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Different from ye Zhi, Sheng man is in a great mess.

Fortunately, Sheng man has already shot almost all the drama of the crew.

Her agent told her to stay at home and not appear in public for the time being.

Wait until the limelight of this matter has passed, and then start to arrange Sheng man\'s work again.

Sheng man didn\'t make it to Ye Zhi.

Instead, she made herself dirty.

She couldn\'t do this or that.

Staying at home was like being trapped in prison.

Sheng man was so angry that he scolded Ye Zhi countless times, but it didn\'t help.

The client Ye Zhi did not pay any attention to the online discussion.

For her, it was Shengman\'s own fault.

When Sheng man did this, she had expected the result, but sooner or later.

Ye Zhi\'s part in the play is not much, but it is fragmentary, so when Sheng man finished filming, she still stayed in the crew.

Gu Ren also returned to the crew.

Although he repeatedly declared that his injury was completely healed, the director told him to take a rest and shoot at the same time.

The director also specially advanced the script and delayed the shooting of all the parts that needed fighting.

After shooting his part, Gu Ren will sit on the chair beside him for a rest.

Soon, Gu Ren\'s agent Cheng Qi found some clues.

Maybe others don\'t know, but Cheng Qi has been Gu Ren\'s agent for many years, and he knows Gu Ren better than other people.

Cheng Qi found many times that when Gu Ren was sitting and resting, he would often look at the distance with his head on his side, and his eyes would stay somewhere for a moment before moving away.

The next second, Gu Ren half lowered his eyes and looked down at the mobile phone.

His slender fingers were gently tapping on the screen.

He typed very fast and did not know who was sending a message to.

Cheng Qi looks along Gu Ren\'s direction, and unexpectedly sees Ye Zhi\'s figure.

If it\'s a coincidence once or twice, it\'s deliberate.

Cheng Qi took a complex look at Gu Ren.

When did Gu Ren care so much about ye Zhi Last time\'s help should not be out of a whim.

Not far away, ye Zhi shot her parts several times, but the effect did not reach the director\'s expectations.

In his previous life, although Ye Zhi graduated from film school, he did not formally shoot several plays and was inexperienced, so some scenes were not handled properly.

The director called ng several times and called Ye Zhi in front of him: stop for a moment.

You can find the state first.

This play will be shot again later.

The director is very talented, but his temper is not very good, and almost all the actors he has worked with have been scolded and cried by him, including some big names.

Ye Zhi stood in front of the director, listening to the director constantly recount her shortcomings, she was not a bit aggrieved, but learning with an open heart.

When the director saw Ye Zhi\'s appearance, he felt much better about him.

He unconsciously lowered his voice and began to teach some other useful things.

After the director\'s training, ye Zhi breathed a sigh of relief and went to one side of the corner, trying to digest a few points just said by the director.

At this time, the mobile phone in Ye Zhi\'s bag vibrated a few times, ye Zhi opened the zipper and found several unread messages on the mobile phone screen.

It was Gu Ninfa.

Ye Zhi Zheng Zheng Zheng, not anxious to see the information on the mobile phone, subconsciously first looked to Gu Ren\'s direction.

Ye Zhi looked around for a circle, and finally his sight fell on Gu Ren\'s body.

At this time, Gu ninzheng lowered his head.

From her point of view, he could only see the cold jaw line of Gu Ren.

He was leaning on the back of the chair, and his long legs were bent across the corridor.

During this period, Gu Ninh didn\'t look up for a second, as if he didn\'t send those messages just now.

Ye Zhi looks down at the mobile phone and opens the message.

Her pupil opens slightly.

The contents of these messages are all related to the drama she just shot.

Gu Ren lists the places she needs to improve and how to improve, which is clear at a glance.

Ye Zhi couldn\'t help but looked up at Gu Ren again.

But she was afraid that other staff members would find her strange, which would affect Gu Ren, so she immediately turned her eyes away.

Ye Zhi did not find that in the moment she turned her head, a glance fell on her body, Gu Ren seemed to calculate the right time in general, just looked up at her.

Gu Ren\'s eyes are very black and deep, as if the bottom of the night, the next second, Gu Ren suddenly curved the corner of his lips, the dark eyes scattered, a little stars.


best in Hong Kong auction.

The lights are bright and some celebrities are gathered here.

The auction will start tonight.

Qin Ting is sitting under the stage with her secretary beside her.

She came to the auction tonight to auction a Himalayan crocodile skin diamond buckle platinum bag for ye Zhi.

She is very satisfied with Ye Zhi.

Since ye Zhi and Gu Ren got married, Gu Ren will still be injured, but the injury is very fast.

She believes that this is the credit of Ye Zhi.

So, she is going to give ye Zhi a present.

Song lie also came here.

He knew that Shengman always wanted Himalayan crocodile skin drill through platinum bag, but even Shengman couldn\'t find a way.He wanted to pursue Shengman, so he wanted to take this bag and give it to Shengman to please him.

So, anyway, he has to get this bag tonight.

The auction began, and several items were auctioned off one after another.

At this time, a foreign woman in a black suit stepped onto the stage, her hair combed meticulously and her hands were wearing a pair of white gloves.

People\'s eyes went down and they all fell on her hands.

She carefully put a bag on the stage with her white gloved hand.

The interior light is bright, and the whole picture of the bag is shown.

The whole bag looks light, but if you look closely, you will find some shadows on it.

The shadow spreads slowly from deep to light to every corner of the bag.

In the light of the light, every part of the bag is flowing with amazing color.

The impeccable texture makes it highly valuable for collection.

This is Himalayan crocodile skin diamond buckle platinum bag.

There are only three precious auctions in the world that can\'t be bought even with money.

It is said that one of the bags is in Hollywood, and the owner of the bag is a famous beauty blogger.

Another bag was bought by a Singaporean lady.

And the last bag, which is the only one left, is here, the scene of the best star auction in Hong Kong.

Rare materials, exquisite structure, together with its symbolic identity and status, are enough to attract people.

The auctioneer said, the starting price of this auction is 400000.

Now we are bidding!

Song lie directly shouts the price: 700000!

Qin Ting looked at the Secretary and the Secretary said, 1.2 million! Song lie is stunned, who suddenly added so much price

Other people also looked at the past and found that the richest wife wanted this bag.

Thinking of the status of the family, those who originally wanted to bid did not intend to bid.

Song lie doesn\'t know Qin ting.

He doesn\'t know that this is the richest man\'s wife.

He yells again: 1.5 million!

Secretary: 3.5 million!

Song lie strange, and he bid for a lot of money, even directly added so much price, if he continues to bid, some are not worth it.

Other people see song lie\'s behavior, the face is some strange.

All the people present knew Qin Ting\'s identity.

They didn\'t argue because they didn\'t have money, but because they gave face to the Qin family.

Song lie did this, which is too insightful.

Song lie\'s agent just went out to answer the phone.

When he came back, he found that song lie was bidding with the wife of the richest man.

He quickly reminded him: the person who is bidding with you is the wife of the richest man.

Song lie\'s heart is tight, he looks back at Qin Ting again.

Qin Ting didn\'t look at him.

His whole body was full of elegance.

Song lie\'s face turned white.

Now he is the only one bidding for this bag with Mrs.


He has become the most insightful person.

He is worth only a few hundred million yuan, and the one who wants this bag is the richest man who cares for his family.

Compared with his family, his money is not worth mentioning.

As long as the family wants this bag, he won\'t win anything.

How can he afford it No matter how unwilling he is, he must give in.

Song lie looks a little ugly, he did not continue bidding.

Auctioneer: 3.5 million for the first time, 3.5 million for the second time...

Finally, this Himalayan crocodile skin diamond buckle platinum bag belongs to Qin Ting!

The auction process of this auction lasted only ten minutes, but it sold for a high price of 3.5 million.

Qin ting with a smile on her face, this money is nothing to Qin family, she just want to give this bag to Ye Zhi.

Qin Ting asked the Secretary to put the bag away.

After that, Qin Ting took a fancy to a piece of jewelry, and she sold it for nearly 10 million yuan.

Qin Ting got up and left.

Ye Zhi didn\'t know that Qin Ting was going to give her such a valuable gift.

She sat at home and looked at her mobile phone casually.

At this time, knock on the door, ye Zhi found that Qin Ting came.

Qin Ting came in and laughed, where is Ren

Ye Zhi: he went to film.

Qin Ting looks at Ye Zhi.

Although Ye Zhi has a plain face, it is very beautiful.

She also thought that after ye Zhi married, Gu Ren\'s life gradually improved, and the smile on her face became stronger.

Qin Ting handed the bag to Ye Zhi: do you like the present I sent you

Ye Zhi looked down.

Although she didn\'t know what the bag was, she felt that the bag was too expensive: it\'s too expensive.

I can\'t take it.

Qin Ting: you are my daughter-in-law, why can\'t you accept it

Qin Ting said lightly: I bought it at will.

You can carry it.

Ye Zhi also pushed off a few words, but Qin Ting\'s attitude was very firm, ye Zhi had to take it.

Qin Ting thought for a moment: when you and a Ren go out to play, you can carry this bag. She also hoped that they would often go out to play, so as to enhance the relationship.

Qin Ting left, ye Zhi\'s sight fell on the bag.

Ye Zhi doesn\'t know that this Himalayan crocodile skin diamond buckle platinum bag has only three in the world, and the last one is on her hand.What\'s more, this bag is what Shengman always wanted to get.

If Sheng man knew that the last bag was in Ye Zhi\'s hand, she would be crazy with jealousy.


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