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Zhou Feng, who was in the blood-lock state, looked frenzied as if he had gone mad.

“Kacha! Kacha!”

With a punch, Ao Qings Sun and Moon Wheel actually cracked.

Crisp sounds rose continuously.

What was even more terrifying was that Zhou Feng was able to do this with just his physical body.

After entering the undying state, he was able to further squeeze out his physical body and soul.

After all, in this state, all damage was reduced by 90%.

If he didnt squeeze now, when would he squeeze

Ao Qing was sent flying after a few blows, and a part of her physical body turned into a bloody mist.

At this time, she also felt what it was like to be crushed.

“How could he have improved so much!”

Ao Qing gnashed her teeth, trying to make herself look less pathetic.

In her eyes, Zhou Fengs strength seemed to have suddenly increased by several times, and it was the kind that did not make sense.

She had never seen such a strange state before.

But it was just this.

It was impossible to make her yield!

In terms of regeneration, Ao Qing was not inferior to anyone.

As an Azure Dragon, she had studied the Dao of Creation and was most familiar with creating and rebirth.

That was why she was able to survive from ancient times until now and live a new life as if she was reborn.

And in this life, she switched to the Sword Dao and even turned the spine of her previous lifes body into a lifebound sword.

Finally, there was still a large amount of foundation.

Ao Qing did not believe that she could not outlast Zhou Feng.


Ao Qings voice was filled with fighting spirit as it rang out.

Thus, the two of them engaged in a long and frenzied battle.

The intensity of this battle was far greater than before.

If Dao Yan was still here at this time, he would probably be reduced to dust in an instant.

Under normal circumstances, Ao Qing would definitely have the absolute advantage.

When an Ascendant fought against a Dao Enlightenment cultivator, there was a huge gap in terms of realm.

Ao Qing, who had surpassed the Ascendance realm, not only had an advantage in terms of her physical body and soul, but she also had an advantage in terms of using the laws of the great Dao.

It could be said that from the beginning of the Dao Enlightenment realm, all the subsequent breakthroughs were in accordance with the laws of the great Dao as much as possible.

When the entire body ascended, it would transform in the direction of the laws of the Great Dao.

Therefore, the Rebirth realm had a huge advantage when it came to manipulating the law of the great Dao.

“Die! Die! Die!”

However, Zhou Feng was not at a disadvantage at all.

In fact, he became more and more courageous as he fought.

He roared three times the wordDie.

His fighting spirit rushed into the clouds.

He opened and closed his arms, rampaging in all directions.

‘Impossible! This is impossible!

Ao Qing gnashed her teeth and roared in her heart.

This kid was obviously weaker than her in every aspect, so why was he able to suppress her!

This was very counter-intuitive.

His realm, body, soul, and comprehension of the laws of the Great Dao.

Zhou Feng could not compare to Ao Qing, but he didnt fall into a disadvantageous position.

Instead, he always had the advantage, activating all sorts of passive and crazy abilities.

He used the Longevity Steps without any regard for his life.

Both sides consumed a huge amount of energy.

The terrifying injuries basically healed in a few seconds.

But soon, the injuries piled up again.

Zhou Fengs fist was unparalleled in strength.

In fact, during the battle, he got a deeper understanding of the Physical Dao.

The advantage began to tilt slowly.


Another punch forced Ao Qing back, and Zhou Feng arrived in an instant.

Under Ao Qings terrified gaze, he grabbed the dragon horns on her head with both hands.

“How dare you!”

Ao Qing completely ignored the broken Sun and Moon Wheel in her fury.

The sun and moon shone together!

The essence fire of the sun and moonlight descended at the same time.

The waves churned, the sky turned upside down, and the entire world fell into darkness.

However, Zhou Fengs face did not waver.

He used his hand to forcefully pull the Dragon horns off Ao Qings head.

Ao Qings scalp was torn open, and blood splattered all over her body.


“Azure Dragon Token!

“Four Symbols Grand Formation!”

Ao Qing threw out all sorts of trump cards at the risk of her life when she suddenly suffered such a heavy injury.

First was an Azure Dragon Token.

This was a protective treasure that her father had left for her.

It contained an Azure Dragon strike!

Next was a formation base that shone directly from Ao Qings forehead.

In a trance, the four sacred beasts that suppressed the four extremes of heaven and earth seemed to appear for a moment.

The endless power of suppression was about to refine Zhou Feng alive.


Under this crazy counterattack, Zhou Fengs body was about to break apart.

Luckily, he was in his undying state and managed to block 90% of the damage.

The golden bones were endurable enough, so he was able to block this crazy counterattack.

However, the undying state ended ahead of time.

The passive Life Extension entered a cooldown state.

And the passive Blood Recovery, Tenacious Heart, and other passive states were triggered all the time.

Hence, Ao Qing saw Zhou Fengs body madly regenerating.

That madly growing flesh scared Ao Qing.


She simply couldnt understand how Zhou Feng could still recover.

Zhou Feng had displayed an amazing recovery ability in the previous fierce battle.

But Ao Qing didnt take it to heart at that time because she also had this ability, and it wasnt worth mentioning.

It could even be said that every cultivator had this kind of rapid recovery method.

The difficult thing was enduring all kinds of law attacks and recovering from dao injuries

under the interference of the rules of the Great Dao, they could still recover.

Dao injury!

This was the professional term for suffering injuries from the laws of the great Dao.

Ao Qing had thrown out a few trump cards in order to quickly defeat Zhou Feng.

But now, it seemed that Zhou Feng was completely fine.

Instead, she was in trouble.

In just a few seconds, Zhou Feng had completely recovered.

Taking advantage of Ao Qings shocked state, he threw another punch.

The Sun and Moon Wheel shattered!

The Azure Qi barrier shattered.

Just like that, Ao Qing died there.

Before she died, Ao Qing had never thought that she would die here right after she was reborn.

Moreover, it was so sudden.

She still had many things to do, such as re-entering the Central Plains to compete with the heavens favorites and even to fight for the chance to truly become an immortal.

But now, all of this was for naught.

Unwillingness and resentment filled Ao Qings heart.

Unfortunately, no matter how unwilling Ao Qing was, it was useless.

Zhou Feng turned Ao Qings body into a bloody mist.

Only after the passive Human Slayers stacks increased did he completely relax.

“How tiring.”

The curtain of this great battle had finally come down.

Zhou Feng also felt a deep sense of exhaustion.

The Blood Qi in his entire body had almost been exhausted, and more than half of the longevity substances in his Fate Wheel had also been consumed.

If not for the passive Life Extension, Zhou Feng might really not have been able to survive this time.

Ao Qings strength was far beyond his imagination.

“So now I can draw a new passive skill, right”

Zhou Feng glanced at the skill panel.

If an elite like Ao Qing died in his hands, it would definitely provide a large amount of destiny power.

Sure enough, the progress bar on the skill panel was full again.

He could draw a new passive skill~


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