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Ye Zhi thought it was her ears that made a mistake, but when she saw Gu Ren\'s face was not like a fake look, she was at a loss.

No one takes the initiative to send money to others.

It\'s either a conspiracy or there\'s something wrong with that person\'s brain.

Ye Zhi began to look at Gu Ren.

He seemed to have nothing to do with the above two points.

It doesn\'t happen in the book.

Is it because of her appearance that some plots begin to change

Different from ye Zhi\'s panic, Gu Ren pushes the card to the front and back of Ye Zhi\'s face.

He takes back his hand without any hesitation.

Facing Ye Zhi\'s gaze, he looks as usual and does not give in at all.

Gu ninshen\'s black eyes fell again on Ye Zhi\'s body.

He glanced at the card on the table: use this ten million yuan first, and the money will continue to come in.

Ye Zhi\'s head turned countless guesses, and finally came back to God, I refuse.

You are the son of the richest man and you are famous.

Can\'t you find someone else to do it

Gu forbeared: the fortune teller said that I was born short-lived.

I had to marry a woman who was born on a cloudy day.

She would help me spend money to relieve the disaster.

Gu Ren\'s voice pauses for a moment: coincidentally, you just meet the requirements.

I don\'t believe in life, but my elders are superstitious.

I just want to reassure them.

Ye Zhi, as a lucky child who was suddenly hit by a huge amount of wealth, did not give birth to much surprise in his heart, but always felt guilty.

Ye Zhi: can choose so many people, only me a person to meet the requirements

Gu Ren said slowly, there are three people who have the same fate as you, but...

One of them is an old lady in her eighties, and the other is a 12-year-old male high school student.

However, one of them is in her twenties and is also a female.

Somehow, ye Zhi felt some sympathy for Gu Ren.

She couldn\'t help asking, is that woman not suitable for you

The voice just fell, ye Zhi felt Gu Ren\'s eyes twinkled and her face stiffened for half a second, as if it were her illusion.

The next second, Gu Ninh regained her composure and replied, the man came back from abroad a few days ago, and she has undergone sex change surgery.

Ye Zhi is stunned, and then expresses his understanding to Gu Ren.

If Gu Ninh marries a transgender person, it should be regarded as the hot news in the entertainment industry.

The headlines on the butcher\'s page can\'t be too much for a week.

Gu Ren concluded: so only if you meet the requirements and you have to marry me, will your behavior be effective.

Gu Ren\'s face is handsome and his temperament is outstanding.

But who would have thought that he would really die a year later, and only Ye Zhi, who has read the book, knows it in advance.

If she refuses Gu Ren\'s proposal at this time, she believes Gu Ren will not embarrass her.

However, Gu Ren will be like the plot in the book, can if the stars, but in his life the most brilliant moment of fall.

If she agreed to Gu Ren\'s request, would the outcome be different She might be able to save his life.

Ye Zhi looked at Gu Ren\'s eyes, hesitated for a moment, then nodded: OK, I agree.

Ye Zhi thought, when the time comes, she will Gu Ren to her money, all spent on Gu Jiu, it is reasonable.

In the second of Ye Zhi\'s promise, Gu Ren raises his eyes and looks at her.

His sight falls straight on Ye Zhi\'s body, his eyes flash slightly, and there is a trace of doubt in the fundus of his eyes.

The leaf Gardenia in front of me seems to be different from the previous contact, no matter from the behavior, or the tone of speaking has changed.

Gu Ren pondered for a moment: I will sign a one-year contract with you.

In this year, you will become my wife, help me spend money, and I will give you any help you want.

Gu Ren\'s words hidden deep meaning, he means that ye Zhi can still bind him to speculate, he does not care.

Ye Zhi didn\'t hold back, asked: including I borrow you to hype

Ye Zhi remembers the former owner\'s behavior of touching porcelain man.

She won\'t do the behavior of encountering porcelain guren again, but she doesn\'t ensure that her brokerage company will hype by Gu Ren.

At that time, if Gu tolerated a hot head and cooperated with the hype, she would have a hard conscience.

Gu endure to hang Mou, the dark eye passes leaf Gardenia\'s face, have no hesitation: I don\'t care.

Ye Zhi is silent for a moment, put forward a request: about my career, we still have nothing to do with it.

When he got an unexpected answer, Gu felt a slight trance, but he nodded and agreed.

From this moment tonight, the agreement between Ye Zhi and Gu Ren takes effect, and they become a nominal couple with a one-year limitation.

After ye Zhi and Gu Ren signed a contract, she stayed at home.

Gu Ren sent someone to bring ye Zhi\'s things, and explained that if you need anything, you can always find the housekeeper here.

All of a sudden, that night, ye Zhi tossed and turned, how can\'t sleep.

She got out of bed and turned on the TV.Xiaohua, the daughter of Sheng\'s plutocracy, has tens of millions of fans.

Do you want to know how Sheng man\'s life is

At the age of 18, she appeared at the Paris celebrity dance, and at the age of 20, she entered the entertainment industry.

Now, our program group is in a 1000 square meter mansion under the name of Sheng family...

What is shown on TV is a reality show with Sheng man as the main character, Sheng man\'s life.

In the book, Sheng man\'s biological father designs to abduct Ye Zhi, and Sheng man becomes the adopted daughter of Sheng\'s plutocracy and owns everything that should belong to the original owner.

What\'s more ironic is that when the original owner grew up, he just entered the entertainment circle and became Sheng man\'s stand in actor.

Even if ye Zhi is now regarded as a star of the 18th line, there will always be people who ridicule her for the fact that she used to be Sheng man\'s stand in.

Sheng man is arrogant and will not allow his substitute to come out of the circle.

When he finds out that ye Zhi is the Sheng family\'s own daughter, he will cut off all the possibilities of her association with the Sheng family.

Ye Zhi came to this world, because of her appearance, fate has changed quietly.

She would never let herself fall to the tragic ending in the book.

But now, all she has to do is to fulfill her contract with Gu Ren.

Ye Zhi takes back her thoughts and looks back on the TV.

The advertisement has ended and Sheng man\'s life is on air.

A red Ferrari slowly pulled into the camera.

The sports car stopped.

A woman in a long black sequined dress came down and her stiletto heels landed.

Shengman\'s dress is bright color.

Although she is smiling, the feeling of domineering always lingers in front of every audience.

This program shows a 1000 square meter villa, which is Shengman\'s temporary residence in the capital.

Villa in the name of the Sheng family, who does not know, Sheng man is the only daughter of the Sheng family.

Sheng man is the adopted daughter of the Sheng family.

The people of the Sheng family are aware of this.

However, after her debut, the Sheng family and the team all hid the matter.

Sheng\'s family lived in their ancestral home.

Sheng man was the only one in the villa.

All the people who lived on the first floor worked for her.

The room, which is said to be full of Hermes platinum bags, is only a glimpse of the camera.

Villa has a dressing room, white as the background color, surrounded by lights, dazzling.

The Big Star Sheng man has her special modeling team.

She sits in front of the make-up mirror, surrounded by a group of people.

Shengman\'s dressing room is very large and even equipped with a small tea room for the staff.

On the night of recording the program, Sheng man happened to take part in an activity, so the modeling of big stars in front of the red carpet was also recorded in the program.

Ziad nakad\'s high set dress, Jimmy Choo\'s high heels, Cartier\'s jewelry Shengman is like a shining diamond.

Someone is always busy for her.

In a word, the air in this program is full of money.

My studio will draw a prize on Weibo, and the prize is a complete set of Dior nectar skin care products. Sheng man smiles at the camera, see you next time.

The light of TV falls on Ye Zhi\'s face, her eyes are looking at Sheng man, as if thinking.


the next day, ye Zhi wakes up from Gu Ren\'s home, and decides to take the 10 million card with her to fulfill the contract to help him spend money.

Ye Zhi turned out the mask and hat from the bag, fully armed before going out.

Although the original owner is not popular, she is infamous because she meets porcelain.

Among many female stars who want to touch porcelain, Gu Ren\'s behavior is the most excessive.

On the night of Weibo a few days ago, the original owner took the opportunity to take a group photo with Gu Ren as a fan of Gu Ren.

As soon as he got the photo, he immediately posted it on the Internet and pretended to be Gu Ren\'s girlfriend.

This behavior of the original owner caused public anger, was chased by Gu Ren\'s fans, advised the original owner to be kind and not to do these illegal things again.

Now that the original owner is gone, these pots are also the back of Ye ZhiBei.

Ye Zhi doesn\'t want to be recognized by Gu Ren\'s fans, otherwise she won\'t be able to spend a peaceful day.

Ye Zhi did not have her own special car, she took a taxi to the nearby shopping mall.

Since she has received such a large sum of money from Gu Ren, she has to figure out where the ten million yuan should be spent.

Ye Zhi picked a coffee shop with few people scattered in it.

Ye Zhi ordered a cup of coffee and sat in the corner.

Ye Zhi has been around a circle, has not thought about how to spend money.

Just as ye Zhi sat down for a short time, several high school students came together and walked in from the door.

After ordering coffee, they just sat not far away from ye Zhi.

If ye Zhi doesn\'t tie up Gu Ren\'s position every day, there\'s nothing else to do, right

Ye Zhi is really haunting.

How can she be found everywhere

My idol is so pitiful that I can\'t prevent this woman\'s means.

The angry voice of the next table floated into Ye Zhi\'s ears.

She didn\'t expect that she would meet Gu Ren\'s fans when she just went out today.

Well, who let Gu Ren have more fans.

Ye Zhi put her head down.

She felt the mask on her face and made sure that her face was blocked tightly.

Then she dared to continue listening to the conversation of those female high school students.My idol doesn\'t want to argue with her.

She\'s pushing her feet.

Well, I don\'t want to see her on TV any more.

How can such people have fans

Fortunately, we all know that idols won\'t be with such women!

And they do not know, in their mouth was demoted to be worthless Ye Zhi, has married their idol, still holding a pen in hand do not know where to spend ten million.


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