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The first pair of Ye Zhi’s adoptive parents didn’t know the real birthday of the original owner and Liu Cang couldn’t tell them clearly either, so they regarded the date of adoption as her birthday.


When the original owner was abducted, it happened to be in May, so the two birthday dates were coincidentally close.


Nie Jiqing portrayed her obvious disappointment, but she still didn’t give up as she even wanted to have Ye Zhi take a paternity test.


However, as she was afraid of frightening Ye Zhi, she had to wait for the people who were investigating to return.

Things could only proceed to the next step after she obtained the necessary information.


Nie Jiqing’s mood had gone through various ups and downs within a short time span, causing her eyes to be layered with a tinge of a murky gaze and her face to pale out of exhaustion.


Ye Zhi became even more concerned, so she couldn’t help but ask.


“You don’t seem to have slept well, do you want to take a rest I will leave soon.”


Nie Jiqing suppressed the sadness that surged within, but after hearing Ye Zhi’s concerned tone towards her, her heart was instantly filled with warmth.


“I was the one who invited you over for a meal; I’ll wait for you to finish before I turn in.”


Ye Zhi had no choice but to respond in affirmation.

After eating, Ye Zhi was held back by Nie Jiqing once again.

But after chatting with her for a while, she left the Sheng Mansion.


It wasn’t until Ye Zhi left that Zhao Ma dared to ask, “Madam, could it be that Ye Zhi…”


Nie Jiqing sat weakly on the sofa, “I have suspicions that she is my daughter.

Although there are still some doubts here and there, I have sent someone to investigate.”


Zhao Ma was shocked.

She had seen Sheng Luo when she was very young and had also witnessed Nie Jiqing’s evident pain gnawing at her, so she didn’t make any unnecessary comments.


She could only hope that the results of the investigation would soon be fruitful— to prove that Ye Zhi was the biological daughter of the Sheng family.


When Ye Zhi left the Sheng family’s Mansion, Sheng Man just drove over.


Since she learned about her current situation from Sheng Lian, she was shocked.

But after spending a few days at home, she thought of what she should do now.


Sheng Man had made all the necessary preparations before going out, but what she didn’t expect was for her to start panicking as she got closer to the Sheng Mansion.


Sheng Man stopped the car on the side and leaned on the driver’s seat as she gazed at the Sheng Mansion.

Despite not being far from the house itself, she couldn’t brave herself to go in.


Sheng Man already guessed what Sheng Lian had done in the past, but because the matter wasn’t revealed, she could act as if she knew nothing about it.


Now that the truth was laid out in front of her eyes, fear and hesitation clogged her carefree attitude in her heart.

She was really afraid that she would expose her flaws in front of the Sheng family.


The moment the entire truth about Ye Zhi’s abduction was revealed and it was found that she also knew about it, she would undoubtedly plunge into an unrecoverable hell, causing her to lose everything.


Sheng Man’s carefully maintained hands clasped the steering wheel tightly.

She looked at the Sheng Mansion for a long time before she finally prepared to start the car and leave.


When Sheng Man looked up, a car that she had never seen before drove out of the Sheng Mansion and went in the opposite direction.


With the back of the car facing Sheng Man, she could only see a young woman sitting in the driver’s seat, but she did not see the person’s face.


Sheng Man shook her head.

Feeling that she was being overly suspicious, she turned her car in the other direction, leaving immediately without even passing the Sheng Mansion.


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