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The communication on this island is blocked, and there is no way to contact anyone, and it wasnt easy to find them.

“With Uvogin and the Chiefs power, it isnt difficult to get their targets badge.

They may have already returned to the starting point.”

Pakunoda looked around for a while before deciding to return to the starting point.

However, after getting there, Pakunoda didnt find anyone at all.

“Chief and Uvogin arent here, which means that they still didnt get their targets badge.

Or they got them but didnt rush back.

Uvogin is a fanatic after all, and only Chief can control him.

Should I stay here and wait for them or should I go ahead and find them” Pakunoda frowned.

There are still four days before the end of this phase of the exam.

If she stayed on the island, it means that someone can target her.

“Other than Chief and Uvogin, only three people from the remaining 25 candidates can pose any danger to me.

They are Hisoka, Gittarackur (Illumi), and Allan.

If one of them is after me, and I stay alone, they will attack at any time.

Therefore, to ensure my safety, I must join with Chief and Uvogin.

As long as Im with them, the risk is minimized.”

No one attacked Pakunoda yet, but this didnt mean that no one was targeting her.

However, waiting at the starting point is a significant risk because this place was vacant.

So, staying here is equivalent to exposing oneself.

For example, just now, Pakunoda felt that someone was observing her from the forest.

Although she couldnt pinpoint his location, she definitively felt a gaze on her.

This might be the candidate after her badge.

“Could it be that silver-haired kid is following me” Pakunoda thought secretly but quickly discarded this suspicion.

“No, thats very unlikely.

That kid is an Assassin.

He should be clear about the gap between the two of us.

But this doesnt rule out the possibility of him following me.

All in all, if I stay here and wait, it will be easy for anyone to attack me.”

Pakunoda acted decisively and once again entered the forest.

In the forest, Pokkle stood on a branch of a big tree as he looked at Pakunoda.

“Sure enough, returning to the starting point is the easiest way to find her.

That woman got her targets badge already and is waiting for the exam to end at the starting point.

But why did she leave again Is she going to find her companions”

“If that woman is allowed to join her companions, then even Allan wont be able to get her badge.

Forget it.

It none of my business.

I just need to tell Allan about her whereabouts.

I hope he can keep his promise and return my badge.”

After Pokkle left, a silver-haired kid jumped down from a tree.

“That guy is Pokkle” Killua frowned as he saw Pokkle leave.

“Why did he follow Pakunoda Is that woman his target Or is he like me”

As he thought about the second possibility, Killua ruled it out after remembering Pakunodas words.

She said she wouldnt take anything other than her targets badge.

In other words, Pokkle is probably tracking Pakunoda waiting for an opportune moment to attack.

This seems to be the most reasonable explanation.

However, Killua wasnt optimistic about Pokkles power.

Although he wasnt bad, he was but a rookie in front of Pakunoda.

There is absolutely no meaning to cooperate with him.

At this time, Killua saw Pokkle move to the west, which made Killua suspicious.

“Is he helping someone looking for his target Is there someone going after Pakunoda” Killua made a guess.

At dusk, on the west of the Island, Allan sat cross-legged in front of a campfire.

He was roasting an unknown beast that was as big as a buffalo.

The fragrant smell of grilled meat spread all over, permeating while Allan waited for the beast to get ready.

He got a new ability in the second Phase of the Exam.

It was Nens Stomach.

He can turn food into Nen.

One Kilogram is equivalent to ten points, and he can consume a ton at a time.

His Limit is 10,000 Points currently.

A beast weighing about three hundred kilograms was devoured by Allan in less than one hour, leaving a skeleton behind.

Although Allans food intake was higher than ordinary people, he can eat a few servings than them.

The only reason he could eat this much now is due to Nens Stomach.

This meal allowed him to recover his stamina and covert the excess to Nen and store it in his body.

Those points wont increase the quantity of Nen Allan had, but they will serve as a battery.

“Im so laid-back, if Pokkle doesnt find Pakunoda, I will have to go find her myself, which is troublesome.” Allan laid on the ground while looking at the night sky.

At this time, a figure appeared beside Allan.

“Youre here”

Feeling the familiar Presence, Allan sat up and looked at Pokkle.

At this time, Pokkle was panting.

He was running the entire day without rest.

When he smelt the grilled meat fragrance that still lingered in the air, his stomach grumbled as he said with dissatisfaction: “Here Im looking for your target, while you sit here, eat and look at the stars by yourself.”

“That mustve been hard on you, but I didnt force you to find my target, right You volunteered to find my target to retrieve your badge, no”

Pokkle couldnt find any word to refute Allans.

Allan smiled and said: “It seems that you have found her Where is she”

“She is going south,” Pokkle answered Truthfully.

“Is she alone”

“Yes.” Pokkle nodded.

If what Pokkle said is true, then now is the best time to move.

He needs to get her badge before she joins up with Chrollo and Uvogin.

Pokkle asked: “Allan, I have told you her location.

Can you give me back my badge”

Allan shook his head and smiled: “Im sorry; its impossible to do so now.”

Pokkle was surprised: “Why Are you going back on your words”

“I need you to lead me there now, and then I will return the badge to you,” Allan said.

Pokkle said solemnly: “In other words, you dont believe me, right Do you think Im lying”

“Its not that I dont believe you.

I just want to confirm it.” Allan laughed.

He should make sure that Pokkle did find Pakunoda.

It wasnt a question of belief, but a basic in every transaction.

“Okay, lead the way.” Allan put out the fire and said to Pokkle.

Although Pokkle was dissatisfied, he led the way obediently to retrieve his badge.

Allans eyes were shining.

This time, he was confident.

If Pakunoda willingly hands over her badge, nothing will happen, but if she resists, then he can only use force.

As of whether this will offend the Ryodan or not, he can consider this later.


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