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Gu Ren looked at Ye Zhi: what do you think of the dress here

Ye Zhi looked around and nodded with satisfaction: very beautiful. The dress styles here are unique.

Gu ninhe and ye Zhi walked forward.

Ye Zhi looked at it and asked casually, why did you choose this store

Gu Ren glanced at Ye Zhi and said softly, the designer of this brand is my mother\'s friend.

Ye Zhi nods, so even if they come here to pick the dress together, this matter will not spread out.

Gu Ren: this shop is not particularly famous among Gaoding dresses, but it has a sense of design.

But I think the dress here suits you

Gu Ren asked, did the director say anything when you received the invitation from the red carpet

Ye Zhi: he told me not to dominate the host.

Gu Ren considered it all sidedly: the price of the dress here is more than 100000 yuan.

If you wear it, it won\'t cause too much criticism.

When ye Zhi picked the dress, the store manager came by himself and asked, which one do you like

Ye Zhi has seen several pieces, although they are very good-looking, but always feel a little worse.

She turned to Gu Ren and asked what he meant.

Gu Ren\'s eyes slowly swept over these dresses.

He suddenly raised his hand and ordered one of them: how about this one

Ye Zhi looked at the past, this is a nude dress.

Simple and elegant color, above the cage with a layer of yarn, upper body decorated with delicate flowers and fine diamonds.

Bright and dazzling, elegant and amazing.

Ye Zhi nodded: I\'ll try.

Ye Zhi took the dress and went into the fitting room.

When she tried on the dress, a group of people were behind her.

Some of them arranged the skirt, some helped her adjust the waistline

When ye Zhi came out in her dress, Gu Ren sat there with her long legs overlapping and her eyes dark.

Ye Zhi looks at the mirror, stares at Gu Ren\'s eyes, inquires and asks: how

Somehow, she was suddenly nervous.

Gu Ren looks at Ye Zhi from the mirror.

His eyes, like ink, are full of faint drunken luster in the light.

Gu Ren stands up and walks to Ye Zhi with his long legs.

He put his hand in the pocket lazily and looked at Ye Zhi.

Gu Ren suddenly leaned down, the body slowly lowered, to the leaf Gardenia moved a few minutes.

Gu Ren is still staring at Ye Zhi in the mirror.

He suddenly smiles.

The ending is meaningful: do you want to know my answer

The sound was as close as it was to the ear.

Ye Zhi nods.

Gu endure straight up body, he did not speak, black eyes quietly looked at Ye Zhi, look at not clear.

In Gu Ren did not speak time, ye Zhi felt very difficult.

After a few seconds, she felt very long.

Gu Ren\'s eyes swept over Ye Zhi\'s face, beautiful facial features, small and beautiful clavicle, slender waist and limbs That made her so unique.

Gu endure Mou color deep a few minutes, spit out two words slowly: very beautiful.

Gu Ren\'s lips rippled with charming smile: no one is more suitable for this dress than you.

Ye Zhi suddenly some dare not look after bear, she whispered.

Store Manager: this dress is very picky.

Several stars have looked at it before, but they can\'t hold up after trying it on.

But after ye Zhi was put on, it was like a picture with the most exquisite description, which was unfolded brightly, without any imperfection.

Ye Zhi is upstairs when trying on dress, the first floor suddenly spread a voice, some noisy.

A car stopped at the door of the shop and several people got out.

Led by Yue Ling, a female star, she has big red lips and a pair of black sunglasses on her face.

Yue Ling\'s clothes and shoes are all big brands.

She has a pair of high-heeled shoes on her feet.

She is surrounded by several assistants and walks in.

Even if the pair of sunglasses covered the upper half of Yue Ling\'s face, she could still see her haughty expression.

She tilted her chin as if to remind others of her identity.

Yue Ling walks into the store.

She raises her hand and takes the sunglasses down with pride.

She did not look at the assistant, with sunglasses in her hand, and moved aside.

The assistant immediately reached for the sunglasses.

There was no one on the first floor of the shop.

When the clerk saw Yue Ling, she came up.

Yue Ling said directly, I want to try the latest dress here.

She often orders high-end dresses here.

The clothes here have a strong sense of design.

As soon as she heard that the latest dress arrived, she came here immediately.

The shop assistant said, I\'m sorry, miss.

We don\'t serve any guests today.

Yue Ling originally held her chin high.

Hearing this, she finally glanced at the shop assistant.

She glanced up and down at the shop assistant, and suddenly she laughed sarcastically: are you new here

The shop assistant was stunned.

Yue Ling plucked her big curly hair and glanced at the clerk: do you know who I am

Yue Ling: why can\'t I buy a dress

The clerk took a deep breath: there are already guests in the store, and she has chosen the latest dress.Sorry, you can only choose other dresses.

Yue Ling sneered a few times.

She looked at the assistant, and the assistant understood: let me remind you that my artists spend millions of dollars a year in your brand.

Yue Ling sits on the sofa slowly.

She doesn\'t look at anyone.

She just looks at her fingernails haughtily and allows her assistant to praise her.

Yue Ling raised her hand and looked at her new manicure under the light with a cold look.

Assistant: do you know how famous she is in China

Yue Ling is an actor with a sweet and pure appearance.

She has acted in several popular dramas in recent years, and her popularity has suddenly increased.

She is now a second-line, from the first line is still a little bit, naturally do not see other people in the eye.

The shop assistant knew Yue Ling\'s temperament.

Yue Ling came to the store to pick out her dress several times, but her attitude was not very good.

But because she was a customer, everyone was patient.

The shop assistant was very embarrassed: I\'m sorry, the dress has been taken away, and we won\'t entertain guests today.

Yue Ling suddenly asked, who is interested in the latest dress

She just wanted to see what the latest dress was, and it wasn\'t necessary.

But the shop assistant was so ungrateful that she repeatedly forced her to back down.

She was really curious.

Who was the person trying on the dress

Clerk: sorry, this is the customer\'s * *, I can\'t disclose.

Yue Ling continued to look at her nails.

She said disapprovingly, well, tell her my identity and ask her if she would like to give me this dress.

Yue Ling added: by the way, please help me to convey one more sentence, so that she can\'t do too much.

The dress should be worn on the person who should wear it.

The more people robbed her, the more possessive she was, and she didn\'t want anyone else to get the dress.

She also believed that if that person knew her identity, that person would have self-knowledge.

The assistant looked at the clerk and said, do you know what to do

Ye Zhi is still trying on her dress.

Gu Ren sits there and looks at her.

At this time, suddenly came some noise downstairs, it seems that someone is noisy.

At this time, a shop assistant came up, she helplessly looked at the store manager: shop manager, Yue Ling is coming.

The clerk looked at Ye Zhi and said, she insisted on wearing this dress on Miss Ye.

The store manager frowned.

She could see that the dress was very suitable for ye Zhi.

Yue Ling downstairs and ye Zhi, a comparison, instantly eclipsed.

As a store manager, she certainly hopes that a dress can meet the owner who is most suitable for it, so as to highlight the beauty of the dress to the greatest extent and improve the brand awareness.

Obviously, ye Zhi is the most suitable person.

And it is Ye Zhixian\'s shop.

She has already chosen this dress and is still trying it on.

Yue Ling herself was a little late, and her attitude was so arrogant that she was very unhappy.

This dress is destined to belong to Ye Zhi.

Gu Ren looked at the clerk and said in a low voice, didn\'t you tell her that this dress has already been owned

Shop assistant: I said, but Yue Ling insisted on this dress, and refused to give in at all.

Yue Ling also said that you should not overstep yourself.

When you know her identity, you will take the initiative to give her this dress.

Gu endure eyebrow wriggles, he cold ha a: who is beyond one\'s ability after all.

Gu Ren knows Yue Ling.

She is an artist in his company.

Yue Ling is very arrogant at ordinary times.

Now she even gets into Ye Zhi\'s head.

Gu Ren has already owned the shares of his brokerage company, and an idea suddenly arises in his mind.

Ye Zhi could hear that Yue Ling was a little ugly.

She asked Gu Ren, who is Yue Ling

Gu Ren\'s eyebrows concealed impatience: this person and I share the company, her contract seems to be about to expire soon.

The subtext is that if ye Zhi is upset, their company can not let her renew her contract.

Gu Ren picks up his mobile phone and is ready to dial the number of a person who is a senior member of the company.

As long as he calls, the company can choose not to renew Yue Ling\'s contract.

Ye Zhi saw, she suddenly raised her hand, hand gently covered in Gu Ren\'s hand.

She looked at Gu and said, forget it.

Gu Ren\'s action makes him feel cold on the back of his hand, like the cold frost in midsummer.

Gu Ren half lowered his eyes and glanced at the white fingers on the back of his hand.

The root is pure white, slender and slender, with snow-white luster under the light.

It\'s like a flawless work of art.

Gu Ren suddenly felt some itching in his throat.

His eyes moved up and his eyes fell slowly on Ye Zhi\'s face.

Ye Zhi looked at Gu Ren and shook her head: we don\'t need to do this.

We don\'t have to worry about her.

Gu ninzhi looked at Ye Zhi for a few seconds.

He lowered his head slightly.

If there was no line of sight, he swept Ye Zhi\'s hand several eyes, and then withdrew his sight.

At this time, Gu Ren\'s mobile phone has dialed the number of the high-level, and the voice of the high-level voice came from the mobile phone: Gu Ren, what\'s the matterGu Ren looks at Ye Zhi, and ye Zhi gently shakes his head towards him.

Gu Ren didn\'t speak, his mobile phone was on the side of his ear and his eyes were looking at Ye Zhi.

From the mobile phone came the confused voice: Gu Ren Are you listening

Gu Ren still did not speak.

From dialing that number, even if the voice came out of the mobile phone, Gu Ren\'s black eyes always looked at Ye Zhi, for a moment.

Gu Ninja again looked at Ye Zhi for a few seconds, and then he faintly vomited out a sentence: nothing, hang up first.

Gu Ren didn\'t look at the mobile phone.

He ran his finger across the screen and hung up the phone.

Gu Ren stares at Ye Zhi, his eyebrows pick, slender hand holding a corner of the mobile phone, slowly handed to Ye Zhi.

He raised his eyebrows and motioned for her to look at her cell phone.

Ye Zhi took a look, the screen of the mobile phone is dark, showing that the phone has hung up.

Gu Ninh put a hand on the top of the mobile phone, the black mobile phone lying in Gu Ren\'s palm, reflecting his palm print more and more clear.

Ye Zhi raised his eyes and looked at Gu Ren.

Gu Ren\'s lips bent, and his voice was low and deep: listen to you. So, I hung up.

Ye Zhi smiles.

Ye Zhi lowered her head, she dropped her hands, and her white fingers caressed her dress carelessly.

Fingertips touch the place, are exquisite texture, excellent texture.

I have to say that she really likes this dress.

Ye Zhi pondered for a moment.

She looked up to the store manager, and her face was calm: I am afraid of trouble.

The next second, ye Zhihua turned: but if I really like something, I will never give in.

Ye Zhi slowly opened his mouth: I came to this shop first, and I tried this dress first.

In time, I have taken the opportunity.

Speaking of this, ye Zhi took a look at Gu.

More importantly, this dress was selected by Gu Ren himself.

She wanted to wear it.

Ye Zhi laughed.

She looked at the store manager and said firmly, so, I have no reason to give in.

In every way, she\'s on the right track.

She\'s going to order the dress.

Gu endure to look at Ye Zhi, the deep black eye ground passes deep shallow mood.

Ye Zhi looked at the store manager and slowed down his voice: sorry, manager, I can only trouble you.

The store manager agrees with Ye Zhi very much, she will stand by Ye Zhi naturally.

The store manager said, it\'s OK.

You are waiting here now.

I\'ll go down and have a look.

The store manager went downstairs and saw Yue Ling.

Her face sank slightly.

Seeing the manager coming down, the assistant took chicken feather as an arrow, looked at the clerk and said coldly, see Even the shopkeeper came out to meet us in person

Yue Ling laughed, and she knew that the man did not dare to argue with her about the dress.

The store manager went to Yue Ling.

Yue Ling stood up slowly and looked at the store manager: what Is that man willing to give up the dress

Miss Yue, the dress already belongs to someone else.

There are distinguished guests here today.

I hope you don\'t disturb them.

Yue Ling looks unbelievable.

What The store manager didn\'t give her the dress, but asked her to leave!

The store manager said this, equivalent to directly hit her face, her face instantly became ugly.

Now, she was more and more curious about who the man upstairs was and what his identity was.

She was so tough.

The more they tried to get rid of her, the more she wanted to stay.

But the store manager has already said that.

Yue Ling has no face and can\'t get away from it for a while.

The assistant eased the atmosphere: your brand is not very famous in China.

Our artists wear your dress to attend the event, so many people know this brand.

Assistant: we artists are leaving Paris by plane tonight.

If we can\'t do it today, we may not come back.

The implication is that if you don\'t lend Yueling the dress today, they won\'t come back here in the future.

I didn\'t expect the store manager to reply directly: OK, no problem.

Yue Ling was very angry: the VIP you said is now upstairs

Yue Ling was angry and said, I\'d like to have a look.

What\'s the VIP upstairs Is it her face or mine

As she spoke, she was going upstairs.

The store manager\'s face sank, and she reached forward and stopped: Miss Yue, I think I\'ve been very polite to you.

Don\'t go too far.

This shop never lacks Yue Ling as a guest, not before or even later.

Yue Ling said angrily, what do you say

The store manager said calmly, I tell you clearly that the VIP upstairs wants this dress, and you can\'t afford it.

The store manager looked at several shop assistants and said solemnly, from today on, our brand will not receive this customer again.

In other words, Yue Ling was blacklisted from then on.

Yue Ling and her assistant turned black, and they were very embarrassed.

The shopkeeper made a sign to Yue Ling: please leave now.Yue Ling takes a look at the upstairs with hatred.

She doesn\'t know what the people are from, but she remembers it today.

The store manager solved this matter, she went upstairs to Ye Zhi: I\'m really sorry.

Ye Zhi dissolves the atmosphere and politely opens his mouth: it doesn\'t matter, store manager.

She changed the subject: do you think there is anything to change in this dress

The manager looked at Ye Zhi, and his eyes showed approval: Miss Ye\'s body temperament is perfect. This dress fully embodies the characteristics of this dress.

Ye Zhi looks to Gu Ren and asks, then I\'ll buy it

Gu Ren naturally agreed, he opened Ye Zhi\'s gull grey Kelly bag and took out a wallet.

Gu Ren\'s slender hand held the black card and handed it to Ye Zhi.

Gu Ren\'s hoarse voice dropped: I said, as long as you are willing to...

The next sentence means to spend money at will.


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