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Allan gave their Sushi a passing review when he tried it.

“Although Im not sure whether you can pass Examiner Menshis requirement, I think this is the best you can do now.

After all, there is a time limit, and if you cant pass even with this, we can do nothing about it.”

Gon and Killua nodded as they understood this as well.

It only took them an hour to learn how to make Sushi, and it was all they can do as the Exams time limit restricted them.

Menshi will decide on whether they pass or not.

He can do nothing now.

Both Illumi and Hisoka also came to Allan because they were in the same situation as Gon and Killua.

With no other way around it, Allan spent dozens of minutes teaching both of them as well.

Fortunately, they were fast learners.

While they were learning, Menshi was looking at them.

Allan, who was supposed to be the first to finish the test, became the last one instead.

But he didnt have any choice in this matter since he had to teach Gon, Killua, Hoska, and Illumi.

Fortunately, all four of them brought good news after going to Menshi for evaluation.

The four of them passed, and with this, Allan breathed a sigh of relief.

‘My effort didnt go in vain, Allan thought almost with a tear in his eye.

He also received his reward from the system, and his Physical strength increased by 100 points.

The increment in his physical strength didnt just mean row power, but all aspects of his body were enhanced.

The improvement covered his speed, strength, immunity, nervous system, five senses, and so on.

Half an hour later, Allan moved toward Menshi to serve his Sushi, which made all eyes lock on him and Menshi.

Right now, he was the only one who still didnt submit his Sushi for evaluation yet.

Menshi gave every candidate two opportunities to make Sushi, and there is no third time.

As soon as they failed twice, they would be eliminated instantly.

“So, you are the one who helped the four cheaters, Gon, Killua, Hisoka, and Gittarackur (Illumis false identity), right”

Allan was speechless for a moment as he didnt find any way to refute her words.

He knew he was caught red-handed.

“For those who help others cheat, I usually eliminate them directly.

However, considering the fairness of the test, I gave each candidate two opportunities.

So this is considered as your second and last chance.”

“I see.” Allan nodded and brought his Sushi for Menshi to inspect.


“This is…”

Seeing Allans Sushi, Menshi was quite surprised.

Allan directly said: “Yes, I made Hako Sushi.”

This is the best Sushi Allan can make, and he was sure that he could pass.

Menshi picked a piece and gave it a bite.

The Assistant Examiner, Buhara, sitting behind Menshi, swallowed hard: “It looks so delicious.”

One, Two, and three.

After eating the third piece, Menshi realized that everyone was staring at her.

Menshi blushed and said: “Um, although I dont want to admit it, this Sushi is delicious, and the only one here that can receive such a review.”

“Thank you!” Allan breathed a sigh in relief.

At the same time, the Systematic voice rang in his head.

[Ding! The Sushi you made have won Menshis approval.

Reward: A Storage Ring.]

A second later, Allan felt something on his right middle finger, and as he looked, he saw an obsidian ring.

This is the Storage Ring the System rewarded him with.

The storage ring had ten cubic meters of space inside, which can store everything except living beings.

To store things, he only needed to touch the item with the ring, and taking them out was simpler as he only needed a mental command for an item to be brought out.

Allan was quite satisfied with this reward because as long as he has this ring, he would have a mobile storehouse wherever he went.

The ring weighed less than 50 grams, which is almost the same as not wearing anything at all.

At this time, Gon and Killua came over, and the former instantly said: “Allan, thank you.”

Killua put his hands in his pocket and said with a cool expression: “Thank you.”

Allan waved his hand.

But he gained two favors out of this.

Gon and Killua felt like they owed Allan for his help, but this was just an investment made by Allan.

He would gain ten or even a hundred times what he gave today in that investment.

And with no risk as to speak.

After a while, Hisoka and Illumi walked over and thanked Allan.

“I couldnt pass without you.” Hisoka squinted and smiled.

“We owe you a favor,” Illumi said.

Allan smiled and said: “Just remember that.”

So, about 55 candidates passed the second test of the second part of the Exam.

Menshi eliminated the rest.

In addition to Kurapika, Leorio, Hanzo, and the others, Chrollo, Uvogin, and Pakunoda passed as well.

Pokkle and Ponzu passed along with others like Siper and Bodoro.

Actually, the Sushi they made either looked bad or tasted terrible, but Menshi reduced the tests difficulty, allowing them to pass.

The reason was simple: if she actually judged them according to her standards, only Hanzo, Chrollo, and Allan would pass.


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