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After Ye Zhi got out of the car, the driver of the Gu family took her car key from her before driving the car away and parking it in the garage of her home.


Only Gu Ren and Ye Zhi stayed at the door.

The wind of the early spring was still chilly, blowing by the dark night and flowing throughout the streets.


Ye Zhi looked straight at Gu Ren, “How long have you been waiting”


Gu Ren answered ambiguously,”Maybe for about half an hour.”


Ye Zhi scanned Gu Ren’s face, trying to find an answer from his expression.

Gu Ren’s facial expression was extremely pale like a deserted moon in the dark night.


Gu Ren calmly changed the subject, “What did you guys talk about”


After Ye Zhi smoothed her thoughts, she told Gu Ren of everything that had transpired early on.


Gu Ren frowned slightly as he said, “Did she figure something out, perhaps”


Ye Zhi and Gu Ren glanced at each other— they both noticed Nie Jiqing’s strange behaviour.


They had already sent some people to investigate the original Ye Zhi’s abduction and collect the evidence, so they must remain silent before obtaining enough proof.


Because Ye Zhi’s information was obtained from the book, she did not have any way to justify how she knew the truth about abduction.

This would definitely arouse Nie Jiqing’s suspicion if she revealed her identity straightforwardly.


For now, Ye Zhi had to pretend to be ignorant of her true identity (Sheng family’s daughter) and wait for the right time to confront them.


As for Sheng Lian, with how the guilt and fear was closing in on him, he would slip up eventually when he became desperate— that would be the best time to obtain any sort of evidence from him.


Then, it would only be a matter of time before everything played out naturally.


The two walked to the Gu family’s garden as they continued to assess the situation.


Both sides of the garden were mostly illuminated with street lamps in consideration of Gu Ren’s night blindness, which was why the pathways were to always remain brightly lit at night.


As they walked, the lights started to flicker slightly.

Ye Zhi stopped her tracks midway as she lifted her head towards the lamps.


This street lamp was shining with an extremely unstable source of light.

It made her feel like the light was going to dim at any time.


Ye Zhi said, “It’s about time to fix the street lights.”


Gu Ren tilted his head and glanced at the flickering street lamp before he gave a faint hum.


Unexpectedly, as soon as he responded, the street light completed its glorious mission and went out at the same moment.


The light that enveloped them disappeared and darkness fell.


Ye Zhi let out a small yelp out of nervousness.

She hurriedly pulled out the phone from her bag and turned on the flashlight, illuminating the road in front of her.


“You can see if I turn this on, right” Ye Zhi’s immediate concern was Gu Ren’s night blindness.


Gu Ren turned his head and saw Ye Zhi beside him.

Her expression was flustered, but her eyes were rather serious.


He didn’t answer as he just stared at her quietly.


The light in Ye Zhi’s hands was shining in a ray of white and the road in front of them was also extremely brightly lit up.

But at this time, that was no longer the point of his concern.


Gu Ren slowly leaned over and met Ye Zhi’s eyes.


Gu Ren’s eyes were dark and held such depth to them.

When he looked at her, her eyes were very bright as they shone brilliantly amidst the silent night.

He lowered his eyes, glancing at Ye Zhi’s small nose and porcelain white skin.


He briefly held his gaze over the sight of her lips.


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