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Sheng man\'s mood suddenly became excited, even the cup broke, but the assistant didn\'t know where the problem was.

She didn\'t want to be fired like the assistant before, so she squatted on the ground in silence and cleaned up the debris.

Sheng man\'s anger can\'t be suppressed at all.

When she thinks of the comments on the Internet, what she praises is Ye Zhi.

Ye Zhi is just a stand in.

Ye Zhi did not show his face at all, but could win the heat with both hands.

Shengman thought that she was the one who caused this situation.

She was the one who brought up the stone and hit her own foot.

And Shengman is going to attend the Cartier jewelry event tonight, and she has to calm down before that, or those sharp eyed reporters will see the clue.

When Sheng man dressed up on the red carpet, the anger on her face was nowhere to be found, replaced by a shallow smile.

The frequently lit magnesium lamp reflects Shengman\'s skin.

The long hair with big waves and curls is all hanging on one side.

If you put on a dark red dress, it\'s even more brilliant.

Shengman\'s dress has no too many complicated patterns, and all the emphasis is on her set of Cartier jewelry.

The set of jewelry that Shengman is carrying today is the latest jewelry designed by Cartier\'s best designer.

It\'s the style pushed forward this year.

Shengman is not only the brand friend of Cartier jewelry, but also the top VIP of Cartier jewelry.

Every year, Shengman will spend a lot of money on it.

Because of this, some netizens even speculated that the reason why Shengman can get Cartier jewelry brand best friend may be related to her move.

However, such a statement was soon suppressed by Shengman\'s brokerage team.

When Sheng man stood still, all the cameras were aimed at her.

When Shengman\'s fans saw her so beautiful, they were excited and called Manman kindly.

Shengman, I heard that the bracelet you are wearing is Cartier\'s latest model.

Can you show it to us

Sheng man nodded with a smile, lifted her wrist slightly and stopped at the side of her face by lifting her hair.

The bracelet on her hand is the same series as the eardrop, which is more and more complementary.

Platinum bracelet, inlaid with elegant simple cut diamond, with emerald, elegant eye-catching.

The click sound of the scene continues, and the light keeps flashing, which stops Sheng man at the moment.

Another reporter began to ask: Sheng man, your hands are hot search, what are the highlights of that play

Sheng man\'s face was stiff when she heard the unexpected question, but she soon returned to normal.

Since the reporter asked this question, she had to be brave enough to answer.

Sheng manben is for the whole leaf Gardenia to come up with this method, but self defeating.

However, she now think, there is a bitter can not say is Ye Zhi, anyway, no one will know that the real master of these hands is Ye Zhi.

Sheng man smiles: in order to shoot that dance play, I specially practiced for a long time, want to give the audience a perfect performance.

I didn\'t expect to be on the hot search, it doesn\'t matter if I work hard, as long as you can like it.

Sheng man added all the credit of Ye Zhi to her body, the person who practiced hard became her, and the person who filmed many times also became her.

Ye Zhi\'s efforts were completely wiped out by her.

Sheng man this deliberately sell words were immediately spread on the network, Sheng man interviewed this video broadcast volume has been rising.

Fans all saw the efforts of Shengman, and specially took the screenshots of Shengman\'s hands when displaying jewelry.

The omni-directional 360 ° pictures without dead corners were reproduced repeatedly.

The fans have managed the dedicated personnel of Shengman with heart, opened countless posts, and accompanied with pictures of Shengman\'s hands, constantly praising their idols.

The little sister is really a little flower worthy of the name.

She always thinks of fans when she does anything.

And Sheng man\'s hands are so beautiful, as if they were made for the play.

Who dares to say that our idol is only popular through reality TV, and Manman is getting more and more popular because of her character and hard work.

After a few hours of fermentation, the number of posts is increasing, fans almost boast of Sheng man.

But soon, in the praise of the same color, gradually appeared a few refuting voices, began to question the dance drama that the hands of the owner and Sheng man is not the same.

Originally, once the suspicious remarks appeared, they would be suppressed by Shengman\'s fans.

Those netizens could not speak, and the query disappeared.

Just when the fans thought it was a prank on their fans, the first netizen who asked questions actually threw out the evidence directly.

[Sheng man lies, stone hammer, dance Li Dai taostiff! 】

this netizen first mentioned that when Shengman lied, he was chased and scolded by Shengman\'s fans for a long time.

Now, after sorting out the evidence, he directly gives Shengman a blow.

Shengman just attended the Cartier jewelry event a few days ago and showed his hands in an all-round way, just as evidence for netizens to dig.

Shengman\'s hands are very similar to those in the dance drama, but there is a little red mole in the tiger\'s mouth.But Shengman didn\'t.

When ye Zhi was filming this scene, she knew that Sheng man\'s deliberate provocation would take away the part she had taken, so she deliberately showed the red mole on her hand in the camera.

If Shengman didn\'t have a bad idea and could admit it directly, there would be no follow-up.

But if Shengman lied, someone would find something wrong.

Sheng man is equivalent to digging a pit, did not harm Ye Zhi, but implicated himself.

The post compares Sheng man\'s hand with Ye Zhi\'s in the play in many aspects.

With deliberate enlargement and comparison, more people find the difference.

The fans originally wanted to refute it through Sheng man\'s left and right hands, but the man found the video of Sheng man\'s previous activities and directly showed it to the picture.

Now the fans have no words to say.

Although they still want to tell themselves that these are intentional to heishengman, but the hands in the video are not her.

Is Sheng man a fool to be a fan To be able to lie in such a reasonable way is to ignore fans.

So the person who went to the hot search before was Sheng man\'s stand in.

She boasted about herself in front of other people\'s hot search.

She was not ashamed.

It\'s really speechless to take credit for someone else\'s work.

At the end of the discussion, all netizens had the same doubts.

Since the most beautiful hands are not Shengman\'s, whose are they

Who was the man who danced instead of Sheng man and went on the hot search with only one hand


late at night, Gu Ren is still sitting in his study reading the script.

After a long time, Gu nincai stood up and went out.

The lights were on outside, and the lights were pouring down.

At this time, Gu Ren suddenly heard the Yi sound, all the light suddenly dark down.

The lights are out.

Gu Ren stood there.

He knew it was a power failure.

At the moment, his body was stiff and slightly strained.

He has night blindness.

If there is no light, he can\'t see.

Gu Nino reaches out his hand, ready to fumble back to the room.

At this time, bang sound, Gu Ren accidentally ran into a vase, the vase fell to the ground, issued a crisp sound.

Gu Ren took back his hand, which trembled.

He closed his eyes, and he felt like he was back when he knew he had night blindness.

Ye Zhi had been sleeping.

Somehow, she was not sleeping well tonight.

She opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling.

After a while, she suddenly heard a sound, as if something had been broken.

The sound seemed to come from the other end of the corridor.

Ye Zhi stood up and went out.

She opened the door and pressed the switch.

The light didn\'t come on.

It was a power failure.

Ye Zhi went to the direction of the sound, she called a low voice: Gu endure

Narrow corridor, quiet space.

The house was empty, and the voice of Ye Zhi fell into the open space and soon dispersed.

No one answered her.

Ye Zhi suddenly felt that living in such a big house, there were some troubles.

Because the house is so big that it takes a long time to walk to the other end.

Ye Zhi doesn\'t think about it any more.

Her slippers rub over the ground and walk forward slowly.

After a while, ye Zhi stopped, she squinted, it seems that there is a person standing in the dark.

His figure is long and straight, and is outlined in a cold outline by the night.

Perhaps the night is too quiet and deep, his figure appears particularly silent.

At his feet, there were some fragments of the vase.

The window was not completely closed, and the curtain was lifted, revealing a very shallow gap, and the moonlight came in.

Ye Zhi saw clearly the face of the man.

He was wearing a simple shirt, sleeves slightly bent, extending down to his slender wrists, the moonlight gave his skin a layer of cold white luster.

In the dim light, the clearer.

Gu Ren stood there quietly, his eyes drooping, his face dark and unclear.

Ye Zhi called out: Gu Ren, is it you

A few seconds later, Gu Ren\'s cold voice sounded in the dark: it\'s me.

Ye Zhi asked, why don\'t you go back to your room

Gu Ren was silent for a few seconds.

After a long time, his cold voice sounded and slowly reached Ye Zhi\'s ear: it\'s too dark.

Ye Zhi strange, she just asked why.

At this time, Gu Ren\'s voice suddenly sounded in the silence, he faintly vomited out a few words: I have night blindness.

It\'s been there since birth, he said

Gu Ren\'s voice seems calm, but it is a little tense: so it\'s dark, I can\'t see.

Only his parents and agent know that he has night blindness.

Now, ye Zhi is the fourth.

The air calmed down in an instant.

Ye Zhi is silent.

She doesn\'t know that Gu nineng has night blindness, and there are no rumors that Gu Nina has night blindness.

They all know that Gu Ren is a film emperor and a top star.

But they don\'t know that under Gu Ren\'s seemingly perfect appearance, he will also be flustered, and there will be embarrassment and uneasiness that others do not know.Ye Zhi thought for a while and said, you wait for me. Then she turned and walked back.

In the dark, Gu Ren hears Ye Zhi\'s footsteps on the ground, and he hears the voice of Ye Zhi opening the curtain.

He also heard the approaching sound of footsteps.

He knew that she was approaching him.

Because of the silence, all the subtle sounds were amplified.

Ye Zhi returned to Gu Ren\'s side.

She asked softly, I\'ve opened all the curtains.

Can you see it now

Her voice was a little tense.

Gu can\'t see the light, he turned his head, followed the voice of Ye Zhi, but his eyes are still a dark.

Gu\'s voice line sank slightly, and he sighed, sorry, I can\'t see.

Ye Zhi looks at Gu Ren.

From their first meeting, Gu Ren gives her the impression that she is perfect.

He seems to have everything that others can\'t imagine.

She had never seen him so powerless.

A perfect man like him had weaknesses.

Ye Zhi settled his mind and opened his mouth: it\'s OK.

Her voice is very light and soft: I take your hand back to the room, you have debris under your feet, I hold you, you will not be injured.

Gu endure a few seconds, he looked at Ye Zhi, although he could not see ye Zhi\'s face, but he knew that ye Zhi was standing there, standing in the darkness that he could not see.

Ye Zhi deliberately said: Mr.

Gu, have you forgotten that we are partners.

So, don\'t worry about showing weakness in front of her, she will help him just as he helps himself.

Gu Ren heard Ye Zhi\'s voice coming from the dark, so clear, as if it could break through the dark.

The shadows that surround him seem to have dissipated in an instant.

Gu Ren led his lips and said, I\'ll trouble you, Mrs.


Ye Zhi smiles.

She reaches out her hand and gently covers Gu Ren\'s hand.

In the dark, the two fingers clasped, the breath intertwined.


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