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After the episode was recorded, Gu Ren and Ye Zhi returned home.


The two of them were very busy with their work these days and often got up early.

They even ate during their work and had little time to spend together.


After Gu Ren’s confession that day, the atmosphere between them seemed to be different from before.


Gu Ren’s agent, Cheng Qi, knew that Director Zhao was looking for a leading actress.

Director Zhao was someone who was frequently invited to major film festivals and he had even won the best director award of the Berlin Film Festival.


After Gu Ren agreed, Cheng Qi helped Ye Zhi get an audition.


Director Zhao kept the details about the movie very confidential.

Ye Zhi only came to know that this movie was related to anorexia on the day of the audition.

Director Zhao was very satisfied with her performance, but he still put forward several requirements before they could officially start filming.


One was to reduce her weight far below the normal weight and the other was to not disclose the content of the movie to the media before the official announcement.


Ye Zhi naturally agreed to these requirements as they were not outrageous and she also signed the contract.

Shooting would start once she reduced her weight to an acceptable level.


Because of an accident in the village, “Leisure Life of a celebrity” stopped recording new episodes.


Even after the problems were resolved, the guests’ schedules could not be adjusted properly for some time.

The last episode was finally going to be recorded today.


Ye Zhi pulled her suitcase and appeared at the airport.

She sat in the waiting room, ready to board the plane.


Because of the busy schedule and dieting for the new movie, she felt a strong sense of dizziness when she stood up.


Ye Zhi suddenly felt everything darken in front of her and her consciousness blurred.

She almost fell.


The assistant quickly held Ye Zhi and her team members immediately drove her to the hospital.

But a series of photos had already been taken.


Within a short period of time, someone posted a photo of Ye Zhi fainting on the Internet.

The reporter’s posts had obvious implied titles.


[Ye Zhi fainted at the airport, suspected to be feigning illness]


All major websites followed up and issued similar posts.

They didn’t care whether Ye Zhi was really sick or not.

All they wanted was a gimmick to attract more attention.


“Doesn’t anyone care about Ye Zhi’s health She is already very popular so why does she even need to hype I think she is very busy.”


A fierce discussion was going on.

Some were showing concerns while some were still doubting her.


After a while, Ye Zhi’s studio posted a Weibo.


  【Thank you for your concern.

Ye Zhi has been dieting too much recently.

She fainted at the airport because of a lack of energy.】


The netizens who spoke on behalf of Ye Zhi before were not happy anymore.

What the hell was this weight loss plan


Female celebrities were already so thin, did they have to go on a diet


Ye Zhi had already signed a confidentiality agreement so she could not mention anything related to the movie before any official announcement was made by the movie production house.


Facing the overwhelming suspicion on the Internet, Ye Zhi’s team could only remain silent.


——Assistant: Because she is going to play the role of someone with anorexia, the director asked her to weigh less than ordinary people.


Gu Ren’s expression suddenly sank, as if a layer of frost had covered his body.


His eyes suddenly narrowed: “Who asked her to pick up this movie”


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