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Suddenly, Allan released his Conquerors Haki out.

All the grinning Man-Faced Apes fell on the ground with the impact, and their eyes turned white.

Allan looked at them in disdain.

A beast will always be a beast.

Their wills are too weak, and even if they gained wisdom, they are helpless when faced with a mental attack.

However, even humans with a strong will and mental fortitude wont face such an overwhelming impact.

Allan looked at the unconscious Apes and smiled in satisfaction.

Conquerors Haki was efficient in cleaning out the trash without any effort.

A few minutes later, Allan walked out of the woods and returned to the tunnels exit.

At the entrance, Satotz, Hisoka, Chrollo, Uvogin, Illumi, Pakunoda, Kurapika, Leorio, Hanzo, and many other outstanding candidates stood waiting for the other candidates to gather.

“Ah, Allan, where have you been I thought you already went ahead.” Gon was surprised and delighted when Allan appeared.

“Is he Allan” Killua, by the side, asked Gon.

They are already acquainted and somewhat friends now.

Allan was about to answer Gon, but suddenly his expression changed as a playing card come flying at him like a shuriken.

Allan snorted coldly and dodged the cards, then looked at Hisoka in the distance.

Only Hisoka would use Playing Cards as a means of attack after all.

“Sorry, its just to make sure its really you.

I hope you dont mind.” Hisoka looked at Allan and smiled.

“Make sure its me” Allan frowned and said: “What do you mean”

Gon beside him explained: “Allan, just when we came out with Examiner Satotz, a guy pretended to be the real examiner, so Hisoka-san threw a few cards at both of them to see who is the real examiner.

It turned out that a creature that could disguise as a human was the fake examiner.

It was an ape-like creature.”

Allan glanced around and saw a corpse of a Man-Faced Ape.

“I also ran into a few Man-Faced Apes now, he pretended to be a Guide, so I followed him.”

“Then” Gon was startled.

“Of course, I dealt with them and came back,” Allan said with a relaxed tone.

“Thats good.” Gon breathed a sigh in relief.

“Then…” Allan looked at Hisoka and said: “Since there is a reason for this, lets forget about it, but next time you attack like this, I will think youre just trying to start a fight.”

“So, what will you do then” Hisoka said curiously.

“I will make you pay, that simple,” Allan said coldly, and everyone knew that he wasnt joking.

Suddenly, Conquerors Haki overwhelmed them instantly and disappeared, which caused even Hisoka to profoundly and seriously look at Allan.

This was something more potent than any killing intent.

Allan snorted coldly.

He believed that his Conquerors Haki could be used to discourage anyone from fighting him.

After half an hour, candidates started appearing from the exit of the tunnel one after the other.

After some time, a bald man started shouting: “Which damn bastard froze the stairs down there It made us consume so much energy to get here.”

Following Baldys roar, many started agreeing with him as well.

“Yes, who did it”

“If you have the balls, stand up, dont be a coward.”

And at this time, the people who knew who it was couldnt help and look at Allan, and amongst them is Satotz and Chrollo.

Allan didnt escape and instantly cleared his throat with a cough and said: “Im the person youre looking for.”

His voice wasnt loud, but it instantly attracted the crowds attention.

Allan was already their number one enemy, the number one enemy of the public.

“Its that guy, right”

“It seems so.”

“Examinee #123.”

There were lots of discussions in the crowds, and at this time, the Baldy instantly roared: “Bastard, why did you do that Do you know how much effort it costed us to climb up”

All the examinees looked at Allan with hostility and anger.

Without exception, everyone thought that what Allan did was excessive.

Allan expected something like this already, but he didnt care because, even if all of them attacked together, they wouldnt be able to beat him.

The only ones he was afraid of were people like Chrollo.

But since Chrollo was silent, it didnt seem like he would interfere, which made Allan sigh in relief.

Because once one of the Nen masters here like Hisoka, Chrollo, or Illumi wanted to fight, it will get troublesome for him.

Allan faced the dissatisfied Candidates and shrugged: “I think you all know that although this is the Hunter Exam, its still a competition between candidates.

The fewer the competitors, the higher the chance to pass the exam, right

Therefore, you who can pass the test can be considered somewhat outstanding as for those who failed, they were weak.

Even if I didnt do something, they wouldve already be eliminated for various reasons later.

So, strictly speaking, I reduced the number of competitors for you.

You should thank me for that.”

The Candidates were still not convinced by Allans words and directly shouted: “You bastard, you wanted to eliminate us as well.”

“Ah, thats right, if I can eliminate you, of course, I would.” Allan sneered.

Everyone was shocked when they heard this.

They didnt expect him to be so honest about it.

His remark made them suddenly realize something; he was right.

This was a competition.


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