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The day passed quickly.

Professor Ren got up early, washed up, and went downstairs to the courtyard to do some tai chi.

Unless his experiment was in trouble, his routine was very regular.

When he returned home after tai chi, his wife had already prepared porridge for him.

After taking two bites, he received a call from his good friend, Professor Liu.

The other party was the director of an agricultural research institute in Ming City.

Professor Ren answered immediately, “Old Liu, why are you calling me so early in the morning”

Professor Lius voice came from the phone.

“Old Ren, I knew you were already up.

Your matter has blown up on the Internet.

I was entrusted by someone to look for you to mediate.”

“Wait!” Professor Ren was suddenly stunned.

“Old Liu, what are you saying What happened”

“What” Professor Liu was clearly stunned.

“Old Ren, dont you know about such a big matter on the Internet Its about you having a problem with Qinglin Villa.

Now, there are videos of you all over the Internet.”

“Old Liu, wait!” Professor Ren frowned.

He asked his wife to bring his phone over.

As expected, he quickly saw a video about him.

Although he was old, he still had some understanding of these video platforms on the Internet.

After all, his wife often scrolled through this platform.

“As a professor dedicated to physical health and drug research, Im very angry that Qinglin Villa did this for—”

When he saw the likes and comments, he knew that this was a big deal.

Moreover, every time he scrolled through a few videos, he would see self-proclaimed commenters commenting on his video with Qinglin Villa.

“Theyre all so insensible,” Professor Ren scolded angrily.

He was the one who said those words, but his condition at that time did not have any intention of targeting Qinglin Villa, nor did he have any intention of posting it online.

He was targeting his son, and those words were directed at his daughter-in-law.

His son had always been worrisome and academically incompetent.

He had relied on his connections to arrange for him to enter a friends research institute.

Who knew that he would still be so careless

Most importantly, his son had married an ostentatious but worthless and worrisome wife.

This time, his friends key experiment was lacking manpower.

His sons troublesome wife actually urged him to go to some Qinglin Villa because her hemorrhoids had acted up.

The medicinal wine in Qinglin Villa could treat hemorrhoids.

At that time, he was naturally very angry and said those words.

It was fine if women were worried, but they didnt even have common sense.

As a professor, how could he believe that alcohol could treat hemorrhoids

Naturally, his words were only directed at his troublesome daughter-in-law.

He hoped that she would understand.

Thinking about her best friends self-media studio, it was obvious what was going on.

Stupid woman.

She even dared to secretly take a video of her family and upload them online.

She even caused such a huge commotion.

It was truly unfortunate to marry such a woman.

But Professor Ren could only sigh in the end.

What choice did he have The woman had given him a granddaughter.

If she hadnt been pregnant, he would never have agreed to let his son marry her.

In the end, Professor Ren could only helplessly say into the phone, “Old Liu, I know whats going on, but I really dont know whats happening online.”

He now understood how Elder Yuan felt when he did not even know he had tens of millions of fans in a certain account.

However, he did not expect to encounter such a f*cking thing.

Professor Ren asked again, “Old Liu, for you to make this call, it must mean that the background of that Qinglin Villa is not simple, right”

Professor Liu said, “Old Ren, youre mistaken.

What I can confirm is that the medicinal wine is really effective for treating hemorrhoids.

Youve misunderstood him, which is why Im willing to make this call.”

“That medicinal wine can really treat hemorrhoids That doesnt make sense!” Professor Ren was clearly very surprised, which seemed to challenge his common sense.

“Old Ren, I know its against common sense, but it can indeed be done.

And from what I understand, the effect is very strong, surpassing all the related drugs on the market,” Professor Liu said with great certainty.

“Although this is a little unbelievable, theres no guarantee that some denaturation element has appeared in that medicinal wine.

Its not uncommon in science.”

When Professor Ren heard this, he was immediately attracted.

“Old Liu, since you can make this call, you should have the contact information from Qinglin Villa, right Can I go to their place to order some wine to study”

The appearance of a denaturation element in the science of any subject may contribute to the development of a subject.

Hemorrhoids aversion to alcohol was common knowledge, as well as the science of life and health.

Now that there was a medicinal alcohol that could treat acne, it was very likely that there were changeling elements.

If that could be researched, it was more likely to be relevant to some things.

It was a very great attraction for his kind.

When Professor Liu heard Professor Rens words, he smiled and said, “The situation on the Internet is also very bad for Qinglin Villa, so they also sent a video to invite you to verify the effects of the medicinal wine.

Theyre just waiting for your reply.”

When Professor Ren heard this, he said without hesitation, “Old Liu, tell the other party that Ill set off in a while.

I should be able to reach you in the evening.

By the way, its because of me that the matter on the Internet happened.

Ill take a video for you and you can pass it to Qinglin Villa.”

“Alright, Ill help you pass it on,” Professor Liu said.

In Qinglin Villa.

Qin Lin went to the warehouse to transport the items in the game to the villa.

As soon as he arrived at his office, he received a WeChat message from Li Kai.

It was a video.


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