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Fortunately, the Nen of the flame is deeply imprinted in his head, and he only had to practice and master them.

And if Allan had a good enough talent, his Nen mastery would reach first-class with training.

From that day forward, Allan kept practicing his Nen in the forest.

Allan wore Gons clothes daily, but they were somewhat small and not suitable for training, as they restricted his movement.

So as soon as he gets into the forest, he would take off his top and practice bare-chested.

Gon followed him, of course, but he would always go fishing leaving Allan to his own thing.

Gon tried for days and still couldnt catch the master of the swamp.

It was a rumor here that this creator existed, but no one saw it, but Gon still had faith.

Gon didnt know what Allan is doing these days.

He only knew that Allan said he was training to get more powerful.

Gon looked at Allan, who was standing in a horse stance, clenching his fists and looking forward, with confusion.

As he focused a little, he saw Allan was sweating a lot, even though he didnt move at all.

As he got closer, he felt oppression pushing him back the nearer he got to Allan.

Gon felt that Allan changed to another person completely.

If Gon knew how to use Nen, he would see Allan exuding an amazingly Huge Aura.

Its just this aura isnt something normal people could see, but they still could feel the life Energy.

The Nen coming out of his body is just the application of Ten.

This exercise helps to increase the amount of Nen, Aura, or as the systems express them, Mental power.

Next, he would use Zetsu, Ren, and Hatsu.

Mastering these four would be a great help in advancing further in his Nen training.

After a while, Allan stopped training.

He saw Gon coming closer, but he didnt want to stop his practice, so he ignored Gon until he finished.

So he looked at Gon and asked: “Gon, why did you stop fishing”

Gon sighed: “I couldnt catch it again.

Im bored over there alone, so I came over to play with you.” Gon paused for a second as he remembered what he saw and asked curiously: “By the way, what were you doing Why were you sweating so much without moving”

Allan didnt hide this from Gon and directly answered: “I was practicing Nen!”

“Nen” Gon was confused and asked: “What kind of training makes you sweat so much while youre standing in the same place”

Allan answered: “Its because I was using my Energy.

Its normal to sweat if you burn your Energy.”

“So, what is Nen” Gon asked like a child.

“Oh, it can make me strong” Gons eyes lit up, thinking about the idea and directly asked: “Can you teach me then”

Allan was about to answer, but suddenly, he heard a ding inside his head.

[Ding! Please chose.]

[1: Help Gon unlock his Nen and teach him nen of flames: Reward: Advanced application of Nen {Shu, En, Ken, In, Gyo, Ko, Ryu}]

[2: reject Gons request: Reward: Mental Power X 2]

Almost without waiting for the system to remind him about the 60 seconds to make a choice, Allan made his choice.

Obviously, he would have helped Gon even without the system, but now with that kind of reward, he would be stupid if he rejected Gon.

Its just that Allan planned on teaching him another time because he just started learning Nen himself, and he didnt reach the level of becoming a teacher yet.

But since Gon took the initiative to ask, and the system gave him such an enticing reward, he will teach him now.

In this way, he would teach Gon like he planned to from the start and get a reward, which was a very good bonus.

Seeing that Allan was in deep thoughts, Gon thought that Allan was contemplating his request, which made him say: “haha, dont worry about it, since its inconvenient, you dont need to teach me.”

Hearing this, Allan came to his senses and directly explained: “Dont get me wrong Gon, Im not hesitating about teaching you, but its just that Im starting this myself, and I dont see myself in such a high level that I could teach someone.

Im afraid that I wont be a good teacher, but if youre okay with that, I will teach you.”

Gon immediately nodded his head.

He just misunderstood Allan and bowed his head in shame.

Allan glanced at the sky to gauge the time.

Seeing that he still plenty of time, he looked back at Gon and said: “Lets start now then.”

Gon raised his head and asked: “What should I Do”

Allan answered: “I will tell you what Nen is, and if you understand, I will teach you.”

Gon nodded, and Allan started talking about Nen.

Gon often asking about things, and Allan would take his time in teaching him whatever he didnt understand.

Allan explained about the Life energy, Nen, and everything related to it.

After explaining the basics, Allan walked toward a rock, turned his head to Gon, and said: “Now, I will display the power of Nen.”

Allan took a deep breath and clenched his fist.

If Gon leaned Nen, he would see something hazy covering Allans fist.

But even if he didnt see, he could feel the difference between Allans fist and a normal one.

Allan, at this time, breathed out and with a low grunt, blasted his fist toward the rock.


The rock cracked under Allans fist and many pieces scattered away.


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