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“Hmm, why isnt everyone else here yet”

Not from the same era, Killing God Weifeng only glanced at Ai Cangsheng before he averted his gaze.

He was too lazy to bully a child!

After he sat down, he casually started a conversation with Yan Wuse.

In any case, he had nothing better to do.

To put it bluntly, he was actually itching for a fight.

However, he was still an official.

If he had no good reason for starting a fight, it would be very disastrous if he was targeted by the judicial department.

At that moment, he could only engage in a war of words.

The old seniors sat together, and the young people sat at another side.

In a short while, the fluctuations of Holy Power came from outside the Great Hall again.

A skinny old man, who held a fishing rod that was more than ten feet long, came in, dressed in casual clothes.

He walked into the Great Hall in his straw sandals.

There was mud on his sandals, and he cursed as he walked:

“There are so many trifling things going on.

Arent these meetings a little too frequent I remember that the last meeting was… four years ago”

“Dao Qiongcang, what are you doing Cant you just make the decision yourself If you need us to come over, whats the use of having a brain”

Dao Qiongcang: “…”

“Elder Yu, calm down.

Calm down.

Sit down.”

He quickly got up and pulled out a chair beside the round table using his Spiritual Sense.

After the old man sat down, he returned to his seat.

Elder Yu, his real name was Elder Yu.

He was Kun Peng God, Demi-Saint!

“Wheres my precious great-granddaughter” Elder Yu sat down and swung his long fishing rod back.

The fishing hook drew an elegant arc in the air and accidentally hooked onto Killing God Wei Fengs eyes.

“Is she alright” Elder Yu hurriedly pulled the hook out.

Fortunately, he did not take out any eye.

There was only a little bit of blood.

“Shes fine, shes fine…” Killing God Wei Feng smiled apologetically.

“Elder Yu, this fishing hook is indeed powerful.

It can hurt even hurt this Demi-Saints body…”

He covered his right eye, took out some elixirs from his ring and swallowed them.

What a joke!

This was a great senior who possessed theKun Peng secret technique.

Once his true form appeared, the water wouldsway for three thousand miles and rise up to ninety thousand miles.

He was an old monster who had lived for God knows how many years.

This was the so-called secret technique of Kun Peng..

It was not to turn a person intoKun Peng, but in order to give this world better protection, to turn thisKun Peng into a human body and restrain its power.

How would he dare to provoke him

His name wasKiller God Wei Feng, notStupid God Wei Feng!

“Its good that youre fine.”

Elder Yu averted his gaze indifferently and looked at Dao Qiongcang again.

His brows were furrowed:


“Why arent you saying anything yet

“Wheres my precious great-granddaughter Why didnt you being her to visit her grandfather Would it kill you to place an extra chair here for her to sit down”

Dao Qiongcang smiled bitterly.

This was a meeting of ten people.

Could they stop fooling around

“Shes still on a mission…”

“Oh, then dont let her die, or else youll die.

And your sister.”

Dao Qiongcang: “…”

The clamor had just stopped when three figures walked in from outside the Hall.

The leader was a lady in a yellow dress.

She looked dignified and elegant.

Her hair was tied up and decorated with jade tassels.

Her body was ethereal and resembled a Spiritual Physique.

“Lord Nine Sacrifices.”

At this moment, other than Kun Peng God, everyone stood up with solemn expressions.

Even Ai Cangsheng held the armrests of his wheelchair with both hands and straightened his body slightly to show his respect.

Nine Sacrifices Spiritual Body was one of the Nine Great Ancestral Trees.

It was the Guardian of Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe, Nine Sacrifices emissary!

“Greetings to all of you.” The lady in the yellow dress bowed slightly.

As her Spiritual Physique floated, the fragrance of osmanthus flowers filled the hall.

To her left was an Elder with an afro hairdo.

His clothes were tattered, and his eyes were filled with frustration and conflict.

He walked over to his seat and sat down, ignoring everyone else.

“How did it explode How is that possible”

“Light, darkness, water, fire.

There were only four elements.

How could it have exploded”

Everyone: “…”

Zhong Yuanzi, All-element Attribute, Elemental God, Demi-saint!

Needless to say, this old senior was still immersed in his own world.

It was already very respectful of him to come to the meeting.

His dream was to develop the other elements to the same level as time and space, and then promote it to the Spiritual Cultivator of the Five Regions.

Of course, all element owners liked to try element fusion the most.

This was also how his afro hairdo came about.

“Greetings, everyone.”

A humming sound accompanied every word.

The last person to walk over was an existence that created a deep pit in the Great Hall with every step it took.

It was thirty feet tall, but it still looked like a human.

It wore a wide linen robe just to accommodate its transformation.

Number Two, War Machine of the Divine Puppet, the Divine Messenger, Demi-saint Terminator.

After greeting everyone politely, Number Two stood in front of the largest high-back chair and looked at Dao Qiongcang with warmth in his eyes.

“Ba Ba…”

Dao Qiongcang smiled and nodded.

He reached out his hand and said, “Since everyone is here, have a seat.”

At this point.

The First Hall, the Three Emperors, and the four Messengers of God were all present.

Nine Sacrifices Spiritual Body glanced around the round table and her lips parted slightly.

Her voice was ethereal and melodious as she asked, “Where are the other two friends”

Dao Qiongcang looked at the two high-backed chairs at the end of the table and smiled.

“Gou Wuyue was banished to the Dead Sea by the judicial department and is still being punished.

Rao Yaoyao is currently on a mission.”

“Dead Sea”

Nine Sacrifices Spiritual Body frowned slightly and said in a dissatisfied tone, “No matter what, our little friend Wuyue is a member of the Ten-member Council.

The judicial department has gone too far this time.

We should give everyone some face.

I will ask them for an explanation later.”

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