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No, it should be said that the Silver Haired boy was the one who cornered the three men, as he stared at them like prey with a sneer on his mouth.

Those three were candidate #197, Amori, Candidate #198, Imori, and Candidate #199, Umori.

The silver-haired boy was Killua, with the #99 Badge.

The Amori brothers were quite upset.

They were grown-up men, and here is a boy targeting them.

No one would be happy if they were looked down on so much.

Umori glared at Killua.

“Boy, why are you blocking our way”

“Because one of you is my target,” Killua replied with a relaxed expression.

His eyes fell on Candidate #198, Imori.

Although his target is Imori, the latter didnt separate from his brothers, so he could only follow the three brothers.

After confirming that they wont separate, he didnt want to wait anymore and decided to attack the three of them together.

Imori was the youngest brother and the most afraid of death.

He never was courageous, but he was a cautious person.

When he saw Killua, he was shocked because he felt that Killua was ready to attack at any given moment.

His older brothers saw him nervous and immediately scolded him: “Hey, Imori, are you afraid of a kid”

Imori felt dull as his brothers reprimanded him.

He rushed at Killua: “Go to hell, boy.” He was trying to encourage himself with each word.

Killua sighed: “Stupid guy.”

AS Imori threw a fist at Killua, the latter disappeared before his eyes.

“What” Imori was taken aback.

“Behind you, Imori.” His two brothers warned him at the same time and rushed forward to rescue him.

But Killua was faster, his nails sharpened as he placed them on Imoris neck.

“Dont do anything rash if you want to live.”

“Damn it!” Umori gritted his teeth and cursed.

“What do you want” Amori, the eldest brother, asked with a frown.

Killua exceeded their expectations.

Imori was captured, and they could do nothing right now.

They were thinking about how to counter-attack, and suddenly, one of the brothers said: “Yes, this test forbid us from killing the target to get the badge.

If you kill him, the Examiner will eliminate you.”

“Yes, let Imori go, we will let you go if you do, and you can leave.”

Umori stepped up after Amori tried to pressure Killua with the exams rule.

Killua squinted and said coldly: “Dont be so naïve.

Do you think that I care about the rules I can kill him anytime, including both of you.”

The killing Intent emanated by Killua made them nervous.

Its definitively wasnt a bluff.

“If you dare threaten me or provoke me, not only Imori, but you two will die as well.”

Even if Killua didnt take Imori as a hostage, he could kill them easily if he was unhappy.

Amori took a deep breath and pretended to be calm: “I see, you can take Imoris badge.

We wont go after you.”

“No, you will hand over your badges as well.” Killua sneered and put away his Killing Intent.

Although his goal was only Imoris badge, he didnt want to let go of Amori and Umori as they annoyed him.

Both brothers looked upset when they heard Killuas words, but their lives were more important than the Hunter Exam.

If they dont hand over the badges, their brother will die, and they would follow right after.

Therefore, they threw their badges without hesitation toward Killua.


After getting the badges, Killua disappeared.

“With this, I can pass the exam, and I have two extra points.

How should I use them

Maybe I should go to Gon and give him the extra ones if he needs them.”

On the way, Killua heard a bang.

It was a gunshot, a very close one.

Killua felt danger approaching.

At the moment he felt danger, Killua jumped away like a cheetah.

A bullet passed by, then a second one, then another one.

Killua kept dodging the bullets and hid behind a tree.

He couldnt see where the bullets were coming from at all.

After the Gunshot stopped, a tall blond woman in revealing clothes stepped out, holding a revolver in her hand pointing at the tree Killua was hiding behind.

Killua, who was relaxed before, was now serious as he felt the danger around him.

‘Is it the Amori brothers

‘No, its not them.

‘The three idiots dont have guns, and they arent this good.

‘The accuracy of those bullets could threaten me.

They were very accurate.

Who is it

Killua quickly jumped up high into the tree and stood on a branch before looking down to see a blond woman holding a gun.

“So, its that girl.” Killua was a little surprised.

This blonde woman was Pakunoda.

“It seems like Im her target.” Killua thought.

Very quickly, Pakunoda turned the muzzle toward Killua and fired without hesitation.

Killua avoided the bullets one by one as he jumped from a tree to another.

‘The pistol should be able to fire at max 15 bullets.

After 15 bullets, she will need to reload, and I can go and kill her at that time. Killua made his plan.

Bang! Bang!

After a few more shots, Killua continued dodging while waiting for an opportunity to attack.

After the thirteenth shot, Pakunoda stopped shooting.

“Is she going to reload”

Killua hesitated as he didnt know whether to attack or not because there should be two more bullets inside the magazine.

“Dont hide.

This Onee-chan will let you go if you hand over your badge.”

Pakunoda said with her unique charm.

An average kid wont refuse this, but Killua sneered as his voice traveled from behind a tree: “Ok, Onee-chan, but you have to throw your gun over, and I will give you the badge.”

“Annoying kid.”

Pakunoda fired without hesitation.

Killua was startled because the bullet arrived from the side, which means that Pakunoda already knew his location.

Killua turned over quickly, but he couldnt escape as the bullets blocked his path.

At the same time, he saw another bullet.

Pakunoda stopped firing, and Killua immediately turned around and ran toward her.

However, before he could do anything, Pakunoda was already aiming her gun at him.

She quickly pulled the trigger, and the sixteenth bullet flew.

“Oops, my mistake.” Killuas pupil dilated as he watched the bullet moving toward him.


Blood splashed as the bullet hit Killuas left shoulder.

“oh” Pakunoda was startled.

She didnt expect Killua to twist his body and avoid the bullet like that.

However, it didnt end there.

Killua endured the pain on his shoulder and quickly rushed forward and kicked the gun from her hand before launching his counter-attack.


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