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Now he knows the theory behind the Nen of flame.

He only needed to start training and open his pores to release Nen, which is the starting step.

Allan quickly calmed down and said to Gon: “Gon, now that we are Sworn brothers, its best to not talk about it, we should call each other just with our names, without adding that we are brothers.”

“Hmm.” Gon nodded obediently.

Not long after, they finally reached the village under Gons guidance.

A woman with a short orange hair stood at the door of Gons house looking at the latter: “Gon, youre back, how was your day Did you catch the Master of the Swamp”

“No, but I wont give up.” Gon claimed full of determination.

“Oh, then you should work hard.” The woman patted Gons head and finally noticed Allan behind Gon.

“Hmm, who are you” asked the woman in confusion while looking at him from head to toe and wondering where such a handsome young man came from.

Gon directly replied: “Hes my friend.

His name is Allan.” Then turned toward Allan and introduced: “Allan, this is Aunt Mito.

Shes the one who raised me.”

Allan looked at Mito and thought:Wow, this woman is at least three times prettier than in the show. Finally, he said: “Hello, Mito-nee-san, Im Allan!”

“huh” Mito was taken aback: “Did you just call me, Sister”

Gon scratched his head and asked: “Yes, Allan, how can you call Aunt Mito Sister She is almost thirty, and shes as old as your mother.”

A blue vein appeared on Mitos forehead and thenBang!! Her fist slammed Gon on the head, then she asked with a sweet smile on her face that promised pain: “Gon, are you saying that Im an old woman”

“Im sorry, Aunt Mito.”

Gon clutched his head while apologizing to Mito.

Allan was mostly surprised by the power displayed by Mito.

She looked so frail, but the influence she exerted on Gon proved otherwise.

He directly looked at Gon and said: “Gon, this is your fault.”

Gon still didnt know why it was his fault; after all, he only told the truth.

Allan ignored him and looked at Mito and smiled: “Aunt Mito looks very young to me.”

Mito blushed inexplicably and said: “You are such a sweet talker.”

Allan stepped forward and asked seriously: “Aunt Mito, do you mind if I call you, sister”

Mito once again blushed and said: “No, I dont mind.”

Every woman wanted to feel younger, and with Mito being already close to thirty, she was happy that someone would make her feel young again.

What made her even happier is that the one calling her sister is someone so young and handsome.

Gon pulled Mitos sleeve and asked: “Aunt Mito, can Allan stay with us He doesnt have anywhere to live.”

Gon directly tried to help Allan and said: “Allan quarreled with his parents and ran away from home.”

Hearing this, Mito didnt think much about it and readily agreed: “You can live here with us, but I hope you can contact your parents later.

After all, they should be worried about you.”

Allan nodded and replied: “I dont want to go back for now, but I will tell them that Im fine.”

Mito didnt want to interfere too much in Allans family affair, so she said: “You have to keep that in mind.”

This way, Allan got to stay in Gons house, which solved food and accommodation.

A few days later, Allan found a quiet place in the forest to start learning Nen.

Nen was life energy, and learning how to manipulate this energy makes someone a Nen user.

Anyone can train in Nen, as this energy is present inside anything alive.

But to master it, talent is crucial.

Currently, only a few people in the world are trained in Nen and could teach others.

Fortunately, Allan received that knowledge from the system, making him directly know everything about the Nen of flame.

The only thing left is to open the pores of his body and guide the life energy out.

The Manifestation of this energy is what people call Aura or Nen.

The stronger the life energy, the stronger Nen becomes.

The Nen can be controlled and used for attack and defense.

Mastering the Nen of flame means becoming a beginner Nen user.

Allan was sitting in a meditative state on the ground while trying to open his pores.

Suddenly, he felt a surge of energy filling his body from head to toe.

Allans face was filled with joy as he couldnt calm his heart down from the excitement he felt.


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