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Originally, Nie Jiqing was in a bad mood and she demolished everything in the garden a while back.

Later, when she found her daughter, she asked the gardener to renovate the garden.


Ye Zhi would definitely come here often in the future, so Nie Jiqing hoped that every nook and cranny of the house was capable of leaving her with good memories.


Nie Jiqing stopped and turned around, delighted to find Ye Zhi standing right behind her.

She smiled at her, “Ye Zhi, do you like my garden”


Ye Zhi lifted her gaze and was about to speak, but she was deliberately interrupted.


 Sheng Man, who was behind her, looked at the roses beside them and said lightly, “The rose at home is blooming again.”


It was only then that everyone discovered that they were standing in front of the bushes of the Rosa Centifolia.

The pink flowers were blooming with double petals, which made them appear very delicate and beautiful.


Sheng Man had unconsciously revealed her sense of superiority.

After all, she used to be so high up in the ranks, which was why at the spur of the moment, she forgot about her current identity.


Nie Jiqing sneered coldly at her lowly attempt to relentlessly persist.

She was talking to her daughter, so what did that have to do with Sheng Man


“This is the Sheng house,” Nie Jiqing directly tarnished Sheng Man’s fantasy in front of the cameras.


Yes, this was the Sheng house, which wasn’t a place that was meant for Sheng Man, the daughter of Sheng Lian.


Netizens expressed their complaints for Nie Jiqing.


“She dared to speak out of turn She lived here for free for so many years and now, she wants to rely on the show to return to the Sheng’s mansion so shamelessly”


“Hahaha, Mrs.

Sheng is so awesome; perhaps Sheng Man forgot who her biological parents are.”


The guests didn’t speak as Sheng Man lowered her eyes, holding back her usual arrogant temperament.

She bowed her head and followed behind everyone while they continued to walk forward.


Nie Jiqing used to like her the most, but in front of so many people, she didn’t bother to sugarcoat her words and treated her brutally.

Sheng Man couldn’t believe it— she lived in the Sheng family for more than ten years.

Did she not leave a presence in her heart at all


They sat down in a corner of the garden and the spring breeze blew, dispelling some of the negative mood away.


Sheng Man stared blankly at the table and chairs in front of her and countless childhood memories suddenly appeared in her mind.

Her heart twitched for a brief moment and she made a sound involuntarily.


“This was supposed to be a swing.”


 When Sheng Luo was a child, Nie Jiqing built a swing for her at home.

Later, after Sheng Man started to live in the Sheng mansion, it soon became her amusement facility.


Currently, the swing was gone and it was renovated into a space for guests.


Sheng Man glanced at Nie Jiqing, trying to use the good memories of the past to reminisce the love she had for her.


Unexpectedly, Nie Jiqing’s eyes suddenly turned cold as she looked at Sheng Man indifferently, “Yes, it has been demolished long ago.”


Sheng Man’s face turned pale and she didn’t dare to make any more comments.


Nie Jiqing’s words were as clear as day.

Sheng Man understood that the former mother-daughter relationship between them was severed long ago, but when did it start to happen


Was it because she spent her funds as if it was a streaming river, treated the Sheng family as her personal ATM machine or disappointed her because she never changed her wrongs to rights


Was she really nothing to Nie Jiqing


Sheng Man was speaking truthfully about the existence of the swing, but the words were painfully ringing in Nie Jiqing’s ears as every single thing she said was the truth.


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