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After sitting down, Netero repeated the question he asked all the other candidates to Allan.

“Allan, why do you want to be a hunter And what will you do after becoming one.”

[Ding! Make a choice]

[1: Answer Neteros question honestly and arouse his curiosity.

Reward: Paramecia Devil fruit: Gomu Gomu No Mi (Rubber Rubber Fruit!).]

[2: Just avoid answering Neteros question.

Reward: Increase Nen by 3,000 Points.]

At first, Allan wanted to avoid answering Neteros question, but he could only answer honestly seeing the Rubber Rubber Fruit.

Even though he didnt like that Devil fruit, its value is astronomical.

Allan thought seriously before answering the question as he wanted the reward and had to answer honestly.

But after a while, he honestly couldnt find any reason for becoming a hunter.

In the beginning, he accompanied Gon because of the systems choice, but now, he was interested in becoming a hunter.

As for what to do after getting the license, he will probably just get a job related to hunters.

So after a while, he looked at Netero with a serious face and said: “Well, my reason for joining the Hunter exam is mostly due to curiosity.

After becoming a hunter, I will probably take some hunter related work.

Maybe when I get bored or tired, I will retire.”

“Hehehe, Interest Thats quite the interest.

You seem to be a willful guy.” Netero was genuinely surprised by Allans answer.

Allan shrugged: “I think when you were young, Mr.

President, you were quite the willful guy as well.”

Hearing this, Netero was stunned for a moment before burst out laughing: “Oh, you are right about that.

I caused a lot of headaches to people when I was young.”

Allan believed that Netero was a very headstrong guy when he was young.

He was the worlds strongest, or at least thats what most people knew nowadays.

(T/N: referring to Maha Zoldyck as the strongest character in Hunter X Hunter.)

Netero then asked his second question: “Allan, among the nine remaining candidates, who do you want to fight with the most and who do you want to avoid.”

Allan thought for a bit, then answered: There is no one I want to fight.

As for who I want to avoid, it should be Gon.

He is half a brother to me.”

Allan honestly answered.

After all, he didnt want to fight anyone as he was no Uvogin, a fighting maniac, or a psychopath like Hisoka.

Netero nodded: “Okay, thats it.

You can go back now.”

Allan nodded and headed out of the room.

As soon as he got out, the system gave him his reward.

[Ding! You answered Neteros questions honestly and aroused his curiosity.

You obtained Devil Fruit, Gomu Gomu No Mi.]

In an instant, Allan found a purple fruit in his hand.

“Is this the Rubber fruit that Luffy ate” Allan stared at the devil fruit curiously.

This was a Paramecia Devil Fruit, and after anyone eats it, he will turn into rubber.

Although it doesnt sound great, this devil fruit has great potential.

However, Allan wasnt interested in it, because he wanted a logia fruit, especially Aokijis Ice fruit.

Therefore, Allan stored it in his storage ring while thinking about who he should give it to.

There is Gon, Killua, and Kurapika.

Allan even thought about Illumi and Hisoka but changed his mind in the end.

They all will be outstanding Nen masters in the future, and if they ate the Rubber Fruit, it would affect their future development.

‘I will try selling it in the future then. Allan thought.

In One Piece, a Devil Fruit can be sold for at least 100 million berry.

So, in Hunter X Hunter world, it should at least have the same price.

Allan temporarily decided to wait and see if he got a chance to sell it.

After interviewing all the candidates, Netero decided on the duels based on their answers.

Allan and the others received the news from Netero that the next Phase will be duels between candidates.

The rules are simple.

You should make your opponent surrender without killing him.

If you looked at the situation normally, you could see that only one person will be eliminated, which means that 90% of the candidates would pass the exam.

But thats far from the truth.

The weakest wont probably make it that far, and he will be eliminated almost surely.

As for the strong candidates, they will be protected.

Basically, Gon and Kurapika are both at risk of being eliminated.

They are currently injured, and they cant fight properly.

However, this depended on their opponents.

Considering that some candidates were still recovering, Netero didnt start the test immediately.

He made an official statement that the last Phase will begin in 3 days.

In these three days, everyone can eat their fill and recover their strength.

Allan was quite relaxed right now because he will be at full power by the time the three days passes.

Three days passed in a flash, and on the fourth day, the airship landed on the Hunter Associations headquarters.

Allan and the others stepped out of the airship and looked at the tall building.

It was more than a hundred meters tall with a huge Hunter Logo printed on the front.

This place is known as the safest place globally, as hundreds of professional hunters stationed here all year round.

There are also the 12 Zodiacs along with Netero himself.

With such a huge force, no one will be stupid enough to attack that place unless he wants to die.

Allan and the others sighed at the magnificent building.

The duel will take place in the hall on the 56th floor.

In addition to Netero, the previous examiners will also be present.

The first examiner, Satotz, the second Examiners Menshi and Buhara, the third Examiner Loppo.

In addition to them, there are some new faces that Allan recognized.

They are the twelve Zodiacs: Mizaistom: Ox, Kanzai: Tiger, Cheadle: Dog, and the Vice President, Pariston: Rat.

“This is quite the lineup for the Hunter Association.”

Allan was a little surprised as he saw five of the twelve Zodiacs present here.

It wasnt just Allan looking at them.

Hisoka and Chrollo were also focusing on them.

As for Illumi, he only looked at Killua and was wandering who injured him so he can have afriendly little chat with them.

“Chairman, the number of candidates this year is much higher than the previous years.” Vice President Pariston looked at the candidates then commented.

“Its not much.

But it is quite the difference.

Last year no one passed the exam, but this year it seems that nine out of ten will pass and become hunters.

Next year, the number of candidates will definitively go back down.”

“Chairman, out of all the candidates, which one do you think is the best.”

“Um, everyone is quite good.” Netero pretended to be dumb and didnt answer Paristons question.

Because once he said which one he admired the most, then Pariston will pay special attention to him.

According to Netero, both parties can use any weapon without restriction in the duel, but to win, you need to make your opponent concede defeat.

But if they kill someone, they are directly eliminated.

Netero stood up and said: “Now then, the first duel can start.”

Suddenly the atmosphere changed as Netero pondered for a while and said: “The first duel, candidate #123, Allan, against candidate #294, Hanzo.”

Allan was shocked by this unexpected arrangement.

Glancing at Netero, Allan found him kindly smiling, but that smile seemed mischievous.

Hanzo was also stunned, not because he started first, but because he didnt expect his opponent to be Allan.

“Dammit, the old man arranged such a difficult opponent for me.” After a few complaints, Hanzo stepped to the center.

Allan looked at Hanzo indifferently, but his expression changed as the system gave him another choice.

[1: Knock out Hanzo within one minute.

Reward: Increase Nen by 3,000 points.]

[2: Make Hanzo admit defeat.

Reward: Afterimage Clone.]

Allan thought for a while before picking the second option.

He will show his strength and make Hanzo concede.

Seeing the duel about to start, Hanzo suddenly said: “Wait, I have a question.”

“What is it” Netero asked.

“The rules of the duel, as long as the opponent says [I Lost], you win If the opponent is unconscious, how will that be considered.”

“In that case, the match will continue until the opponent admits defeat,” Netero said while touching his beard.

“I understand.” Hanzo was relieved.

Allan looked at Hanzo and said: “I guess you think that as long as I dont admit defeat, maybe I will win, right”

“Thats not it.” Hanzo denied it as if his thoughts were read and said: “Im just thinking about how to defeat you.

Also, dont underestimate me.

Im a Ninja.”

Allan shrugged without care.

Hanzo was good indeed.

In the show, he was second only to Hisoka and Illumi.

Even Kurapika wont hold a candle to Hanzo even with his scarlet eyes.

However, Allan was way more powerful than Hanzo.

He could even beat Uvogin, let alone Hanzo, who didnt learn Nen yet.

Following Netero commencing the fight, Hanzo rushed toward Allan quickly.

His figure suddenly appeared in front of Allan in a display of speed.

His hand rose, and a hidden weapon appeared out of his sleeve descending upon Allan.


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