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Gu Ren agreed with Ye Zhi and they went to the garden.

Before leaving the room, Ye Zhi picked up a white cane.

She bought it specially for this practice.

When they arrived in the garden, Ye Zhi put on the blindfold first.

She was going to show Gu Ren how to use the cane.

Ye Zhi held the canes grip firmly, but loosely in her hand.

Her wrist settled somewhere between her belly button and waist, slightly to one side.

After that, she gently swung the cane from side to side.

The tip of the cane always stayed in contact with the ground

When she walked, she alternated the swing with her steps.

As she stepped forward with her right foot, the cane went to the left, and vice versa.

She held head high and her shoulders were relaxed.

(T/N: Instead of directly translating this portion of chapter according to the original text, we decided to use actual reference to make it more real.)

Ye Zhi demonstrated everything while explaining it to Gu Ren.

Ye Zhi didnt know that while she was speaking, Gu Rens brows furrowed a little and a question kept bugging him again and again.

Why is Ye Zhi so skillful in handling the walking cane as if she had practiced it many times

Naturally, Ye Zhi was oblivious to Gu Rens thoughts.

After she finished the demonstration, she took off her blindfold and handed the white cane to Gu Ren: “Now its yours to try it.”

Gu Ren took the white cane, put on the blindfold, and repeated Ye Zhis actions.

Ye Zhi couldnt help but feel a sense of loss: “You learnt it so fast…”

However, Ye Zhi didnt linger on it for too long before she said: “If you cant see anything, you can…”

Gu Rens doubts gradually deepened.

The next second, he suddenly raised his hand, pinched the edge of the blindfold, and took it off.

Then, Gu Rens dark eyes fixedly looked at Ye Zhi.

Ye Zhi was a little startled: “Whats the matter”

Gu Ren didnt speak and just continued staring at Ye Zhi.

An inexplicable emotion hidden deep beneath his eyes slowly began to rise at an exponential rate.

The bright sunshine added a little tipsy warmth to the cold early winter day.

A breeze had swept over the garden, spreading the fragrance of the flowers.

Everything felt so vivid, but Gu Rens gaze was only focused on Ye Zhi.

Gu Ren suddenly took a few steps towards Ye Zhi and stopped not far from her.

He seemed to calm on the surface, but his shaky voice inadvertently revealed his complex emotions.

“Ye Zhi, why do you know so much about blind people”

Gu Rens voice rang in the air, making Ye Zhi slightly startled.

Gu Ren was asking her why she knew so much about blind people.

Ye Zhi had been here for so long that she almost thought that she was the person of this world.

However, it was clearly not the case.

She came from another world.

Ye Zhi suddenly recalled a distant memory of her original world.

She once worked as a volunteer and helped a blind person.

When she first arrived there, the other volunteers told her that there was a blind person here who was very antisocial.

He didnt like to laugh, talked very little, and hardly communicated with others.

Although the blind man was very good-looking, because of his cold temper, many volunteers were reluctant to take care of him.

Who could stand such a cold person

However, Ye Zhi agreed to look after him.

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