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After tasting the Sushi served by Gon and Killua, Menshi couldnt help asking with surprise.

Not only did the Sushi look good, but it also tasted utterly ok.

It was kind of hard to believe that the two small boys made this Sushi.

Because the preparation may be simple, achieving such a presentation level was complicated and required a lot of effort.

Gon and Killua didnt look like the type to be into cooking.

“Uh, in fact…” Gon was never a good liar, so after the repeated questioning of Menshi, he was about to reveal the truth.

Killua noticed this and immediately covered Gons mouth and said: “Yes, we made them.”

He was smart and knew that as soon as Gon mention that this was prepared by someone else, Menshi would severely criticize them and remake the Sushi themselves.

After all, it is definitively an insult to a food hunter if someone used someone elses food as their own, not just an insult to the hunter, but also an insult to the food itself.

They would end up eliminated for that.

Menshi could tell that Killua was lying, but she didnt expose him.

Instead, she just questioned: “You two made the exact same Sushi, both of you made Nigiri Sushi and Roe Battleship Sushi.

Aside from how it looks, the taste is the same as well, which means that the same person prepared them.”

“Thats because we have a good relationship.

As for the taste, our level is the same, so the taste is also the same.” Killua defended.

Gon just nodded without uttering a word.

“Since you are so sure of yourself, make one in front of me now.

Well see if its the truth or not then.”

“Ah, what”

Gon and Killua exclaimed at the same time.

Both looked at Menshi in a daze as they didnt expect her to be so harsh.

Menshi crouched down and said: “What Are you worrying about something If you tell me the truth, I can forgive you this time.

After all, both of you are cute.

So, you can relax.”

“Huh, wait for us,” Killua said as he took Gon away.

“Ill wait for you.” Menshi smiled, then she seriously warned: “If you dare deceive me, I will definitively eliminate you both.”

After leaving, Killua was unhappy as he cursed: “That damn, stinky, woman is making this difficult on purpose.”

“What should we do now, Killua” Gon asked.

“There is no other way than asking Allan to teach us a step by step.”

Gon nodded as he accepted the proposal: “Yeah, good idea.”

“What happened Whats the result”

Seeing Gon and Killua coming back, Allan asked curiously.

“Im sorry we failed.” Gon sighed.

“Why” Allan was taken aback as he murmured: “I tried it just now, and it tastes good.

If this doesnt guarantee a pass, then no one will pass.”

Allan realized the problem: “So she asked you to come back and do it again, Right”

Gon nodded and said: “Yeah, and she also said that she would observe how we make the Sushi later.”

Allan frowned: “This will be hard.”

“Even if its hard to do, we cant just give up.

I can only ask you to teach us how to make Sushi now.

Gon and I will try mastering it as fast as we could.”

[Ding! Please make a choice]

[1: Agree to Gon and Killuas request and personally teach them how to make Sushi.

Reward: Physical strength increase by 100 points.”

[2: Reject Gon and Killuas request and discourage them from completing the Hunter Exam.

Reward: Mushi Mushi No Mi (Insect Insect Devil fruit), Model: Praying Mantis.]

Allan planned to teach both of them, which he would do regardless of the reward.

However, he was much surprised by the reward nonetheless, because a Devil fruit appeared this time.

Allan wasnt impressed by the devil fruit itself.

After all, it was a weak Zoan fruit at most.

Maybe if he ate it, his agility would skyrocket as a praying mantis was agile.

Generally, whoever ate a Zoan Devil fruit can transform into an animal, but the Zoan users were too ugly, and it was completely unacceptable.

If it were Logia or Paramecia, Allan would be tempted, but it was just a Zoan type fruit.

Allan broke his train of thoughts and directly replied: “Well, hurry up and follow me to clean the fishes first, then slice it and start shaping the Rice into balls to make Nigiri Sushi.”

“Understood.” Gon and Killua answered like good students.

Illumi and Hisoka, who just received the Sushi Allan made, went to the Examiner for evaluation.

“Did you make these yourselves”

Menshi tasted Illumi and Hisokas Sushi and suddenly felt her IQ insulted.

Why Because it was the same taste as the Sushi Gon and Killua served before.

Not only the appearance but also the taste.

Therefore, from her years of experience, she knew that the same person made this Sushi.

In other words, whether it is Gon, Killua, Hisoka, or Illumi, all of their Sushi was made by someone else.

Who was this person

Menshi got curious.


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