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No wonder Gu Ren had vaguely felt that Ye Zhi at that time seemed a little different from usual.


Ye Zhi cleared up her thoughts, settled down, and said seriously: “Actually…the world we live in is a novel.”


Gu Ren lowered his eyes slightly and looked straight into her eyes.

This revelation startled him a little, making him feel unbelievable at first but thinking about it again, they even got reincarnated so being in a novel was not that entirely unbelievable anymore.


Ye Zhi continued: “Gu Ren and Ye Zhi are both characters in the novel.”


“So we both became characters of the novel.”


“You found me, signed a contract with me, and then asked me to help you spend money to prevent disasters.” Ye Zhi paused slightly, “This didn’t happen in the novel.”


After thinking for a while, Gu Ren finally asked in a low voice: “So, you know the original plot”


Ye Zhi frowned and finally told Gu Ren of her concern: “In the original novel, Gu Ren died after a few months.”


Gu Ren’s eyebrows jumped: “So, was it caused by accidents”


Before marrying Ye Zhi, Gu Ren had encountered many accidents and almost met the god of death a few times, but he, fortunately, managed to escape by hair’s breadth everytime.


Ye Zhi nodded: “I think our fate changed when you married me.”


“The fortune-teller may be right.

Through some ways, we can change the outcome of death.” 


Hearing the news that he was going to die, Gu Ren didn’t panic.

Instead, he asked in a calm tone: “Then Ye Zhi, what is your fate”


Ye Zhi was slightly stunned but still replied, “I am also a character with a bad ending.”


Ye Zhi carefully told everything about her character.

In the novel, Ye Zhi was the biological daughter of the Sheng family.

Because she was abducted and sold as a child, she ended up as the daughter of the Ye family.


However, her existence was just designed to be a stepping stone for Sheng Man.


As the adopted daughter of the Sheng family, Sheng Man used to make things difficult for Ye Zhi for no reason.

In the end, her real identity was discovered by Sheng Man and her ending was extremely miserable.


However, this time all the plans of Sheng Man failed and Ye Zhi had not been wronged at all.

Ye Zhi’s fate had really changed.


Gu Ren and Ye Zhi were supposed to be two cannon fodders who were meant to serve as foils for the protagonist, destined to be rid off once they had exhausted their use.


The two glanced at each other and somehow began to smile suddenly.

They accepted it very calmly as if they didn’t care about their end at all.


It was hard to meet someone whom you’re fated with in this world.

It was better to cherish this moment than to worry about the uncertain future all day.


“If our destiny has been arranged by God…” Gu Ren’s thin lips curled up as he smiled silently, “Then accompany me to resist our destined fate.” 


Ye Zhi answered without hesitation: “Okay.”


Gu Ren looked at the window and noticed that the snow had finally stopped falling outside.


“Put on your coat.

Let’s go out.” Gu Ren stood up.

He turned around slightly and extended his hand toward her.


Ye Zhi looked at his hand.

After a few seconds of hesitation, she stretched out her hand and put her hand on his.


The moment their hands touched, Gu Ren tightened his warm palm and moved cautiously, as if he was holding the most precious treasure.


Gu Ren pulled gently, helping Ye Zhi stand up.

They quickly let go of their hands after that.


Gu Ren said vaguely: “I want to give you something.”


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