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His fist shone with a pale golden light as he released tremendous power compared to his small body.

Killua saw this and sighed: “Gon, with that kind of power, you wont have any difficulty opening the Testing Gate.”

“Testing Gate” Gon asked in confusion.

Killua waved his hand and said: “Well, I mean, you may be stronger than me.”

Gon touched the back of his head and smiled sheepishly: “I didnt just use pure physical strength.”

Killua nodded as he figured that out already: “Yeah, I also feel that you didnt use brute strength to punch that bird, but another strange power.

That power is strong.

Ive seen many uses it before, for example, My brother, Hisoka, and Gittarackur.

Furthermore, Allan uses it too, and then you.

I think all of you are using the same power, but each one is using it differently.”

Gon was stunned and didnt react for a few seconds before smiling: “Haha, Killua, I see that you still didnt learn Nen yet.”


Gon nodded and said: “Well, that strange power you felt is called Nen.

I will tell you about it later after we finish those Birds.”

Just when the two were about to go back fighting, an amazing force converged around them.

They looked back at Allan, who is amazingly the source of that force.

They felt uncertain and anxious, just standing there.

It wasnt typical Aura or Killing Intent; it was more impactful.

All the Beast attacking them fell one after the other.

The impact was enough to render them unable to fly, and some of them even lost consciousness.

Killua walked toward the nearest Beast and kicked its head: “Its still breathing, but it fainted.”

Gon murmured: “So great! Allan did this, right”

Killua nodded and looked at Allan and asked: “Allan, how did you do this”

Allan glanced around and was surprised to see all the beasts on the ground.

“My Conquerors Haki seems stronger than before.

Maybe because my physical stats increase, which increased its power.” Allan murmured.

“What is Haki” Killua asked curiously.

“Its a king of inexplicable power.

It is what made those Beast lose consciousness.

Its called Conquerors Haki.” Allan explained.

“Conquerors… Haki” Killua murmured deep in thoughts.

He was born in a family of killers, so he can tell that Haki wasnt Killing Intent.

This power seems to directly target the spirit of the target, making them lose consciousness.

“The Killing Intent my father or Grandfather releases cant do this.

At most, they would make their targets fear death even more.

No, not only that, even I was affected just now.

Only because my will power was strong did I not faint.

If it were an ordinary person, he would lose consciousness like those beasts.”

The more he thought about it, the more awestruck Killua felt by this power Allan used.

“Just now, it was an attack that cant differentiate between allies and foes, right” Killua asked suddenly.

Allan just nodded: “Hmm, yeah, sorry, Im still unable to control it precisely, so everything around me will be affected.

But I know that this level of Conquerors Haki cant affect you much.

This is just a skill I use to clean up trashy opponents.”

Allan believed that Gon and Killua would be affected by his Haki if it reached the Advanced level.

After dealing with those beasts, the candidates started trying to find a way down the tower.

People started disappearing from the roof, which made everyone realize that the floor had several trapdoors.

And those trapdoors were their way to finish this part of the Exam.


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