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After some hesitation, Ye Zhi finally calmed down and seemed to have made up her mind.

She stretched out her hand and took the chopsticks next to her. 


Unexpectedly, Sheng Man suddenly grabbed Ye Zhi’s hand.


“What are you doing”


Sheng Man uttered incredulously.

But compared with Sheng Man’s panic, Ye Zhi was much calmer.

She glanced at Sheng Man and said, “Eat.”


Sheng Man took a step back with a look of disgust: “You eat.

I will not eat this.”


Ye Zhi ignored Sheng Man’s resistance, and directly stuffed a pair of chopsticks and a bowl into her hand: “We will divide them equally.”


She had no intention of taking advantage nor helping Sheng Man.

The three dishes were perfectly divided for the two of them so no one would suffer.


Ye Zhi took a deep breath and started eating the raw beef first.

When the taste of raw beef touched her mouth, there was a sudden burst of strange and nauseating flavor, making her stomach churn in discomfort.

She frowned as she held back the strong urge to spit it out, but she had already come this far, so she could only bite the bullet and eat it.


Sheng Man was observing Ye Zhi’s expression the whole time.

Seeing that Ye Zhi’s expression did not look so bad while eating, she felt that the food was not as unpalatable as she thought.


After some thought, Sheng Man decided to join Ye Zhi.

However, just as she took her first bite, she immediately covered her mouth and almost vomited on the spot.

Her eyes were wide with disbelief as she shot a look at Ye Zhi.

Sheng Man dubiously scrutinized Ye Zhi’s expression again, and couldn’t help questioning whether they were eating the same thing.


As expected, Ye Zhi was a terrible woman.


“Hahaha, can I read the complex emotions in Sheng Man’s eyes as worship”


“The two people who almost killed each other not long ago are now harmoniously eating silkworm chrysalis.

It’s funny to think about it.”


“Ye Zhi is too strong.

Sheng Man, hurry up and learn quickly.

Don’t lag behind!”


In fact, Ye Zhi was not as calm as Sheng Man imagined.

She almost didn’t chew the food and only swallowed it directly so she wouldn’t have to taste it at all.


When Ye Zhi finished eating, she saw that Sheng Man was still eating slowly.

Ye Zhi felt her scalp numb and thought that at this pace, they would not be able to clear the tasks.

So regardless of Sheng Man’s suffering, she immediately began to urge her.


“Eat quickly.

You don’t have to taste it.

Just swallow it directly.”


As Ye Zhi was urging Sheng Man to eat faster, she was also thinking about how to remind Gu Ren not to enter this room.


She had no problem watching Sheng Man suffer but she would obviously be uncomfortable if she let Gu Ren eat these things.


After Ye Zhi and Sheng Man completed the task on this floor, they moved on to the next one. 



After dealing with the tasks on the lower floors, they went to take the elevator to the middle floor


Seeing that the elevator door was about to close, Ye Zhi walked quickly.

Just as she thought that she might need to take the stairs, the elevator door suddenly opened.

Ye Zhi immediately looked up and saw Gu Ren standing inside with his slender finger still pressed on the keys of the elevator without retracting.

Under the cold white light, Gu Ren stood tall and straight with a shroud of mystery, his eyes were dark and they seemed to be filled with the coldness of winter.


Gu Ren turned his head and his gaze fell upon Ye Zhi for a moment.

There’s a hazy glimmer in his eyes that seemed to be telling that he had been waiting for her.

That everything just now was done deliberately.


Gu Ren’s voice line tightened slightly, and the clear voice cut through the air, resounding in Ye Zhi’s ear.


“Come in.”


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