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Hello, everyone.

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I want to tell all of you that I have recently started translating a new novel, Getting Outsmarted By The CEO.

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Edited By Adrian

In the process of getting along with that blind man, Ye Zhi gradually learned a lot about him and blind people.

She found out that he had been blind since birth.

Although he looked cold and indifferent, he needed help.

He didnt talk much, as it seemed to her that he still hadnt come to terms with something.

He completely closed off his heart and adopted a cold appearance.

After working with him for a long time, Ye Zhi felt that he was not as bad tempered as others said.

At most, he just didnt like to deal with other people.

Everyone had their own personalities and they had different ways of getting along with others.

Ye Zhi knew this truth well.

To her, the blind man was actually a little bit similar to Gu Ren.

When she and Gu Ren met for the first time, Gu Ren was also very detached toward everything.

However, after slowly building up trust with Gu Ren day by day, Ye Zhi knew very well that Gu Ren felt comfortable enough to laugh in front of her.

When Gu Ren laughed, it seemed that the coldest of snow had melted, making wherever they were especially beautiful.

Gu Ren would also take everything into consideration for her when she was facing a difficult situation…

When Ye Zhi thought about Gu Ren, the corners of her mouth unconsciously curled upward.

Ye Zhi was immersed in her thoughts and didnt speak for a long time.

Gu Ren saw that Ye Zhi was in a daze and called out to her a few times: “Ye Zhi, Ye Zhi…”

Ye Zhis thoughts had gradually drifted away.

It was as if she was in a distant memory.

She seemed to have returned to previous life.

She was standing in front of a black chair.

The blind man, who had a distant look on his face, sat there quietly.

She had been taking care of him for several days and he was as silent as ever.

Everything around was so quiet, and in this still air, Ye Zhi heard Gu Rens voice.

Gu Rens voice was a bit heavier than usual with a hint of imperceptible urgency in it: “Ye Zhi, Ye Zhi…”

He was calling her by name.

Gu Rens voice seemed to be able to tear the silence, Ye Zhi suddenly came back to her senses and instantly pulled back from the memories.

Ye Zhi raised her eyes and looked over at the figure illuminated by the sunlight.

As the sun sank down, sunlight outlined his tall and straight figure.

It was Gu Ren.

His young and handsome face was impressive at a glance.

Looking at Gu Rens panicked eyes, Ye Zhi felt a wave of strange emotions in her heart.

She forcibly surpassed those unusual feelings and said in a soft yet serious tone, “Whats the matter”

Gu Rens gaze finally relaxed a little bit and he asked in a concerned tone: “You fell in a daze just now.”

Gu Ren looked straight at Ye Zhi.

His stare was like a gentle net, covering her.

Gu Ren: “Ye Zhi, do you have anything you want to say to me”

Ye Zhi thought of the scenes she had just recalled.

Blind people and volunteering, the scenes passed through her mind quickly, but that was what she had experienced in her previous life.

In another world.

And she didnt belong here.

She had transmigrated into this world.

Ye Zhi calmed down and looked up at Gu Ren: “I decided to read up some information about blind people that is why I know so much.”

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