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1: The users hand must touch any part of the targets body for a full five seconds.

2: The user must know the targets name.

3: Only one hand can be used, either right or left, for this Ability.

4: When this ability is activated, the user will enter a vulnerable state.

Nen cant be used.

5: This Ability can only be used once per day and on one target in their lifetime.

As soon as Allan recited the conditions, he stretched his hand and smiled faintly at Tompa: “Hello, Im Allan.”

Tompa smiled naively and prepared to withdraw his hand, but Allan didnt let go.

The Grims Hand was activated.

Allan fulfilled the second, third, fourth, and fifth conditions.

Whats left is the first condition, which is to touch the targets body for five seconds.

At this time, Allan was secretly counting down in his heart.






The five seconds passed, and Allan directly retracted his hand.

Tompa looked at Allan weirdly and said: “Brother, its just a handshake, no need to get passionate, right”

“Excuse me, my hand just cramped.” Allan laughed.

Of course, Tompa didnt believe him, but he didnt say anything about it.

Allan stopped paying attention to Tompa because he suddenly saw a big hand reach out from the void toward Tompa.

Tompa didnt seem to notice this.

The hand passed through Tompa, and a golden light orb appeared inside it.

The golden light represents fortune.

Allan was overjoyed.

He was quite satisfied with getting this from the first time he used the Grims Hand.

If you have fortune, you will make money.

Whether he was doing business and buying lottery tickets, he is surely going to get money out of it.

Tompas fortune was robbed by Allan.

He would never get money from anything now.

No matter what he does, it would be fortunate for him to just have something to eat from now on.

At this time, Tompa took out two cans of drink from his backpack and handed each of Gon and Allan one can.

“This a juice from my hometown.

It tastes sweet and delicious.

You must be thirsty from the journey, right Here, have one.”

Tompa looked at them with a silly smile.

People who didnt know him would think he was sincere.

A sneer appeared on the corner of Allans mouth as he knew that Tompa was the Rookie crusher.

He uses every method to eliminate newcomers.

If they drink that Juice, they would probably spend the next two days in the toilet.

“Why dont you drink” Tompa asked.

Allan was about to answer, but the system interrupted him.

[Ding! Please make a choice.]

[1: Drink Tompas laxative Juice.

Reward: A great sword that can cut steel as if it was mud.]

Allan instantly chose the second option without any hesitation.

‘Are you kidding me You want me to drink laxative willingly

As for the reward for the first choice, it wasnt attractive at all.

In contrast, he was more interested in the Mysterious Treasure Chest.

It also just happened that he wanted to make things difficult for Tompa, to see if he dared drink his own Juice or not.

If he didnt dare drink it, then he would have a reason to make him drink it.

Either way, Tompa will drink it.

Allan suddenly opened his mouth and said: “Tompa-san, is your juice really good”

“Of course, there is no problem with it.” Tompa Smiled, but his answer came too fast.

A sneer appeared on Allans mouth as he said: “If thats the case, how about you take a sip first”

Tompa looked embarrassed as he didnt expect Allan to say that.

He put a powerful laxative in the Juice himself, and ordinary people would need three days and three nights to recover from it.

Fortunately, he brought the Anti-dote.

In order to Make Allan and Gon, Tompa gritted his teeth and took a sip of the Juice.

“Look, there is no problem at all, right” Tompa wiped the corner of his mouth and smiled.

“Well, it seems so.” Allan nodded.

At the same time, the systems prompt appeared.

[Ding! You successfully made Tompa Drink his own Laxative Juice.

Youve been Awarded: Mysterious Treasure Chest X 1.]

Allan didnt open the Treasure Box immediately; instead, he kept it in the system for later.

Besides, it was not the time to look into the Treasure chest now.

Seeing Allan not responding, Tompa suddenly felt tricked and shouted: “I drank it all, why dont you drink”

Allan was about to reply, but suddenly, he noticed something up in the distance.

He saw Chrollo, Uvogin, and Pakunoda just arriving at the Venue.

He said to Tompa casually: “Tompa-san, do you see those three people They seem thirsty.

Why dont you go give them Juice.”

Tompa took a look and saw that Chrollo and the others were new faces and immediately walked over.

As for getting Allan to drink, he gave up.

After a while, Allan saw Uvogin take Tompas Juice and drink it readily.

As for Chrollo and Pakunoda, they just ignored Tompa from the moment he approached them.

One can, two cans, three cans, Uvogin drank a few cans as if he was really thirsty.

He was quite fit physically, and laxatives had no effect on him.

Tompa was dumbfounded.

He didnt think that the world had such monsters.

Tompa was like a clown in Allans eyes.

He expected that Uvogin would teach Tompa a lesson, but Uvogin seemed to be enjoying the drink instead.

Looking again, Allan found that Tompa moved away from Uvogin to talk to a silver-haired Kid.


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