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Ye Zhi back against the door, outside from time to time came knocking on the door.

When ye Zhi opened her eyes, her sight swept through the strange furnishings in the room, but she did not return to her mind.

Ye Zhi, you come out first, hiding in it can\'t solve any problems. A young man\'s angry voice came from the door.

At this time, ye Zhi\'s brain is flooded with a memory that does not belong to her, and she found that the man knocking on the door is her fiance song lie.

But soon it was not.

Ye Zhi realized that she had been put into a book called the way to show off the rich and famous women.

She was just a small cannon fodder with the same name in it.

Sheng man is the female owner in the book.

She is the adopted daughter of the chaebol.

Because the natural daughter of the chaebol disappeared at a very young age, Sheng man became the one who could fill the gap in the grief of the Sheng family.

Sheng man\'s father was originally an ordinary relative of the Sheng family, but his status rose.

On the contrary, the original owner, as the natural daughter of the chaebol, was abducted and abducted by Sheng man\'s father since she was a child.

After several changes of hands, she was adopted by a poor family.

Although Sheng man is favored by the Sheng family, she is still worried about gains and losses and is nervous about the appearance of the original owner.

Sheng man has become a little flower, but ye Zhi, the girl who stole her life, is just a little star of the 18th line.

Gu nineng, the film emperor of China, has some heat.

The movie emperor has so many fans that ye Zhi is torn to the whole net.

When Shengman suspected the identity of the original owner, he used various means to attack her, and finally made the original owner homeless and extremely miserable.

Song lie is the male owner of the book, is a popular flow of small students, in the process of stir frying CP with Sheng man, he fell in love with the arrogant and arrogant Sheng man.

Previously, because ye Zhi\'s adoptive father saved song lie\'s father, in order to repay the favor, the two men made an oral engagement.

Song lie didn\'t think there was any problem, but when he found out what he wanted, he decided to have a showdown with the original owner.

Both the adoptive parents of the former owner had passed away.

He hoped that the marriage contract between the two people could be terminated through money compensation.

The original owner was angry and hid in the guest room of song lie\'s home, but did not know how to deal with it.

Ye Zhi smiles helplessly.

Maybe for others, song lie is a hot figure, but ye Zhi doesn\'t think so.

Outside the door is a rapid knock on the door, but ye Zhi is not ready to go out immediately.

She tilts her head and looks at the mirror calmly.

In the mirror is a brilliant face.

Ye Zhi noticed that the corners of her eyes were not red, but her face was slightly pale.

Well, it seems that the original owner didn\'t cry because of the divorce, otherwise she would have lost a part in momentum.

Ye Zhi slowly and leisurely arranged the clothes, and then opened the door: Song lie, what are you anxious about

Song lie was also ready to continue knocking on the door, ye Zhi suddenly opened the door, song lie action was stiff there.

Song lie sinks a voice: did you think clearly after all

Ye Zhi swept the outside, song lie and his parents are here, song lie face with arrogance, song father song mother look hidden contempt.

On her side, she is alone.

Her parents are dead.

She is already alone.

Obviously, the Song family today is to press people, forcing Ye Zhi to agree to divorce.

Ye Zhi voice with irony: such a big battle, just to deal with me an orphan girl, Song family good big display.

Song\'s father\'s heart was tight: it\'s really wrong for us to withdraw marriage, but we also promised to give you five million yuan.

You and song lie\'s oral engagement will be terminated.

In the eyes of song\'s father, like Ye Zhi, who is black all over the net, and has no background at home, it is a great favor to get these five million yuan.

Ye Zhi smiles, Song family said this, as if she did not agree to divorce, she was too ungrateful.

Ye Zhi looked at Song Fu and asked, Uncle song, who offered to marry

Song\'s father\'s face turned white, and he did propose it on his own initiative.

But when he saw that ye Zhi was the only one left in the Ye family, he planned to force Ye Zhi to agree to divorce.

Ye Zhi asked again: who promised to take good care of me at the beginning

The Song family were silent.

Ye Zhi pricked them a sentence: the Song family this treacherous ability, really make me look at it with great admiration.

The next second, ye Zhihua Feng turned: however, this marriage can be withdrawn, five million I did not intend to.

Hearing Ye Zhi\'s promise to quit the marriage, the Song family was relieved.

Ye Zhi turns around and looks at Song lie.

His dark eyes look at Song lie.

Song lie, I have to say, it\'s a surprise that you can propose to retire.

Song lie was stunned: what

Ye Zhi couldn\'t see song lie\'s expression on her face: you look at you, you look OK, but you are always a little bit worse.

When the entertainment circle selects the top-level handsome men, you will never get your share.

Song lie:

His high popularity and high beauty, in Ye Zhi\'s mouth, seems to be nothing to mention.Song lie wants to open his mouth, but when he looks at Ye Zhi\'s beautiful and flawless face, he can\'t refute it.

Ye Zhi continued to pour cold water: you started several years ago, just won a famous award, was praised by fans, you\'d better wake up early.

Song lie finally can\'t help, angry voice way: Ye Zhi!

Ye Zhi did not care to open his mouth: and you quit marriage, I am equivalent to a big burden, and you tied together again, I am afraid I will be angry in the dream.

Song lie opened his eyes in disbelief.

It was clearly that he proposed to retire.

Why is he the one who has no face now

Ye Zhi thought of one thing.

When the two families made an oral engagement, the Song family gave her a necklace.

Ye Zhi picked up the necklace and threw it to song lie without hesitation.

Song lie subconsciously reached for it, he raised his head and saw the cold face of Ye Zhi.

Ye Zhi looked at Song lie, quietly dropped a sentence: Song lie, you remember, today is I can\'t see you song lie, you can\'t match me.

Song lie clenched the necklace with a complicated face.

With this sentence, ye Zhi turned and walked out of the Song family without looking back.

Ye Zhi freely agreed to retire, as for the Song family\'s five million compensation, she also did not want a cent.

Ye Zhi\'s back is straight and thin, and the sunlight illuminates her side face, without a trace of make-up.

It is cold and white.

After ye Zhi left the Song family, she was just about to stop a taxi to go home.

Before she got to the side of the road, several cars stopped her.

One after another, just no way to go, obviously not good.

Ye Zhi laughs that she is still in the mood to recognize the brands of these cars.

It is not bad to be surrounded by several rolls Royces.

The door opened neatly, and several men in black suits got out of the car and surrounded Ye Zhi firmly from all directions.

Even if ye Zhi dared to call for help, these people would not let her voice spread out the encirclement.

Ye Zhizhi took a look at the position of the road and calculated the possibility of her knocking down these men and running to the road for help.

Ye Gardenia spent a second of time, it is very sensible to give up, standing in situ waiting for the following.

The man in black respectfully opened the door for ye Zhi and made a gesture of invitation: Miss Ye is offended.


Gu wants to talk to you.

Ye Zhi didn\'t have the chance to refuse at all, so he had to sit in the car.

Ye Zhi is sitting in the car with a bodyguard beside her.

She wants to run away secretly, but such an idea must not be implemented.

Give up struggling Ye Zhi, honest sitting in the back seat of the car, heard the voice of the radio station.

Gu Ren\'s new play is about to start filming.

Three months ago, he had a car accident in Hengdian.

After recuperation, it was no big problem.

In the past year, Gu Ren has encountered several accidents, and they all survived safely.

The majority of fans hope that the filming of this time can go smoothly...

Gu Ren

Ye Zhi knows the name.

In the book, he is the son of the richest man.

He will inherit hundreds of billions of property, but he doesn\'t like business.

He has entered the entertainment industry very early.

Gu Ren, the top stream in the entertainment industry, is a superstar of film, TV and song.

He was brilliant and had won the golden statue award in five years.

He has made more than a billion dollars in a few years without a penny in his family.

The author of the original book uses a word to describe Gu Ren, a man favored by heaven.

As a female match, ye Zhi couldn\'t get the play.

She tried to bundle up the top flow Gu Ren, and finally got a little bit of a splash in the entertainment industry.

In the face of leapfrog porcelain, Gu Ren has no response, but fans can\'t go down, as long as you see the name of Ye Zhi, you will spare no effort to black her.

The news of Gu Ren is still on the radio, and ye Zhi thinks of the description in the book.

Such a young, handsome and exceptionally rich golden bachelor has one of his greatest weaknesses.

Short life.

Counting the time, he died almost a year later.

Gu Ren was once the female Lord Sheng man\'s secret love object, but he was cold-blooded, and all the spring hearts suddenly stopped at the moment of his death.

Ye Zhi thinks, Rolls Royce has stopped.

Someone opened the door for ye Zhi and politely asked her to get out of the car.

Ye Zhi got out of the car, in front of a large double-layer luxury villa, behind is the south facing garden, green vegetation and waterscape design.

Walking into the porch, the glass door opens and the first floor of the villa opens to her.

Fish belly white marble floor, a green decorative wall on the left side of the living room, every detail shows the owner\'s low-key and taste, and shows the luxury here all the time.


Gu is waiting for you on the second floor. Ye Zhi followed the housekeeper up the stairs.

After arriving at the second floor, ye Zhi just glanced at random and was stunned.

Standing on the second floor of this villa, you can see the Forbidden City in the distance.

Come to pick her up.

The design of the villa and the location of the house are definitely not affordable for ordinary people.

What is the origin of Mr.

GuAt this time, ye Zhi suddenly realized a indifferent sight, she raised her eyes to look around, inadvertently on a pair of dark eyes.

The man was tall and straight, like a deep night, cold and quiet.

The light around him was very bright, but he seemed to be the only spot of light, bright and bright.

Ye Zhi looked at the man quietly.

Dark eyes, straight nose, jaw line.

The light moved down, swept his handsome facial features, and an inch of light spread out, drawing a clear and clean outline.

He is young and handsome, noble and elegant.

He looks good everywhere.

Anyone can see him will have an idea, and then the thin lines, in his body, seems to become dazzling.

At the first sight of seeing a man, ye Zhi recognized him.

She knows who that man is.

Gu Ren.

Gu Yingdi, who has been touched with porcelain many times by the original owner, is standing in front of her at the moment.

Ye Zhi felt embarrassed.

Gu ninda Fei Zhouzhang turned himself here.

Is he finally impatient with her touching porcelain

Ye Zhi doesn\'t take the initiative to open his mouth.

After a few seconds of silence, Gu Ren crosses Ye Zhi and sits on the sofa.

He slowly reaches out his hand and signals Ye Zhi to sit opposite him.

Ye Zhi stares at his slender fingers for a few seconds, and then moves to the edge of the sofa.

Gu endure the corner of the mouth set off a slight arc, but his voice line is cold and distant: sorry, should scare you.

Gu Ren\'s eyes slowly moved down and fell on Ye Zhi\'s face: I invite you to come.

There is something I want you to help.

Ye Zhi Zheng Zheng Zheng, Gu Ren such people still need help Ye Zhi presses the doubt in the heart, how and she thinks not quite the same.

Gu Ren opened the drawer on the side of his body and took out a card.

His thin and clean fingers pressed on the edge of the card and pushed it slowly to Ye Zhi\'s face.

When ye Zhi was in a daze, Gu Ren\'s voice fell: this card has ten million.

I want you to help me pay for disaster.


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