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Gu Ren sat next to Ye Zhi as he silently supervised her meals.

The day where the whole crew would eventually gather together was looming, which was why he was worried that Ye Zhi would step up her intentions for dieting.


Gu Ren was right—the idea did flash past Ye Zhi’s mind many times.

However, because Gu Ren already knew what was coming, he rejected the idea with a deadly stare before she could even ask him about it.


Ye Zhi secretly glanced at Gu Ren who just happened to meet her secretive gaze.

He smiled suddenly and opened his mouth slowly.


“What’s wrong”


Ye Zhi immediately withdrew her gaze.

Gu Ren’s eyes were as dark as twilight as he stared at her intensely— he wasn’t going to take refusal for an answer.


With that, Ye Zhi put away the thought of negotiating with Gu Ren about the idea of having a more intense diet, so she began to eat her breakfast obediently.


Just as they were about to finish eating, the doorbell rang suddenly and the housekeeper went to open the door, “Mrs.

Gu’s sister here.”


Ye Zhi was startled when she saw Qin Ling.

Then, she smiled, “Aunt Qin, why did you come over”


Before coming, Qin Ling had already thought of an excuse.

She already chose some health care products beforehand, so this was a good opportunity to bring them to Ye Zhi as well.


Qin Ling’s eyes flickered slightly, but they returned to normal in the next second.


“I know you’re going on a diet for the new show, so I came here to see how you’re doing.”


In order to make her act look convincing, Qin Ling also directed her gaze towards Gu Ren who stood aside.

“You have to take good care of Ye Zhi; make sure that nothing happens to her.”


Gu Ren’s lips twitched and he laughed.

He was happy to see that the Gu family cared about Ye Zhi.

Naturally, he intended to cooperate with her request.


“I will.”


Because Qin Ling had something on her mind, she didn’t see the slight change in the relationship between Gu Ren and Ye Zhi.

She didn’t even notice that Gu Ren was smiling more frequently nowadays.


Gu Ren’s once deeply-hidden emotions were revealed because of Ye Zhi.

He no longer appeared like a cold and intimidating person.

Instead, he seemed to be a little more flamboyant.


Neither Ye Zhi nor Gu Ren thought that anything was amiss as both of them assumed that this was just an ordinary meeting.

Hence, Gu Ren went out soon after because he had a schedule to follow, whereas Ye Zhi accompanied Qin Ling for a chat in the room.


Qin Ling was actually very concerned about Ye Zhi.


Upon seeing Ye Zhi’s skinny appearance, Qin Ling’s brows furrowed tightly.

After pinching Ye Zhi’s shoulders and arms, she sighed even more.


“If it’s hard work, you can stop acting and enjoy yourselves at home.

I promise that the Gu family is more than capable of making sure you regain your body fat instead of having such a skinny figure.”


Ye Zhi knew that Qin Ling was just joking, so she smiled and held her arm.

Ye Zhi knew that the Gu family regarded her as a real member of their family.


Qin Ling knew Ye Zhi’s temperament.

Like Gu Ren, she would not give up easily when she set her mind to do something.


Qin Ling remembered Nie Jiqings words again, so she began to test Ye Zhi’s attitude towards her friend, “I’ll say, how many times have you and Mrs.

Sheng met”


Ye Zhi heard Qin Ling mentioned before that the two were acquainted and had a close relationship, so it was not surprising for Qin Ling to know about these things.


Ye Zhi nodded, “After she discovered what Sheng Man did to me, Mrs.

Sheng and I met up.”


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