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Auntie Zhang was speechless.


Su, your expression changed too quickly.

Cant you at least pretend

Su Shengjing thought that Su Jiu would whine to him.

Unexpectedly, she said, “Wheres Big Brother”

Su Shengjing was speechless.

Is she so concerned about the kid

He was annoyed again.

“He left”

Left Su Jiu was instantly disappointed, and her face fell.

The little villain had sent her back.

She hadnt even had time to say much. Has Daddy driven him away already

Seeing her like this, Su Shengjing gritted his teeth.

“So what if he left Whats the big deal As for you, you better drink the hangover soup quickly.”

Then, he brought the hangover soup to her.

Su Jiu obediently took it and drank it before asking Auntie Zhang, “Auntie Zhang, did you make this Its so delicious.”

Many people said that the hangover soup tasted bad, but Su Jiu thought this bowl tasted pretty good.

Auntie Zhang responded without thinking, “No—”

However, when she met Su Shengjings gaze, she immediately changed her words.

“No… Not very delicious, right How can this hangover soup be delicious”

Su Jiu keenly caught the subtle change in Auntie Zhangs expression.

She was certain that this was not what Auntie Zhong wanted to say. Does that mean she did not make the soup, but its the work of… the little villain

Is he still here

At the thought of this possibility, Su Jiu instantly got happy.

She had not expected her father to let him stay. Does this mean that their relationship has improved

After Auntie Zhang changed her words, Su Shengjing retracted his gaze from her face and stroked Su Jius hair.

“Alright, if youre feeling unwell, rest up.

Youll be fine after sleeping.”

Su Jiu lay back under the covers and nodded.

Su Shengjing had no intention of leaving.

He looked at her with concern.


Ill watch you sleep.”

Su Jiu was speechless.

She didnt want her father to be here with her.

The girl really wanted to go out and check if the little villain was still here.

She wanted to see him.

She loved her baby.

However, Su Shengjing seemed to have seen through her thoughts and did not leave.

Su Jiu could not stay awake any longer and fell asleep in a daze.

After she fell asleep, Su Shengjing left the room.

When he went out, he even locked the door. Now, even if that brat comes up, he wouldnt be able to enter, right

With that in mind, he left with relief.

Downstairs, Rong Si watched Su Shengjing go into the study.

He stood there for a few seconds, thinking.

Then he returned to the kitchen, took some ingredients out of the fridge, and made a bowl of beef noodles with tomatoes.

When Auntie Zhang came downstairs, she smelled a strong fragrance that aroused the craving in her stomach.

She quickly walked over and asked, “Young man, what are you making”

Rong Si turned with the bowl of steaming beef noodles.


“Supper Did you make it for yourself or… for Mr.



“What” Auntie Zhang was stunned, then she couldnt help but laugh.

“You specially made supper for Mr.

Su Looks like youre working very hard to become the son-in-law of the Su family.

Youre not bad.

You have a bright future!”

“Thank you!” Rong Si nodded and walked out of the kitchen.

He reached the study on the second floor and knocked.

Su Shengjing was reading a contract when he heard a knock on the door.

He had thought it was Auntie Zhang and casually said, “Come in.”


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