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The wall behind Allan is in ruins already.

Uvogins expression was already hideous.

He was so concentrated on throwing stones at Allan that he ignored his surroundings.

And now, he was standing in his place stunned as he didnt find any stone to throw.

The broken pillars Rocks were all thrown at Allan already, leaving him with nothing to throw.

“Ah, there are no more stones.” He said dumbfoundedly.

Allan already predicted this in advance.

He was paying attention to the stones on the ground in addition to the ones Uvogin threw at him.

He decisively seized this opportunity to step forward and attack Uvogin with a Leaf Strong Whirlwind.

Uvogin, who didnt react, was kicked on the chest and flew away like a cannonball again.

He was smashed into a wall leaving a human-sized crack on the wall.

“Damn, that kick hurts…”

Uvogin rubbed his rising and falling chest with difficulty as he felt pain all over his body.

“This is my chance!”

Allan took advantage of the fallen Uvogin and directly rushed toward him while covering his fist with Ice.

He started punched Uvogin continuously as the wall behind him cracked even further.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In a few seconds, Uvogin was punched dozens of times, and even with his defense, he was in pain.

Instantly, his expression turned ferocious as he roared.

“Damn you!”

‘His punches werent too strong, but the coldness that seeped out of them into my body made my Nen slow down and prevented me from fighting back. Uvogin gritted his teeth as he thought.

Allan was punching with everything he got, with a single purpose in mind, which is killing Uvogin.

It wasnt just pure power, as his Killing Intent mixed with every blow.

If he doesnt defeat or Kill Uvogin, he would be dead.

Allan knew this very well.

So he didnt show any mercy and used all of his power like mad.

Allans fist continued raining on top of Uvogins body without stopping.

Uvogin had a rusty taste in his mouth as he spurted a mouthful of blood.

The blood aroused Uvogins Primitive survival instinct turning him into a beast.

His Aura erupted from his body in waves and surged around him, making Allan step away instantly and raise his guard.

Uvogin moved! He shot at Allan at lightning speed.

“So fast!”

Allan was shocked and had no time to escape, but his reaction was slow.

He put his arms in front of him for the first time as he used Ken to block the punch.

Allan flew back and slammed into a stone pillar, breaking it apart.

Allan stood up and spurted a mouthful of blood.

His eyes looked at Uvogin gravely.

“Im just returning the favor.” Uvogin grinned as he jumped and slammed his fist at Allan, who didnt dare to block it again.

He hurriedly rolled to the side as he wanted to recover some strength.

Uvogin already expected Allan to dodge, so he immediately chased behind him, only for Allan to use Flash Steps to getaway.

Uvogins expression changed.

He depended on his instinct and instantly turned around and punching at Allan, who appeared behind him.

Allan once again kicked Uvogin using Leaf Strong Whirlwind (Konoha Gōriki Senpū).


One punch and one kick collided as the gust of wind howled on the Trick Towers ground floor.

At the same time, Uvogin and Allan moved back.

Allan frowned:Damn it! I consumed a lot of power, and my physical strength hasnt recovered yet.

I can use Leaf Strong Whirlwind (Konoha Gōriki Senpū) at full power.

The same can be said for Uvogin.

The battle consumed a lot of his power.

However, as an enhancer, he is faster and more resilient than a Transmuter like Allan.

This is his advantage.

Therefore, after ten seconds, Uvogin once again launched an attack at Allan without giving the slightest opportunity to recover his strength.

Allan recovered a little, but it was far from enough to fight Uvogin, so instead of fighting, he used his advantage, Observation Haki, to dodge Uvogins attacks while recovering.

He didnt want to use Flash Steps as it cost too much stamina.

If he used it repeatedly, his energy would deplete in 20 minutes, so he tried to avoid using it.

Uvogin couldnt touch Allan at all.

Allan avoided seven or eight punches making Uvogin Angry.

“A Punch, thats all I need.

As long as I land a hit, I win.”

Uvogin stared at Allan.

He knew that the latter wasnt as good as him physically or in Nen quantity.

If the two of them used Ken to defend, Uvogins defense would be 100, and Allans would be 90.

The difference of 10 points isnt the difference of their Ken, but instead the difference between their Nen.

Although the gap isnt that huge, it was still a considerable gap.

Thats why Allan could barely defend using Ken.

An injury would reduce the overall power, speed, and reaction time of someone, and if Allan received another blow now, it would definitively be the end of the battle.

Its a pity for Uvogin.

Allan has Observation Haki, which made it almost impossible for Uvogin to land a hit.

Allan dodged left and right while concentrating his Aura.

Suddenly, a large thick ice wall condensed in front of him.

It was two meters high and a one-foot thick wall that appeared instantly.

Uvogin didnt care and directly punched the wall without a second thought breaking it.

The wall could hardly stop him for even a second as it broke like glass.

Although Allans defense wasnt as good as Uvogin, he can make it useful if he makes fair use of his Nen.

Right now, he stopped Uvogins attack with the Ice wall.

Even though he broke it, he couldnt hit Allan.

Compared to using Ken to defend, using it to create an Ice wall consumes less Nen and was more useful as it can block Uvogins attack.

There is nothing but anger in Uvogins eyes as he looked at Allan.

The only thought in his head wasKill Allan.

As he continued his attack, his speed was significantly decreasing, and his power behind each punch was weaker.

Allan noticed his and his Killing Intent soared:His Stamina is almost out, and its time to fight back.

Flash Steps.

Suddenly, Allan disappeared, and Uvogin felt danger and turned around as fast as he could, but…

“Too slow!”

A cold voice echoed behind him, and in the next moment, a kick landed on Uvogins neck…


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