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Byakko roared as he saw the ground freezing in a straight line toward him.

That roar turned into a sound wave and collided with the Ice.

“Its really violent.”

Allan stopped his Ice field.

He was just testing the water with his ice field because he had no way to freeze the Tiger right now.

The guy evolved and obtained a pair of wings, but that wasnt all he got, as his overall power was enhanced as well.

It was the strongest Nen beast Pakunoda created to date.

At this moment, The Heavenly Byakko moved, a gust of wind swept the battlefield, and he appeared in front of Allan in an instant.

“So Fast!” Allan was surprised, even though Flash Steps was still faster, but the Tigers speed increase by a large margin.

A hurricane blew over, making it hard for Allan to open his eyes.

Fortunately, Observation Haki saved him as he backed away from the claws about to bisect him.

The Tiger jumped again and again as he slashed at Allan with extreme speed.

Even though it had a massive body, it displayed a surprising speed.

The current fight was extremely dangerous because Allan could only use Flash Steps to avoid the sharp claws.

As the next attack arrived, Allan directly jumped up and Kicked the Tigers forehead heavily.

That kick frustrated the Tiger as it let out a roar and spread its wings and waved them.

Suddenly, Allan found himself facing two wind blades.

His only option was using an Ice Wall to block the wind blades.

With a bang, the Ice wall shattered while the wind blades dispersed, but the Tiger didnt stop as he once again pounced at Allan with his fangs, and before the blow reached the Latters forehead, powerful oppression exploded out of Allans body.

Instantly, Byakko was dazed.

Its claws slowed down and allowed Allan to retreat.

In the next moment, Byakko recovered and let out an angry roar.

“Sure enough, even Conquerors Haki is hardly effective on it.” Allan was jumped in the air using Moon Walk while frowning when looking down at the Tiger.

His Conquerors Haki wasnt strong enough to influence Byakko and render him unconscious.

If he had the highest level of Conquerors Haki, like Dark King Rayleigh or Red-Haired Shanks, it would be easy.

“Hmm, do I use that super large Icicle to kill this guy as well” Allan rubbed his chin as he thought.

Ordinary attacks cant seem to affect that Tiger, even more so after he evolved.

This evolution greatly enhanced its speed and defense.

If he doesnt kill it in one shot, it would be easy to kill it slowly.

While Allan was deep in his thoughts, Byakko roared and broke his train of thoughts.

Looking down, he saw Byakko fluttering his wings and started flying toward him.

He was 100 meters up in a blink of an eye with his paw moving down toward Allans head.

‘If a tiger doesnt show its might, you would treat it like a cat

Allan snorted as a seven feet long Icicle appeared in his hand and blocked the Tigers paw.

In the pitch-black sky, Allan and Byakko collided 100 meters above the ground.

Although Allan didnt know any swordsmanship, he can correctly predict Byakkos attacks relying on his Observation Hako while using his Icicle to attack.

At first, the Icicle and the sharp claws collided, and the former almost shattered instantly.

Allan instantly used Shu to cover the Icicle, greatly enhancing it.

He relied on the flexibility of Moon Walk to maneuver around Byakko and attacking him.

After a few bouts, several wounds appeared on Byakkos body.

The hot blood covered the cold Icicle.

The injured Byakko roared as his wings spread out, sending feathers like arrows toward Allan.

He was trying to make Allan looked like a hornet nest.

Allan didnt expect Byakko to have this kind of attack.

While he was shocked, he didnt stop moving as he swung the Icicle in his hand to block, but feathers kept coming and raining on him.

A few feathers managed to land on his body, leaving a few wounds.

But fortunately, he used Ken.

The feather couldnt penetrate him and only scratched him slightly.

But being overwhelming with this attack wasnt going to end in his favor.

Instantly, his Nen erupted from his body and turned into hundreds of Ice arrows that shot out and collided with the feathers.

In terms of speed and power, the feathers and Ice Arrows were equally matched.

So, Allan and the Tiger were competing on the amount they could produce.

After several waves of feathers against Ice Arrows, the number of Feathers was reduced, and as a result, several Ice Arrows penetrated the Tigers body.

Although the Arrows were 18 centimeters long, they could hardly damage Byakkos big body, but the wounds kept accumulating, and the Tiger was weakened.

“This is the best time to kill you~!”

Allan once again condensed a hard Icicle in his hand and rushed toward the Tiger, who raised its claws to attack back.

The most noticeable change was Byakkos speed that dropped considerably.

Within a minute, Allan wounded the Tigers body several times as the fur on its body was dyed red.

Even its claws were nicked from the constant defending.

Byakko didnt care about his injuries.

It rushed toward Allan regardless.

It was determined to defeat Allan no matter what.

Allan didnt fight back as he moved higher and higher.

Byakko didnt care as he followed after him while attacking with his feathers.

When Allan reached an altitude of 500 meters, he sneered and stopped, then turned toward Byakko and slashed.

Byakko reacted instantly by opening its mouth and biding the Icicle.

But Allan didnt stop and kicked the Tigers head up before dropping another kick on its forehead.

Due to that kicks power, Byakko started falling from an altitude of 500 meters like a cannonball.

At this time, a figure burst out from the trees, quietly moving toward Pakunoda.

That person used the dark night as a cover as he restrained his breathing and approached quietly.

Pakunoda was too focused on the fight between Byakko and Allan to notice anything strange.

Killua approached quietly and wanted to knock Pakunoda out with one blow from behind.

But when he got close enough, Pakunoda noticed him and instantly turned around and blocked Killuas attack.

Killua used all of his power, thrust his hand into Pakunodas chest, and directly broke her ribs.

Pakunoda snorted and withdrew while look at Killua: “Smelly kid, you were following me.”

“Give me back my badge,” Killua said.

“Its here if you can take it, that is.” Pakunoda stretched her hand, bringing out Killuas badge, and shook it provocatively.

“Damn it!”

Killua looked upset.

He was hiding in a distant tree the whole time waiting for an opportunity, and when he saw Pakunoda focused on Allan and the Tiger, he launched his attack, but it failed.

However, it wasnt a complete failure.

Although the surprise attack failed, he still broke her ribs.

Moreover, he could feel that Pakunoda was too weak compared to before.


Pakunoda took her gun and directly shot at Killua.

Seeing this, Killua immediately used his Rhythm Echo as he turned into several after images avoiding the bullets.

While shooting at Killua, Pakunoda started moving back.

Because she summoned Byakko twice, she used almost 40,000 Nen points because each one requires 20,000 Points.

Her maximum Nen output was about 70,000 Nen points.

So, when Allan killed the first Tiger, she lost 20,000 Points, then to heal the remaining Tiger, she used 10,000 Points and more than 10,000 to make the Tiger evolve.

She, at most, has 1,000 Nen points.

She doesnt have enough power to subdue Killua in her current state.

However, Killua wasnt any better since the gunshot wound on his left shoulder still didnt recover.

However, if Killuas goal were to kill this woman from the start, he wouldve killed her.

But his goal was to knock her out and get his badge back.

“Return my badge to me, and I will immediately leave,” Killua said seriously.

Pakunoda shot another bullet at him.

This was her answer.

Killua immediately launched forward toward Pakunoda with killing intent this time.

However, suddenly a violent wind came from behind him as Byakko appeared and, with one swing of his paw, send Killua flying into the forest.

Pakunoda was excited when she saw Byakko appearing.

However, seeing it covered in blood and its body full of the wound made her expression turn cold.

“Byakko, you did your best to protect me.”

Pakunoda stretched her hand and patted Byakkos head.

Although it was just a Nen beast, it was still the knight that guarded her.

Byakko lost its previous bearing as it crawled on the ground and obediently let Pakunoda caress it.

At this moment, Pakunodas expression suddenly changed as a terrible killing intent exploded from the sky.

And from above, Allan swept down with his Icicle in hand toward Byakko.

Byakko instantly stood up in front of Pakunoda and defended with the last of his powers.

Allans Icicle didnt have mercy as it directly beheaded Byakko, which Made Pakunodas face gloomy.

Seeing Byakko disappearing and turning into nothing, she raised her head and said: “I wont forgive you.”


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