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Ye Zhi got out of bed and went to the balcony.

Under the pale night sky, she could feel the piercing cold of the snow.

She could see the Palace Museum in the distance from the villa.

Its red walls and yellow roof tiles stood sturdily in the snow while being coated with the white flurry in silence.

Ye Zhi moved her gaze to her cell phone, because of a news notification relating to Gu Ren.

She closed the pop-up window, turned off the screen, and put down her phone.

Ye Zhi turned on the television, which lit up brightly, showing an that Gu Ren represented.

Ye Zhi paced around her room, as her mind was filled with shadows of Gu Ren.

She lived in Gu Rens house, and this room belonged to Gu Ren.

Wherever she went, she saw Gu Rens face.

How could there be no trace of this person here

It was past midnight, and Ye Zhi laid in bed desperately trying to fall asleep but she could not shake off the image of Gu Rens dark and deep eyes.

Countless thoughts flew through her mind, and at the moment right before she finally fell asleep, her mind wandered back to his deep and hoarse voice.

Would you stay with me always

The production for the third episode of “Perfect Partner” began.

The programming division had informed everyone in advance that all the partners would be re-selected and the high scorers had the privilege of choosing first.

Ye Zhi intended to continue pairing up with Gu Ren, but the Olympic champion Qian Hong contacted her in private.

Apparently, his daughter was a fan of Ye Zhi and wanted to see the two of them completing tasks together.

Ye Zhi agreed to his request.

Ye Zhi informed Gu Ren of this matter, but as she finished, she suddenly thought of the incident the night before.

She looked constrained and did not dare to look at Gu Ren again.

Gu Ren said nothing, and his expression was unreadable.

The guests gathered together, and the host gave out instructions, “We will begin the partner re-selection soon, the four with the lowest score will go inside and sit, while the others will enter according to the score.”

“The higher the score, the later one goes in, if the person with the higher score sees the position that others have chosen, he or she has the right to switch positions with the person, and the other person can only choose another position again.”

“People with the same score will draw lots to decide who will go in first.”

Ye Zhi and Gu Ren drew lots.

When it was their turn, Ye Zhi would go in first.

Gu Ren would be the last person to choose a seat.

Gu Ren hung his head and kept his gaze low.

Sheng Man, Song Lie, Xiong Ting and Yueling, who had the lowest scores, sat in their positions, waiting for the next person to come in to select them to be partners.

First came Shan Qian, who looked around for a while before sitting next to Song Lie.

Then came Xiangheng, who sat next to Xiong Ting.

Then came in the Olympic champion Liu Cong.

Liu Cong was a fan of Sheng Man, and he chose Sheng Man as his partner.

Sheng Man let out a sigh of relief, glad that she would not be picked last.

Then came Qian Hong in next.

He sat in the empty seat in the last row because he had an agreement with Ye Zhi.

The next one who came in was Ye Zhi.


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