, he saw a creature with three heads walking out of the gate.

“This is”

Allan was surprised when he saw the monster.

“That’s Cerberus, the three-headed dog of hell,” Menchi said.

Menchi’s Nen ability is called Hell’s Gate, as its name suggests, she can open a gate and summon demons from hell.

However, each summoned Demon will be different.

Sometimes, only a weak demon is summoned, and sometimes it was a powerful monster.

This time, she summoned the three-headed dog, Cerberus.

“Go, Cerberus, they are your food.”

Menchi pointed at Sark and the other ants and issued her orders to the three-headed dog.

With a roar, Cerberus rushed out quickly.

At the end of the street, Sark sensed danger and the Cerberus jumping up.

It’s too late for the soldiers to dodge, but Sark dodged.

Each time a head bit on the ants, it would at least swallow half of it and the second bite will completely devour it.

The Cerberus was like a hungry wolf running into a group of sheep, devouring them one by one.

The ants tried to fight back, but they weren’t strong enough.

They were indeed stronger than normal humans, but at the moment, they were facing a demon from hell, which is a monster more terrifying than them.

The attacks of the ant soldiers were tickling Cerberus instead of dealing damage.

In just two minutes, hundreds of ants were eaten.

Sark, the Squadron leader looked at the remaining soldiers and roared angrily: “Cut off its head for me!!!”

Amongst the soldiers, there were some good seedlings, stronger than normal soldiers at the same rank, and their attack can break through Cerberus’ defense.

However, they could only do so little before they are killed by the dog.

The soldiers couldn’t kill the three-headed dog from hell, because they’re not on the same level.

“I will do it myself!!”

Sark jumped up and appeared above one of Cerberus’ heads.

He relied on his superior physical power and swords like arms to attack the dog.

Sark successfully cut off one of the Dog’s heads and retreated.

“Did I succeed”

After the attack, Sark cautiously looked at the dog.

However, in the blink of an eye, the Cerberus head which was cut off started recovering at a great speed.


Sark staring at this scene in disbelief.


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