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Liu Cang was stunned.


Gu Ren stared at Liu Cang as he raised his hand.

Soon, a file fell heavily on the table, making a dull but loud sound.


Cutting through the stagnant air, Gu Ren spit out a few words coldly, “I will give you the evidence that you want.”


Liu Cang felt uneasy in his heart as he opened the file and took out the papers from it.

The more he looked at it, the more his hands trembled, “How could this happen”


All of his human-trafficking incidents throughout the many years have been thoroughly investigated.


Liu Cang looked at Gu Ren in fear— who was this man


Gu Ren’s lips curled into a sarcastic arc, “What Do you still want to insist on your ‘innocence’”


Illuminated by the bright sunlight, Gu Ren’s silhouette was sharp and cold as he stood there, looking down at Liu Cang condescendingly.

When his dark gaze bore into Liu Cang’s eyes, it seemed like he was faced with a cold judgement.


Liu Cang’s entire body was lethargic.

With despair in his eyes, he knew that he was a goner.


Sheriff Qi Cheng said, “You can now make a decision— either you choose to cooperate with us, or you will directly…”


Before Qi Cheng could even finish speaking, Liu Cang suddenly raised his head as his voice trembled, “Of course I will cooperate with you! I will listen to you in every aspect!”


At this time, Liu Cang’s cell phone rang suddenly.

Liu Cang glanced at it and the caller ID showed that it was Sheng Lian.

Liu Cang looked at Gu Ren and Qi Cheng before he said in a panic, “It’s from Sheng Lian.”


Gu Ren glanced at Qi Cheng and the Sheriff nodded.

He already knew about Sheng Lian and it was about time for them to make some arrangements.


Gu Ren’s eyes were dark as he raised his chin slightly.

Solemnly, he demanded, “Turn on the speakerphone.”


Qi Cheng said, “Next, you will say whatever we want you to say.”


Liu Cang turned on the speakerphone and from then on, the conversation between him and Sheng Lian would be recorded.

Sheng Lian’s voice sounded from the phone, “I have something that I want to discuss with you.”


Liu Cang reluctantly settled his quivering emotions, “What’s the matter”


Sheng Lian, “I already know that Ye Zhi is Nie Jiqing’s daughter; I think we can take advantage of this matter and get some benefits from the Sheng family.”


When he heard Ye Zhi’s name spoken from Sheng Lian’s mouth, Gu Ren’s pupils contracted slightly as his orbs concealed his deep waves of anger.


Sheng Lian actually had the idea of ​plotting something against Ye Zhi!


Qi Cheng knew about the relationship between Gu Ren and Ye Zhi, so he glanced at Gu Ren.

The said man took a deep breath as his eyes were filled with overflowing emotions.

However, he shook his head, indicating that he was fine.


Gu Ren knew that he had to calm down to make sure that he could think about how to deal with Sheng Lian and how to ensure Ye Zhi’s safety.


 It took only a few seconds for Gu Ren’s extreme rage to dissipate into a sea of calmness.


Gu Ren calmly picked up his phone and quickly typed a line of words on it.

He then held the phone with his clean and slender hands, showing the screen to Liu Cang.


Gu Ren imitated Liu Cang’s way of conversation and typed a clear sentence: [‘What’s the benefit of working with you]


Liu Cang spoke according to the tone of voice from the sentence and read it out aloud, “What’s the benefit of working with you”


Sheng Lian didn’t suspect a thing, “Think about it for yourself—if we kidnapped the most beloved daughter of the Sheng family, wouldn’t Nie Jiqing promise to give us a huge sum of money in order to ensure Ye Zhi’s safety”


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