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Pakunoda felt blood in her throat; it has been so long since the last time she was hurt.

She was even more surprised by Killuas power.

At this time, Killua took advantage of his time and directly tried to slash Pakunodas shoulder.

As a killer, he knew that you must end the fight in one attack.

If you cant, then you have to deal as much damage as you can.

Although his last blow wasnt aimed to kill Pakunoda, it was enough to instantly make anyone lose power in their body.

Killuas Purpose was to make Pakunoda lose her ability to move.

“Dont be too smug, smelly kid.”

Pakunoda blocked Killuas attack with her hand to his surprise.

She caught his wrist, but Killua didnt give up as he sharpened his nails in his other hand and thrust it forward.

Since he was born, Killua received hellish training, and due to that training, he was able to change the muscle structure in specific parts of his body, making them stronger.

His five fingers trick is the same, and he made them resemble the claws of beasts.

Moreover, if he wanted to, he can take out even a beating heart from the chest instantly.

However, Pakunoda wasnt an average person.

She used her chest muscle to clamp Killuas hand.

Killuas hand plunged into her chest, completely unable to penetrate it, and it was stuck there.

“That is very dangerous, kid.

I didnt expect you to know how to change your muscles structure to increase your power.

If I didnt use Ten to defend, I mightve been injured.” Pakunoda said with a sigh of relief.

‘Damn it.

I cant pull my hand out.

I didnt expect this woman to know the same technique as me.

Is she an assassin Killua thought as he was cornered.

But he could feel strange energy on Pakunodas body, and he heard her say she used Ten.

And suddenly, he remembers Gon talking about something like that, the energy of life in any living body that some people could harness to attack and defend, Nen.

This woman can also use Nen.

Killua stared sharply at Pakunoda while the latter said coldly.

“Little monster, now I will give you a choice: Obediently hand over your badge, or die here.”

“Dammit!!” Killua tried to break free but couldnt move at all.

He can feel that if he continued to resist, Pakunoda would kill him.

“Dont struggle boy, you have great potential, but youre currently not my match.

If you die here, it will be meaningless.” Pakunoda reminded Killua: “My patience is limited, dont try to challenge my bottom line.”

Killua coldly snorted like a kid before e said: “I understand, let go, you hag.”


Pakunoda replied calmly: “You have a gunshot wound, so you cant escape.”

“I see.” Killua nodded.

Indeed, his left shoulder was injured, and if he doesnt stop the bleeding, he will lose consciousness or even die.

It was impossible to escape this.

Killua took out his badge before he said: “Wait.”

Pakunoda frowned: “What is it Are you regretting your decision”

Killua shook his head and said: “Actually, I have four badges.

One of them is mine, and the others I got from the Amori brothers.

Although Im your target, I can give you the three badges which amount to three points, the same as my badge.”

Pakunoda didnt think about it, and resolutely refused: “No, I just want your badge.”

“Why” Killua asked in confusion.

Pakunoda said coldly: “Because youre my target, Im not interested in other badges.”

“Dammit!!” Killua didnt expect Pakunoda to be so hard to deal with.

In other words, she is a woman with principle.

She wont take the badges of others, except for her target.

Even though he was unhappy, Killua could only hand over his badge.

As a professional assassin, it was shameful for him to be robbed by a woman.

But he had no other way, she was stronger than him, and as an Assassin, he knew that the Weak eats the strong, the law of the jungle.

The strong can take anything from the weak, and the weak could only obey.

Just like now, if he doesnt hand over his badge, she would kill him.

It was unnecessary to sacrifice his life for his badge.

But to have him hand it over himself was an insult for him.

“I must get it back!” Killua thought secretly while clenching his fist.

But before that, Killua lowered his head and glanced at his shoulder.

Although the bullet didnt penetrate his entire shoulder, it was still inside his collar bone.

If he leaves it alone, his life will be in danger due to blood loss and possible infection.

But he can resolve the problem himself.

In just two minutes, Killua removed the bullet with two fingers and stopped the bleeding.

The bullet was round, so it has no penetrative power.

Which meant, from the start, Pakunoda didnt want to kill him.

Killua already knew she didnt want to kill him when she attacked because he didnt feel any killing intent.

“Damn that woman, are you looking down on me” Killua didnt thank Pakunoda for her kindness; instead, he felt insulted.

His pride received a huge impact.

“I must take back my badge from that woman, but I have to be careful about how to do it,” Killua vowed in his heart.

He knew that this was just the third day, and four days remained till the deadline.

The time was enough, but his strength wasnt enough.

Killua knew that even if he werent injured, he wouldnt be able to fight Pakunoda.

Although he didnt lack combat experience, he was far behind in terms of power.

The most severe disadvantage is that he didnt train in Nen.

And now, he had a gun wound on his shoulder.

Although he removed the bullet and stopped the bleeding, he cant use too much power, which will affect his recovery.

So, he cant rely on himself to get back the badge.

“Well, who is the one hunting Pakunoda” If I find him, maybe I can cooperate with him and get back my badge.”

But there is a problem, he still didnt know who is targeting her, and it wont be easy to find him.

Another point is, does the one hunting her have more power than Pakunoda

“The ones who are stronger than she is, are Hisoka, Gittarackur, who is always with Hisoka, and the other two partners of this woman, and of course, Allan.

Assuming that one of them targets Pakunoda, the only one who will cooperate with me is Allan.

Its obviously impossible for her partners to cooperate, and Hisoka and Gittarackur are difficult to deal with as well.

So, the only one left is Allan.

But Ive got no idea if Allan was hunting Pakunoda or not.”

Killua could only follow Pakunoda, as it was useless to find Allan if he wasnt targeting her.


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