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Both Nie Jiqing and Ye Zhi heard Sheng Man’s words.

Ye Zhi was able to pinpoint Sheng Man’s intentions immediately and nonchalantly glanced at her, though she didn’t intend to help her either.


Under Ye Zhi’s watchful gaze, Sheng Man became even more determined to prove herself.


Sheng Man turned to look at Nie Jiqing and spoke with a coquettish tone.


“Mom, the two dishes that I mentioned just now are your favourite dishes.”


Nie Jiqing didn’t even have the slightest intention to take care of Sheng Man’s image at all as she looked at her with the gaze of a stranger.


If one looked closely, they would be able to see the utter disgust in Nie Jiqing’s eyes.


Those very same eyes caused Sheng Man to panic and her following words made her want to rush out and escape from the house.


“Sheng Man, you’re mistaken, I’m not your mother anymore.



Immediately afterwards, Nie Jiqing added, “Preferences are capable of change— even if I liked to eat those dishes once upon a time, I don’t like them anymore.”


Nie Jiqing spoked every word with clarity and Sheng Man’s face flushed instantly as she didn’t know how to answer her.


Netizens laughed uncontrollably when they saw Sheng Man’s reaction.


“Hahaha, Sheng Man didn’t succeed in turning the tides; she even thought that she was still the Young Lady of the Sheng family.”


 “Mr.s Sheng is seriously drawing a line with Sheng Man.

I wonder what she did to make her that angry.”


“With Sheng Man’s temperament alone, it wouldn’t be difficult to offend someone.

Didn’t she previously like to act as if she was the boss, bullying and tormenting the newbies”


Sheng Man resisted the urge to leave as she forced a smile and pretended that nothing ever happened.


Ye Zhi witnessed Sheng Man’s embarrassing display and felt not a trace of sympathy for her.

The damage was self-inflicted, so there was really no one else to blame for her actions.


Ye Zhi looked down and found several dishes in front of her and noticed that these dishes were her favourites.


At that time, she obviously didn’t express her preferences too much, but Nie Jiqing had noticed and remembered.


The corners of Ye Zhi’s lips were slightly hooked and with a smile in her eyes, she picked up her chopsticks and took a small bite.

Although she liked to eat, she couldn’t have much as she was still on a diet.


Nie Jiqing no longer cared about Sheng Man’s little episode just now as most of her attention was on Ye Zhi.


Seeing Ye Zhi smile, she knew that it was the correct call to prepare these dishes.


Nie Jiqing couldn’t stand to see Ye Zhi being as skinny as a twig, so she pushed a few of the lighter dishes in front of her.


“I specially ordered these dishes to be made by the chefs as these foods aren’t as heaty.”


Ye Zhi knew Nie Jiqing’s goodwill and didn’t want to brush off her good intentions, so she ate a few more bites.


Upon seeing Ye Zhi giving in and eating more, Nie jiqing’s smile was almost revealed.

However, she didn’t dare to make things too obvious in front of the cameras.


Compared to Ye Zhi’s content meal, Sheng Man finished her food with much difficulty.


After the meal, Nie Jiqing made a suggestion, “We can go to the garden.”


Ye Zhi hadn’t toured the Sheng mansion before, so Nie Jiqing wanted to take the opportunity to show her around and took everyone to the garden.


The garden of the Sheng Mansion was very large.

The flowers were in full bloom as spring had just arrived not long ago.

The guests were even able to smell the ‘breath of spring’ just by being in the garden.


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