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Ye Zhis eyes lit up as she looked up at Gu Ren: “Its delicious.”

When Gu Ren saw that Ye Zhi liked it, he immediately looked at the biscuit package again and silently remembered the brands name to heart.

Gu Ren retracted his gaze and looked back at Ye Zhi.

Just as Ye Zhi finished eating the last biscuit, Gu Ren helped Ye Zhi unpack a bag of Jennys bakery cookies.

Ten kinds of cookies were laid out in front of Ye Zhi, such as sea salt, butter, espresso, matcha, purple sweet potato and so on.

Even some limited-edition flavours were among them.

After Ye Zhi finished eating one, Gu Ren would hand her another.

She didnt need to do anything at all.

As a thank you, Ye Zhi also handed Gu Ren a cookie, so that he could also get to enjoy their delicious taste.

Gu Ren was not normally a person who liked to eat sweets, but as long as it was something given to him by Ye Zhi, he would eat it happily.

While Ye Zhi and Gu Ren were eating, the housekeeper had already brewed several cups of coffee with different flavors and placed them in front of the couple.

Ye Zhi couldnt finish them all so she would only taste one mouthful of each cup.

When Gu Ren wanted to continue with the fruit, Ye Zhi immediately refused because she was too full.

Ye Zhi suspected if she ate any more that even her words had become sweet.

Ye Zhi suddenly smiled.

If she hadnt been so intimately comforted by Gu Ren and the Gu family, her mood would not have recovered so quickly.

Gu Ren didnt know when he had become so intimate with Ye Zhi and sat on the ground opposite her.

It did not match his usual image at all.

The days events were thought of by Gu Rens team.

Every step was well planned in order to completely reverse Ye Zhis image again.

Ye Zhi looked at Gu Ren and her eyes narrowed slightly: “Thank you for doing so much for me.”

Gu Rens tone sounded like it was a regular matter: “Of course I would do this for you!”

Ye Zhi was startled for a few seconds before smiling.

The second episode of 《Perfect Couple》 had not yet started recording, but the show team told each guest a clue to the mysterious mission.

They were only told one word:


The content of the second episode was likely to put everyone in a dark environment for completing some task.

After finding out that they were going to be blinded, Gu Ren and Ye Zhi immediately got ready to practice for it.

They chose a room in the home, had its contents emptied, closed the curtains, and created a dim environment.

Both Gu Ren and Ye Zhi put on blindfolds.

They agreed that Gu Ren would walk in front and Ye Zhi would follow him behind to get familiar with the dark environment.

So when the time came, they wouldnt mess it up in the game.

Ye Zhi was blindfolded and was not able to see anything.

She couldnt even make out Gu Rens face or his position.

In the darkness, Ye Zhi could only hear Gu Rens low voice.

“Ye Zhi, follow me.”

It was like a guiding light in a dark night.

Ye Zhi listened intently.

She heard Gu Rens shoes step on the ground with a slight sound as he walked.

Gu Ren walked very slowly in order to take care of Ye Zhi.

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