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“Its just a birdman.” Allan calmed down quickly and shrugged.

The Birdman stared at the two with glowing eyes.

In the dark night, the atmosphere was intense, but Allan was still standing in the same place without making a move.

His eyes concentrated as he was sure that there was another existence nearby.

Although that existences presence was well hidden, he couldnt hide from Allans Observation Haki.

This presence was hidden behind the first Birdman covered by the black wings.

Allans eyes rolled as he said to Gon: “Gon, this time, you deal with this.”

Gon nodded and took a deep breath, then dashed toward the Birdman.

Gon didnt know that another presence was hidden behind the Birdman.

At this moment, the person hidden in the darkness approached Gon.

It was another one of these birdmen.

Gons gaze was on the Birdman flying in the sky.

He didnt expect another one to appear.

A moment later, Allan interfered and appeared in front of Gon.


Allan kicked the Birdman directly, sending away till he crashed into the car on the road.

The car was dented due to the impact as the Birdman almost saw stars dancing above his head.

After dealing with one, Allan looked up toward the second Birdman flying down with great speed toward him.

Allan sneered.

He instantly kicked the air and flew toward it using Moon Walk.

The Birdman was taken aback as it didnt expect that Allan knew how to fly and detect him in the nights darkness.


The Birdman was kicked to the ground, and he happened to crash into the car as well.

Now the car was completely ruined.

The two birdmen stared at Allan fiercely.

But when they saw him approaching, one of them spoke urgently: “Wait~.”

Gon on the side was surprised and exclaimed: “Wow, it can speak humans language.”

Allan was relatively calm as he already knew it wasnt exactly how it seemed.

There was something strange about how these creatures appeared here for no reason.

Allan didnt want to think about it much, so he directly asked: “Who are you”

The Birdman said: “We are Kiriko living in the nearby mountain.

We are recruited by the Hunter Association to atone for our evil deeds.

This road is on the way to Zaban city.

We are here to screen the candidates.”

“So that it!” Allan nodded.

Gon asked: “Where is the driver”

“We scared him away.” The Kiriko replied.

Hearing this, Allan solemnly said: “Now, our driver is driven away by you, and the car is destroyed, surely you have a way to take us to our destination, right”

Allan and Gon didnt say anything.

Immediately, the Kirikos took Allan and Gon and flew in the air toward the Venue.

With enormous wings attached to their backs, they flew in the night sky with astonishing speed.

Less than two hours later, Allana and Gon successfully arrived in Zaban city, and with the guidance of the Kiriko, they found the entrance to the Exams Venue.

It was a concealed entrance inside a restaurant.

After taking the elevator down, they reached a colossal passage underground.

It was a profound and very long passage.

When Allan and Gon arrived, there were hundreds of candidates already there.

A lean man passed distributed numbered badges to the hundreds of candidates present.

Allan received Number 123 while Gon got number 223.

They were that far apart because the numbers on the badges were randomized.

Allan put the badge on his chest as he started looking at the candidates.

This is the first Exams Venue, which means that the candidates that passed the screening are all present here.

If Kurapika, Leorio, and Killua participated in this years Exam, they should be here.

Of course, Allan didnt want to befriend them.

He just wanted to see these guys.

However, after scanning everyone present, Allan didnt see them.

There were only two possibilities for this.

The first one is because they didnt take this Exam.

The second is because they still didnt find this place.

There were about 10 hours before the time limit.

At this time, Allan saw someone eye-catching.

It was a fat-headed guy.

This person was Tompa, the self-proclaimed Rookie crusher.

“Hi, Im Tompa.”

As he said this, Tompa stretched his hand.

His intentions were clear.

He wanted to get to know Allan and Gon and befriend them.

Gon didnt think about it and directly and stupidly stretched his hand and said: “Hello, Im Gon.”

Tompa smiled and stretched his hand toward Allan.

Allan didnt want to talk to this guy, but suddenly he thought of something.

This was the best opportunity to use Grims Hand.

It was the first ability he got when he was transmigrated to Hunter X Hunter world.

Now was the best opportunity to reap someones luck, and Tompa was the best test subject.

His Grims Hand can reap any kind of luck, be it fortune, bad luck, relationship luck, career luck, misfortune, And So on…

The disadvantage of this ability is reaping bad luck from others.

As far as Allan knows, Tompa failed the Exam dozens of times.

He was anxious about receiving his lousy luck.

But it didnt matter.

He still had to try.


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