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In the dark, Gu Ninh and ye Zhi\'s hands are covered together.

Warm and cold, the opposite of the two breath, but now interweave together.

Ye Zhi didn\'t hold Gu Ren\'s hand completely, she just put her hand gently on Gu Ren\'s palm.

Ye Zhi looked at the debris on the ground, she carefully around: you follow me, there are fragments here, don\'t get hurt.

Ye Zhi is saying what, Gu Ren didn\'t hear clearly, he could not see ye Zhi\'s face, but he smelled the fragrance on her body.

The cold touch of her palm was magnified several times, which surrounded his palm strongly and clearly.

Touch, hearing, and even all the subtle things that can\'t be detected at ordinary times, are quietly spreading in the dark.

Gu can\'t help but bend his fingers.

His slender fingers brush the palm of Ye Zhi\'s hand with a slight cold touch.

Ye Gardenia Body a shock, she breathed a few minutes.

Ye Zhi\'s foot was crooked for a while, she didn\'t move steadily, and the body tilted forward carelessly.

Gu Ren is aware of the movement of Ye Zhi, and he reaches out to catch Ye Zhi, and their hands are completely held together.

Gu tolerated a low smile, the ending concealed a slight pleasure, and sounded clearly in Ye Zhi\'s ear: be careful.

Ye Zhi\'s heart beat disorderly a few minutes, Gu Nini\'s light breath comes.

She felt that her face was extremely hot and the temperature was still rising.

Ye Zhi stands firm body, and Gu Ren\'s distance separates some.

Ye Zhi did not dare to be distracted this time, she led Gu Ren to walk slowly.

There was no sound in the corridor except for the gentle breathing of two people.

Ye Zhi\'s mood calmed down, and she felt embarrassed if she didn\'t say anything.

Ye Zhi thought for a while and said, that...

Gu Ren listens.

Ye Zhi\'s tone is very serious: night blindness, I will not tell others.

Gu Ren was silent for a few seconds and said in a slow voice, I know.

Ye Zhi was stunned, Gu Ren\'s voice continued to fall, the sound line was still clear and light, but with a trace of conviction: you are not that kind of person.

If ye Zhi was going to take advantage of his night blindness, she would not have been so firm in breaking the contract at the beginning, but would have been determined to get rid of the company\'s control.

She would not even insist on writing down an IOU after borrowing money.

With these things, we can see what kind of heart ye Zhi has.

Gu Ren has long found that what she and others say seems very different.

Maybe, she will bring more difference to herself.

Ye Zhi did not continue to think, she felt that she knew Gu Ren such a secret, it is necessary to comfort him.

Ye Zhi considered the opening: in fact, night blindness also has many benefits.

Gu Ren picked his eyebrows: is that right

Ye Zhi\'s tone was very serious: although you can\'t see at night, you can listen to it.

Your sense of touch will certainly be much sharper than usual.

Now listen carefully.

What\'s the noise outside the window now

Gu Ren turned his head, and his eyes were still dark.

However, in the silent night, there are a few scattered cicadas.

One sound after another, falling in the night, added a bit of noise.

Ye Zhi: you can actually enjoy these sounds, and...

Ye Gardenia has not finished, at this time, PATA sound, the top of the lamp suddenly lit, snow-white light extended to every corner.

Ye Zhi saw everything around her.

She lowered her head and saw clearly The hands of both of them are still holding tightly.

Ye Zhi heart a jump, she looked up to Gu Ren\'s eyes, dark and deep.

Gu ninding looks at Ye Zhi steadily.

He opens his mouth slowly and asks Ye Zhigang what he has not finished.

His voice line is bewitched.

So, what else

Ye Zhi is flustered, she doesn\'t know how to answer.

At this time, a footstep sounded on the stairs, and the housekeeper\'s voice rang out: young master, young lady...

The housekeeper went upstairs and saw Gu Ninh and ye Zhi\'s hands together.

His voice suddenly stopped.

He seemed to interrupt some things.

Leaf Gardenia this just reacts to come over, she took back hand all of a sudden.

The leaf Gardenia droops the head, the black hair droops, covered her cheek, indistinctly saw has some red.

Gu Ren takes a look at his empty hand.

The cold touch in his palm has disappeared, but it still remains in his hand.

Gu Ren gently shook his hand, turned his head to look at the housekeeper and said in a low voice, what\'s the matter

The housekeeper took a look at Gu Ren\'s expression and said carefully, I just want to say that the standby power has been turned on. The housekeeper was afraid to disturb the two people\'s world, so he immediately went downstairs.

On the second floor, Gu Ninh and ye Zhi are left, and the air is silent.

Gu Ren looked at Ye Zhi.

He glanced at Ye Zhi\'s hand, and his voice slowed down: sorry, I just crossed the distance.

Ye Zhi raised her head, and her voice was calm, but she didn\'t dare to take care of him: it\'s OK, that Good night.

Ye Zhi finished this sentence and walked quickly to his room.

Gu Ren looks at the back of Ye Zhi, and a light smile falls in the air.

He said in a low voice, good night.


when netizens were questioning Shengman\'s lies, Shengman\'s studio immediately came up with a way to divert their attention before things were completely fermented.

It seems that Shengman doesn\'t know the evaluation of her on the Internet at all.

As usual, Shengman\'s studio posted a micro blog.

The content of this micro blog is that Sheng man, in order to thank his fans, forwarded the lucky draw.

The prize is this year\'s limited Dior bag.

Shengman will do so every once in a while, which is not abrupt.

Some netizens\' attention has been diverted, but still a small number of netizens persist.

Sheng man this move is to suppress some of the heat of the discussion, the agent thinks that anyway Ye Zhi will not directly come forward to admit, and who will believe her.

As long as time goes on, no one will remember the fact that Shengman lied.

When Sheng man and her studio think that this matter has passed, did not expect that in this storm, ye Zhi\'s advertisement began to broadcast.

As usual, as long as there is a leaf gardenia, there will be a curse.

After all, ye Zhi had so much black material before.

Even if she didn\'t touch porcelain recently, she couldn\'t wash it for a while.

Netizens looked at Ye Zhi\'s advertisement and began to scold her on the Internet.

Ye Zhi is now in contact with porcelain, and even advertising resources are available.

It\'s worthwhile for her to tie Gu Ren so hard.

I will absolutely resist what ye Zhi represents.

With the resources, ye Zhi doesn\'t know how he will be hyped with Gu Ren in the future I can\'t get rid of it.

Different from the usual, most of the swearing, actually appeared a few other voices.

Only I think ye Zhi seems to be beautiful I don\'t see much of the change in the facial features, but it\'s very beautiful.

There is something wrong with Ye Zhi\'s character, but I have to admit that she is beautiful.

She always feels that her temperament has changed, or something.

Let\'s wake up.

People with such a character as ye Zhi have done everything to touch porcelain.

Won\'t she try to make it more red

Although the netizens who have seen the advertisement think ye Zhi has become beautiful, they associate what ye Zhi did before and directly change her recent change to cosmetic surgery.

Ye Zhi for red can be unscrupulous, this point has been deeply rooted in everyone\'s heart.

As soon as ye Zhi\'s advertisement came out, there was a lot of swearing at the bottom.

However, the more scolded, the higher the number of hits.

I don\'t know why all the netizens want to see ye Zhi\'s whole place, so beautiful.

Ye Zhi\'s endorsement is a small group of skin care products, not famous, but because of the resistance of netizens to Ye Zhi, more and more people know the name of this skin care product.

As more and more people point to open Ye Zhi\'s video, someone finally found a small detail, ye Zhi\'s right hand tiger mouth actually has a red mole!

\'s friends looked as like as two peas.

His hands seemed to be the same as those in the dance clips.

This discovery is simply amazing, if ye Zhi is the owner of the most beautiful hands, then she is Sheng man yin

Because of Ye Zhi\'s bad reputation before, this guess was denied by all netizens when it appeared.

They didn\'t believe that Sheng man would bully her.

What\'s more, ye Zhi is already a star.

How can she make a stand in for Sheng man.

However, as more people saw this video, combined with the comparative photos in the previous posts, they increasingly felt that the person in the play was Ye Zhi.

We began to realize that Sheng man seems to be deliberately or unintentionally suppressing Ye Zhi, not to let a person who used to be her substitute become popular.

If Sheng man is just looking for a double, but it is not the same with Ye Zhi.

Let\'s not say that ye Zhi\'s negative image was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people before, but now there is a big reversal.

A person who is defined as a person who wants to be popular by any means has actually become a victim.

Whether it\'s Weibo or other gossip forums, netizens are guessing the truth of the matter.

Even if these hands are ye Zhi\'s, Sheng man may not know that it may be all the ghost of the director group

Don\'t wash the white for Sheng man any more.

It\'s the director\'s group who deliberately cut the video of Ye Zhi\'s dancing to Sheng man.

But Sheng man also took the camera to show his face.

Did you think that no one would find out

Ye Zhi certainly didn\'t expect that what he photographed would be directly installed on Sheng man\'s body.

One thing to say one thing, no matter how bad the reputation of Ye Zhi before, I began to sympathize with her.

Ye Zhi is no longer Sheng man\'s stand in.

Sheng man\'s doing this is too much! And ye Zhi seems to have really changed, and I haven\'t been hyped with Gu Ren recently.

While scolding Sheng man, the voice of sympathy for ye Zhi also gradually increased.

Although Ye Zhi is still carrying a label of top traffic of touching porcelain, under the contrast of Shengman lying and suppressing new people, ye Zhi also has some more passers-by powder.

Shengman\'s team has long found the hot discussion on the Internet, and began to delete the post desperately, and hired the water army to reverse the negative comments on Shengman.But the trouble is that when they try to censure the review, more critical comments from Shengman drown it out.

Sheng man is a line of small flowers, ye Zhi because of the black material is full of its own heat, two people hit each other, almost occupied the day\'s largest heat, the number of hits of each post soared.

Soon, the topic of Sheng man taking Ye Zhi\'s part dropped to the top three of the hot microblog search list.

The exasperated Sheng man simply did not allow this to happen.

Shengman studio immediately removed this hot search, but in a very short period of time, three hot searches related to Ye Zhi were on the top 50 at the same time.

What makes Sheng man\'s studio even more flustered is that the three hot searches of Shengman\'s suppressing Ye Zhi, the most beautiful hand belongs to Ye Zhi, and the first time that ye Zhi was in love with Ye Zhi, kept climbing up.

Within half an hour, all these hot searches were on the top ten.

Among the top ten hot searches, three of them were related to Sheng man\'s suppression of Ye Zhi!

At the end of the day, the search volume of this hot search exceeded 10 million, and this hot search was actually exploded!

That night, the people who opened these hot searches remembered the name of Ye Zhi.


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