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Sheng Man watched as Ye Zhi grabbed her arm and dragged her in.

However, she did not resist and only followed obediently.


“Haha… Ye Zhi is so cute.

Why do I see subtle sparks between them Wouldn’t it be amazing to see them work together”


“It’s incredible to see that Sheng Man actually listened to Ye Zhi today.”


When Ye Zhi and Sheng Man entered the room, the other guests had already chosen their pictures and left.

Gu Ren was the last one to leave, and upon seeing the both of them enter, his expression finally relaxed a little.


Although Gu Ren didn’t say anything, Ye Zhi could still understand that he was worried about her.

His eyes even displayed encouragement.


Ye Zhi’s lips curled upward unconsciously.

Gu Ren left with his partner.


“Which picture do you want to pick” Ye Zhi asked Sheng Man’s opinion.


Sheng Man stretched out her finger and pointed at one of them.


Ye Zhi looked at Sheng Man’s choice and raised her eyebrows.

This was indeed Sheng Man’s style.


In the picture, there were two girls in skirts.

One of them was wearing a short skirt with a small crown over her head.

The hand chain bracelet worn by her was exquisite.


The other girl was wearing a long skirt with a beautiful bun hairstyle.

She also wore anklets.


The guests were not allowed to take pictures and must only memorize every detail, which was especially troublesome and quite difficult for this picture.


“Do you want to wear a short skirt or a long skirt” Ye Zhi wanted to settle this matter as soon as possible.

She didn’t want to argue with Sheng Man so she decided to let her choose whatever and just go along with it.


Sheng Man glanced at the crown and made a quick decision: “Short skirt.”


Anyone with discerning eyes could see that Ye Zhi had become the leader of her team.


After remembering the details in the picture, they rushed to the dressing room to look for the dress in the picture.


After the two confirmed that the dresses were correct, they changed into them and went to tables outside where the accessories were placed.


Sheng Man pulled out a crown from the pile of accessories, stood in front of the mirror, and put it on her head.


A gentle voice came from behind her: “Wrong.”


Sheng Man was taken aback.

She looked back and found Ye Zhi pointing at her crown and shaking her head.


Then, Ye Zhi accurately picked out the crown which was shown in the picture among the many hair accessories: “It’s this one.”


Several pairs of guests had made such mistakes and wasted a lot of time.

Ye Zhi couldn’t allow her team to make the same mistake as they were already behind others.


Ye Zhi was very sensitive to collocations.

After repeated confirmations, she decided to start taking pictures.


According to the picture just now, the two people must take pictures hand in hand.


However, Sheng Man and Ye Zhi were natural rivals.

As long as they were in the same frame, they would surely set off a bloody storm.


Sheng Man found it very awkward and refused to act.


Gu Ren frowned and his eyes kept darting at Ye Zhi.

He wanted to speak but he stopped himself.

He had confidence that Ye Zhi would be able to solve it by herself.


Ye Zhi lowered her head and thought for a while.

She then raised her eyes and said in a gentle and patient voice: “Sheng Man, come here.”


Sheng Man looked up and met Ye Zhi’s clear and bright eyes.

Ye Zhi was standing in the sunshine, wearing a white dress.

Her skirt was very ordinary, but even its simplicity gave her a special aura.


Sheng Man suddenly felt like Ye Zhi was a real princess and she was nothing.


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