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Netizens soon saw the news, but for a short while, they couldn’t help but feel a little emotional.


“How long has it been since Sheng Man carried this bag Why did she suddenly take it out and use it now”


“Today, I truly understand what the phrase ‘the turn of the Feng Shui means’.

Who would have thought that Sheng Man, who was showing off her wealth a week ago, would now sell all of her branded bags.”


“I remember the last time Sheng Man and Ye Zhi appeared at the airport at the same time.

It wasn’t even that long ago, but the differences between the two are now like Heaven and Earth.”


Someone flipped through Sheng Man’s posts a year ago— one in which she was obviously praising herself as she trampled over Ye Zhi’s name.


[Sheng Man showed up at the airport showing off her rich temperament whereas a shabby substitute can’t find her style.]


Two photos were attached to the news article as both of their styles and outfits were very distinct.


Sheng Man had a professional team with her and every item she wore was suited to her taste.

At that time, Ye Zhi had only just entered the entertainment industry.

Hence, her makeup wasn’t suited for her face and her clothes didn’t match her well either.


Sheng Man was carrying a customised Hermes Kelly bag, whereas Ye Zhi was carrying the LV handbag she bought with much frugality.

Sheng Man’s head to toe was lathered in renowned brands and the fur on her coat was even a limited-edition material.

However, no one could recognize the clothes that Ye Zhi was wearing.


In the comments made a year ago, everyone ridiculed Ye Zhi for being overly confident, saying that she was only Sheng Man’s replacement as they told her to stop dreaming of being a star.


Who would have thought that one year later, Sheng Man’s glory and Ye Zhi’s disheartened state would change ever so drastically.


Sheng Man was now banned from the Sheng family.

She was finally deprived of spending the money and the luxuries that were never meant to be hers.


Ye Zhi, however, relied on her own efforts to achieve stardom.

With her dedicated attitude, fashionable and unique temperament, she was now finally and properly recognised by the industry.


Every sliver of envy or jealousy in the past had boosted Sheng Man into her current state of irony, whereas every gossip and insult that were made in the past contributed to Ye Zhi’s present standing.


Ever since Qin Ling found out that Nie Jiqing suspected Ye Zhi could very well be her daughter, she went to the Sheng’s mansion once every few days.

Hence, she would naturally know of the results of the investigation.


Sheng Luo was indeed abducted by Sheng Lian, but she also passed away in the landslide.


Qin Ling could see that although Nie Jiqing was in denial of the truth, she was still losing weight subconsciously.


Qin Ling thought about what Nie Jiqing had said before and chose a day to go to Gu Ren and Ye Zhi’s house.

There, she found that Ye Zhi and Gu Ren were still eating breakfast.


Ye Zhi still ate her dietary meals like she did before.

Nevertheless, whenever Gu Ren was by her side, she would usually eat a bit more.


No matter how bad Gu Ren felt for Ye Zhi, he knew that the director’s decision was not wrong.


The female lead in the movie was portrayed to have a slender figure due to anorexia, so losing weight by healthily exercising was not suitable for this particular role.


In the past, if he was handed these kinds of roles to play, he would portray the emotions of the character to the best of his abilities.

He wouldn’t have any second thoughts about the condition of his body either.


But now when it came down to Ye Zhi, Gu Ren’s thoughts had changed completely.


He could care less about everything else, but seeing Ye Zhi in that state made his heart ache.


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